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What is a Girl To Do?

I know the term ‘shopaholic’ is overused these days – it’s become such a trendy buzzword for alerting people to your love of clothes that it’s almost unfashionable to call yourself one now… But I actually am a shopaholic… and I don’t just mean in the sense that I love spending my days looking at pretty clothes and shoes, I mean that I have a serious problem when it comes to spending money that I definitely DO NOT have on material goods that I simply HAVE TO have… you know that film ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’? The first time I watched that, I felt like someone had stolen my identity… except that I’m not as cute as Isla Fisher so can’t quite get away with just smiling sweetly and hoping it all goes away… and I’m not having much luck finding and falling in love with an uber rich guy who can solve all my problems… So instead I just have a dangerously high overdraft that refuses to go away, a credit card which no matter how many times I pay off, still manages to permanently be maxed out and a savings account which hasnt had more than the Β£3.61 in interest deposited in it since it was opened.

This weekend my poor wee bank card took an almighty beating… and it didn’t even do anything to deserve it! I was enjoying a few days out of London and I don’t know about you but whenever I leave the bright city lights behind, even if it is only to go an hours train journey away, I feel like this removal of oneself from the hustle and bustle of daily life warrants the title of a holiday, albeit a holiday without sun, or sights or duty free but a break all the same… and you have to buy something on holiday don’t you? It’s like a rule – you need to commemorate your trip… right? Well except that with my trip to Bath this weekend I didn’t so much commemorate it with a cheap and cheerful souvenier or some home made fudge, I more tainted it with the guilt that comes after an unnecessary shopping spree…

Not that this turn of events was unexpected… I mean I went with the intention of indulging in some retail therapy, I even blogged about such intentions on Friday – with ginger boy away and Valentines looming I was in danger of a depression that only shopping could avoid… but I didn’t go with the intention of indulging in quite as much retail therapy as I ended up doing. But before you right me off as a hopeless spendaholic let me explain… I was in a new city you see, and with a new city comes new shops… and new stock within those shops… and new sales within that stock that have not even been touched upon yet. I may have exhausted the London sales long ago, but there were items here that had never even been in the London sales to begin with! It was like starting from scratch again, and boy did I do a good job – it was as if they sensed my arrival and heard my call for a bargain… so laden with bags and ready to drop I returned joyful to my holiday hotel (my friends house) only to discover that while I had spent a small fortune, I had aquired nothing that even resembled an outfit.

How depressing? Amongst my purchases were a pair of light denim skinnies which seemed like a great idea when surrounded by a spring summer collection in store but not such a great idea when I returned to the real sub zero temperatures that awaited me outside; a heart print jumpsuit which although adorable is now the 10th jumpsuit I own and wearing it could put me in danger of being known as a one hit wonder; and an underwear as outerwear bra style top which technically is a size too small but was purchased anyway as it was ‘only Β£5’ … oh dear… LFW parties fast approaching and not a single outfit that will hold it’s own against the fashion uber glams… what is a girl to do?

So I have returned to London from my ‘holiday’ with a number of items I know not what to do with, a guilty conscience and a battered bank balance…. it’s times like these that it is very important to find something or someone to blame… therefore offloading the guilt and putting it neatly in someone else’s charge. For me, its easy… I blame ginger boy! When he is here, my shopping habits are significantly reduced because all those ocassions which would normally be valuable shopping days for a single girl are suddenly filled with boyfriend and girlfriend type outings… so with him leaving me for a whole 3 weeks this really was inevitable…. now to figure out a way to wear this bra top without losing my modesty…

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Kate Flood

I’m not a ‘fashion girl’, but I can relate to the holiday thing – whenever I go to visit my friends or family, I always end up buying loads of shit I don’t need that seems like such a good idea at the time, then I wear it once and wonder why the hell I wasted my money on it.
Though selling stuff on ebay is so depressing, it feels like you’re selling your life. So you just become a serial hoarder.
Money is there to be spent… if you were to die tomorrow, you’d wanna spend your last day well dressed


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