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Weekend Reading #009

5 Lifestyle Blogs you should know

Happy long weekend! Isn’t it great to get to Sunday and know you still have Monday to do all the things you didn’t quite get around to doing today? Oh the luxury… I hope you have all had a wonderful bank holiday so far, I’m currently up in Edinburgh playing bridesmaid for my beautiful friend and having a super old time so feeling a little reluctant to come back to London tomorrow I must admit.

Anyhoo for this week’s weekend reading, I thought I’d share some favourite posts from a few of the new blogs I’ve stumbled across this week. Although it can sometimes be incredibly daunting to make your mark in, most of the time I love how vast the blogosphere is nowadays, there are a million little pockets and niche’s of blogs out there that you can just happen upon on a random morning while enjoying a cuppa and it is something that never ceases to amaze me!

So here for your weekend enjoyment are five of the happy discoveries I’ve made this week…

1. Folk & Fest – Alexandra’s blog is one of those light, white, bright and perfectly designed ones that both makes my heart sink and inspires me to do better in one fell swoop. Oh how I wish my photography could look as beautiful as this! Full of inspiration, graphics, gorgeous DIY’s, to die for style editorials and much much more, it’s definitely one to check out, you may find yourself lost in the beauty for a good few hours.

2. Fifi McGee – A girl who is happy to bust her moves in the middle of the woods, and make a GIF of said move busting, is a girl after my heart. I can’t quite remember how I came across Fifi’s blog but I’m now totally hooked!

3. Tori’s TalesI’m starting to really get back into blogs that write. Although I love nothing more than looking at beautiful shots, unless they are accompanied by some words I don’t feel like I really get to know the person in the pics. When I first started this blog I used to just ramble on for a full blog post, most of the time without a single pic. That was four years ago now of course and things are a lot different in the world of blogging but something about Tori’s blog had me hankering for those times again. Tori writes so beautifully, and has a wonderful way of expressing herself and her mood through quotes, pictures and musings. Something I feel I want to return to more often.

4. Chambray and Curls – when I stumbled upon Laura’s Brighton based blog full of pastel coloured houses and bluebell fields I was immediately a fan. Her latest all black style post is a breath of fresh air, all natural and dreamy against Brighton’s backdrops – j’adore!

5. Cocorina – I’m guessing a lot of you already know about graphic and jewellery designer Corina and her beautiful blog and I’m just incredibly late to the party? But oh my… as far as design blogs go this has to be one of my faves. Plus as I’m currently in the midst of my own re-design and pinning logos like mad, posts like this are a huge help!

Have you stumbled across any great blogs lately? I love finding new reads so do drop me a comment with a link to yours and I’ll be sure to check it out!



Tori's Tales

I am so incredibly touched by your thoughtful comment that I was moved to tears – I never think of myself as a writer, and constantly compare myself to others (and consequently the others always come up trumps), so to know someone thinks of my posts in this way is truly so rewarding. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Bumpkin Betty

Oh you are very welcome Tori! You absolutely are a writer and that’s what is so great about blogging is that other people can praise you for the things that you can’t praise yourself for! I’m now a regular reader ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


Great list, I follow a few of these ladies, but some I haven’t heard of before. Time to go and check them out. Thanks.


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