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Easy Like Sunday Mornings

How to make egg free pancakes, Bumpkin BettyIt feels like forever since I just blogged a little life catch up on this space. From home office reveals which took months to get just right, to travel videos that take hours of editing and brand collaborations that need a well thought out schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to simply… web log. While I enjoy putting together the former – creating inspiring content is so rewarding – I think I need to make sure I allow more time for the latter too. As for me, my personal lifestyle blog would be nothing if it didn’t include a little of my personal life every so often. After all, that’s what it’s here for – to log all the little moments in my life.

I think I’ve been forgetting that somewhat lately. It’s hard to stay on your own blog path when there is so much inspiration all around. So much comparison all around. So much pressure all around. It’s easy to want to do it all, then feel bad when you can’t keep up.

I’ll admit I’ve been feeling fairly disenchanted with blogging so far this year. No matter what I do, or how I do it, it never feels enough. I know I’m not alone in this feeling and I know that I set myself these high hurdles to reach, I could easily bring the bar down, but the guilt over not pushing hard enough is always there. The niggle to try harder, to be better, to reach the levels of success I ‘should’ have reached after 7 years in this game. Lately I’ve been going through waves of feeling super motivated and inspired about this space to crashing into periods where blogging is the last thing I want to do. Usually those periods are when I’m simply exhausted, and have too much going on. When I can’t find the extra time to plan, execute and edit posts that I feel are good enough. When real life is taking over and writing a post feels like one extra thing too many.

The thing is, those are the times I should just write a post like this – one with no agenda or planning, just words on a page – so let’s do just that shall we, and have a little catch up?

Kikki K stationery, Bumpkin Betty

The weekend just passed, was one of the first in a long time (and the last for a while to come) in which I had nothing planned. Nada. Just two days free to be filled with pottering, odd jobs, relaxing and meandering. I’d forgotten just how precious those type of weekends really are. GB was working during the day, and obviously I would have rather had him with me to do nothing with, but that’s the thing – if we had of both been free we probably would have made plans instead. Arranged a weekend with friends, or went on an adventure, made a date to go look at places to live or arranged to catch up with those we haven’t seen in ages.

As I get older, it feels so much more difficult to keep up with everything and everyone in my life. It’s no longer just friends. It’s friends and husbands and partners, and kids who have birthdays you need to remember, and weddings that require new outfits and celebrations for this, that and the next thing. Parties and get together’s where you can see everyone in one place at one time are now few and far between so time needs to be scheduled for each individual set of friends. Before you know it, every weekend for three months is booked up and you’ve got no time to yourselves or no time to do those odd jobs you’ve been meaning to do for an age. I think I’m slowly coming to realise that time for yourself, and for your own immediate is truly so important. I think after the whirlwind of last year with the wedding, GB and I are trying to take more time just for us. Less people pleasing, less, a little more selfish living.

And so, actually having a weekend to myself where I had nothing pressing I needed to do, no-one I’d arranged to see and no to-do list to tick off, was bloody lovely.

vegan pancake recipe, Bumpkin BettySunday morning pancakes, Bumpkin BettyHow to spend a sunday at home, Bumpkin Betty

Tray – George at Asda (similar here) | Plate – Dartington | Napkins – The White Company

It helped that the weather was so lush of course, and made pottering all the more enjoyable. I started the day with a small lie in (not too long, just until around 10am) before attempting to soothe a major hankering for pancakes. Realising I had no eggs in the fridge, and wasn’t yet ready to leave the house just for breakfast, I turned to the lovely Rosie and followed her recipe for Accidental Vegan Pancakes (although I did use normal milk in mine so technically they were just egg free and not vegan). The great thing about pancakes is that they are so quick and easy to do, and require relatively no skill (other than the flipping). I wasn’t sure how an eggless batter would turn out as I’ve always imagined the eggs to give the pancake their fluffiness, but these were perfect!

I stacked them high and smothered them with syrup and berries and they definitely satisfied my breakfast craving. Rest assured I did actually only eat half that stack myself and saved the rest for GB, but the full stack looked better in the picture.

We bought a bunch of frozen fruits recently – wild berries, rasberries and mangos – as I’ve got quite into making smoothies in the mornings ever since we picked up this cheaper alternative to a Nutri Bullet in Asda. It really does make the whole process so easy and having frozen fruits at the ready makes pancake making more interesting too.

Zara denim skirt, Bumpkin Betty

Top – Asos | Skirt – Zara (similar here) | Shoes – Hobbs | Sunglasses – Rayban

Desk details, Bumpkin Betty

Curtains and Frame – George at Asda | Quote picture – Kikki K

The rest of my day included tidying the flat, and doing washing (I know – rock and roll – but isn’t a life admin day kind of satisfying?), a walk around the park in the sunshine, a trip to Tesco to buy new flowers and a tidy up of my desk to arrange said flowers before GB came home, we made a healthy (and delicious) chicken salad for dinner and binged on episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. Have you guys watched it yet? You really must – it’s SO GOOD.

Sunday saw me full of energy after a relaxing day on Saturday so I jumped out of bed at 8.30am (I know! On a Sunday – go me!) and went for a run around the park. I should tell you, that this was my first run in a VERY long time. So long in fact, I wasn’t sure if I still knew how to run. But turns out muscle memory had me plodding round steadily for half an hour or so before the sun started getting a little hot and I retreated home for a hot shower, a smoothie and some time chilling out with the patio door open while catching up on blogs.

Topshop silver pleated skirt, Bumpkin bettyTopshop one shoulder ruffle top, Bumpkin Betty

One shoulder top – Topshop | Silver skirt – Topshop | Bag – Zatchels | Sunglasses – Rayban

GB finished up around lunchtime and so after some food at home, we ventured out for a walk to Crouch End. We picked up some cute little presents for my friends new baby, had our first strawberry tart of the season while lounging on the grass, got a little frustrated at each other while trying to take some photos of my outfit, and struggling to find the ‘right’ wall, before meandering back home (and then finding the perfect wall just a stones throw away from our flat – typical) for dinner and watching the final instalment of The Hobbit.

Lazy Sundays at Home, Bumpkin BettyThis Monday morning hasn’t felt nearly so frantic, sleep deprived or difficult having had time over the weekend to sort life out and prepare for the week ahead. Maybe there’s something in this doing nothing malarkey. Not that I’ll know again for a while as the next few weekends see us travelling so I’m glad I enjoyed this one.

So tell me, how was your weekend? What did you get up to, and do you also enjoy a free weekend of pottering?



Those pancakes look like perfect weekend food – I’ve really got into making them recently! My weekend was a busy one as I’m moving into a new flat, so there were a few trips to move boxes and buy new things, but I quite enjoyed it. I love a free, yet busy weekend of just getting stuff done and being able to enjoy it 🙂 I also really like this style of post – chatty, real life and totally personal 🙂
Jennifer x
Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


I love those weekends too Jennifer – getting through life admin is strangely satisfying isn’t it? Sounds like you’re busy with a flat move coming up – hope it all goes well! And thanks – i think I’ll try and do some more chatty style posts! xx


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