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Christmas Wish List | Pyjama Season

Top Uk fashion and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthHello again! I know, I’m back so soon, it’s really not like me! I’ve set myself a little challenge to blog every day this week, simply because I have so much great festive content to share with you all and I’m really not sure I’ll fit it all in before the big day otherwise and it seems a shame for yet more photos and ideas to land in the ‘forgotten/no longer relevant blog posts’ pile this year, as if I’m honest that pile is already pretty large as it is.

Anyway after sharing our tree adventure with you yesterday, today I thought I’d talk last minute shopping (because I’m really hoping I’m not the only one who ends up shelling out for next day delivery because they’ve left their shopping to the last possible second?) with a little wish list round up.

For me, Christmas (and the whole of December) is my pyjama season. I LOVE to hibernate throughout winter and cosy up at home during those cold nights, in a pair of comfy PJ’s, thick slipper socks and a up of something warming in my hands. Rarely does a Christmas go by, without a new pair of PJ’s being on my Christmas list and it’s honestly one of my favourite gifts to receive. There’s just nothing better than slipping into a brand new comfy pair on Christmas morning and then getting straight back into them the minute dinner has ended and staying in them until at least the day after boxing day.

Personally I’m a fan of cosy and comfy, rather than sexy when it comes to winter PJ’s. I’m all about the flannel, the fleece, and the cashmere comfies and my favourite style has to be the traditional shirt and trouser combo. Last year I picked up the amazing polka dot style you see in the pic above from Boden, and a year later they are still my favourite pair – so comfortable, so cosy, and so instagrammable (the perfect combo in my opinion).

This year I’m hoping for another equally stylish pair to be wrapped up under the tree and I’ve been dropping plenty of hints and sending links in the direction of my Husband so fingers crossed he gets it right!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pairs below so you too can start dropping the hints in time for Christmas. Let’s all get ready to embrace our hibernation period!

Β My favourite pyjamas for the festive season…

Check back tomorrow for another new festive post!


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