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Weekend Reading #006

The Normcore Trend, Bumpkin Betty

I’ve decided to reduce my weekend reading to five links, not because I ever lack great content to share, I could probably make it 100 links the amount of blogs I read, but just because I feel five is a nicer weekend number to get through. It is Sunday after all, no need to exert ourselves.

Anyway this week I’ve decided to focus all my links on the hilarious theme of ‘Normcore’ because that’s what has personally been consuming my reading this week. I’m sure you are all fully aware of the ins and outs of this buzzword by now so no need for me to go into it, instead I’ll leave it to five of my favourite posts from this week.

Read and enjoy, happy Sunday!

1. Not got a clue what I’m banging on about – read this article on The Cut which started the whole craze off.

2. Whenever a fashion ‘trend’ blows up like and gets everyone talking, my first port of call is always Leandra Medine of Man Repeller as she has such a great way of writing about such things. Read her cry against Normcore and see whether you still want to reach for the sneakers today.

3. I love Julia’s take on a Normcore outfit as she was wearing it when I met her last Sunday and before I’d read the post, I’d already been crushing over the outfit and how great she looked. Proof that a good outfit is just a good outfit, regardless of whether it comes with a buzzword attached.

4. Pandora Sykes is not only one of my favourite fashion writers but I’m obsessed by her style too. Her blog is a hilarious read which brings us all back down to reality when the fashion world all gets a little ridiculous. Getting yourself all worked up by the Normcore nonsense? Read her post on it, laugh, agree and feel yourself calming right down again.

5. And finally, if you wondering if you might be ‘one in 7 billion’ take this quick test on Philadelphia’s Metro. If you own two or more of these items, then congrats – you’re so normcore!


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Linda Craig

Such an interesting subject! It’s one thing Sreve Jobs only ever wearing a black cashmere jumper or Coco Chanel looking chic in a little black dress but I can’t.believe people are actively seeking uniformity – when we had a really strict uniform policy at my school, we all desperately tried to individualise it by shortening skirts, pulling out blouses, knotting ties oddly – anything to look different. If it’s for economy or comfort that’s something else – but I believe human beings will always seek to stand out .


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