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For the Love of Stationery

Where to shop for kate Spade stationery, Bumpkin BettyIf I’d been clever I would have put this post up last week for National Stationery Week but… you know me by now, timing is never my strong point.

Besides my love for pretty stationery doesn’t extend to only one week, no, pretty notebooks are for life.

One of my goals for this year was to get more structure to my work and improve my organisation. I’m generally a bit of an organisation nut in most areas of my life but last year, planning the wedding required such exhaustive organisation that I think other areas such as work and personal life had to survive a little more haphazardly for a while. As soon as 2016 began I was immediately keen to start afresh and get back to some sort of order.

Kate Spade New York notebookWhere to shop for stylish stationery, Bumpkin Betty

Kate Spade New York ‘Eat Cake for Breakfast’ notebook – c/o Amara

Of course, here we are in May and while I feel a whole lot more on top of things than I did this time last year, structure still seems a million miles away. I guess when you work for yourself it’s always going to be a pretty unattainable goal – my hours are all over the place, new projects and deadlines appear at the last minute, weekly and monthly planners are being amended and updated daily to allow for changes in schedule, I’m constantly juggling (and most of the time dropping the balls) and always feel like I’m just one step behind where I want to be.

Lately I’ve been wondering whether this will always be the case, whether I’ll always be chasing my tail while I work for myself, whether I’ll ever master that illusive work/life balance or whether I’ll always be the person who turns up to the party an hour late because I had a deadline, and then can’t relax because I’m thinking about all the work that I could be doing instead of being there.

While lamenting my constant craving of order and stability recently, a blogger friend gave me the advice that if I want structure, I should have a baby! For once you have a tiny human to keep happy daily, structure is the only thing that will work. I had to laugh really, the idea that birthing a new person into the world might just be the catalyst that brings me the ideal working life. But, seeing as that’s not on the agenda any time soon, I’ll need to find another option for organising myself and so instead I’m stocking up on ALL the pretty stationery in a bid to keep my head above water.

Pretty Polka dot pencils by Kate Spade, Bumpkin bettyHay beak scissors, Bumpkin Betty

Kate Spade New York ‘Dot the I’s’ pencil set | Hay beak scissors – both c/o Amara

After a few ‘issues’ (and by issues read: DPD being massive idiots and causing me to tear my hair out for the best part of two months) my new home office space is finally ready (I’ll be blogging all about it very soon) and having a revamped space with improved storage and a chair that doesn’t kill my back daily has been amazing at helping to motivate me day to day.

As soon as my pristine new white desk was assembled, I knew any old stationery would no longer do and I’ve been seeking out pieces which fit with my colour scheme, look good in flat lays and generally make writing my multiple to-do lists a joy. My office is now filled with books, quote cards and pencils from favourites such as Kikki K, Anthropologie and Kate Spade New York (my personal crush).

Kate Spade stationery collection, Bumpkin bettyKate Spade note cards from Amara, Bumpkin Betty

Kate Spade New York ‘Hello Darling’ stationery set – c/o Amara

One of my latest discoveries for shopping for chic homewares is Amara and ever since they sent over some bits and pieces to brighten up my new desk, I’ve been obsessively checking their website daily for new goodies. I’m particularly loving this notecards set from Kate Spade – when it looks this good I need no excuse to send snail mail!

I’ve rounded up some of my top stationery picks and desk additions below if you too are as obsessed with cute notebooks and polka dot pencils as I am (who wouldn’t be?) and you can shop the pieces directly! Apologise to your bank balance on my behalf.

Shopping for stylish stationery, Bumpkin Betty

Are you a stationery addict? I’d love to hear some of your favourite brands as I’m collecting pieces for my office space all the time.



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