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Wedding Wednesdays | Things I’m looking forward to post wedding

What to look forward to after your wedding, Bumpkin BettyPlanning a wedding this year has been an all consuming activity – even more so than I ever thought it would be. For this entire year I feel as if all my thoughts and wishes and plans have been focused on this one day and as such it’s felt like the fastest and busiest year of my life.

Weekends have been filled with appointments to see people, things to sort out or car boots and markets to raid for as long as I can remember and the last few months especially have seen me filling every spare moment doing wedding DIYs, replying to wedding emails or sorting out wedding tasks.

Because I’ve been so busy a lot of what makes up my normal day to day life has fallen by the wayside – there are friends I haven’t seen in months, activities I haven’t done for such a long time and hobbies there’s just no more time for. When I talk to people about how busy it’s been and all the things we’ve been up to, a common response is; ‘What are you going to do with yourself after the wedding is over? How will you possibly fill all your spare time? Won’t you be terribly bored?’.

What am I going to do with myself? Well after I catch up on the months of sleep I must surely have missed out on by now, I’m going to enjoy all of the things that right now I don’t have time for. I’m going to revel in everyday monotony and routine, I’m going to squeal with glee when a Saturday arrives that I can allow myself a long lie and not feel guilty, and I’m going to enjoy spending quality time with my new husband without the pressure and stress of event organisation hanging over us and consuming our every thought! So please be assured I will be fine, I will not be bored and I will love being able to indulge all my hobbies and interests again! After all it’s not as if life was ever boring or stress free before the wedding planning came along, I’ve just replaced my previous stresses with new ones and I’m rather looking forward to getting back to the old ones thank you!

As a light hearted take on this weeks Wedding Wednesdays post I thought it would be fun to think about all the things I simply can’t wait to do once I know longer have wedding planning leeching all my spare time from me! Here goes…

Giving our flat a huge spring clean

Right now our flat is far too small a space for all of the things we are trying to fit in it and it feels as if we have no room to breathe! Cleaning and tidying becomes incredibly difficult because there is stuff everywhere and no matter how hard I try it never looks truly clean. I actually feel the panic rising in me when someone mentions they want to come round as I think – where can I possibly put everything? Where will they sit? I’m really looking forward to doing a huge spring (in winter) clean after the wedding and attempting to sort all of our belongings out a little.

Going out for dinner again

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the simple act of going out for dinner again. We’ve not only been saving our pennies this year and opting to stay in and cook at home where possible, but we’ve also just not had the time to justify a night out in so long. I’m really looking forward to having date nights again – evenings where the only thing on the agenda is a spot of food, a few drinks and good conversation with your other half!

Eating all the chocolate

Well it goes without saying that post wedding and honeymoon I’m looking forward to being able to indulge to my hearts content again. I wouldn’t say I’ve been on a diet as such but when you know you’ve got to wear the most expensive dress you’ve ever owned and have 100 eyes staring at you, you do feel a bit of pressure to lay off the cakes and hit the gym. Seeing as fitting in gym time has been difficult the last little while I’m being more careful than ever to avoid the sugary snacks… and it’s tough!!

Spending time with friends

As I mentioned above I do feel guilty that we’ve neglected people a lot this year – usually we’d make an effort to travel and see those friends who don’t live in London or catch up with those that do for Sunday lunch but this year it’s felt as if there’s just not been the time! Friends who have kids especially bring on the guilt pangs as I see their updates on Facebook and realise how fast the children are growing up and how long it is since I saw them! Next year I’m looking forward to arranging get togethers, and having the time and money to be able to attend all the events and birthday parties that we get invited to.

Going on weekend trips

I’d love to say that post wedding could be all about the holidays again but after a month long honeymoon I fear our bank balance will be telling us to get back to work pronto. What I am looking forward to though is weekend trips – I love a weekend away from London, and even if it’s not abroad it still feels like a proper break. I want to visit friends in other cities, adventure to European cities we haven’t visited before and get back to Scotland more often. I found myself flicking through my pics from Paris the other day and couldn’t believe that it was nearly a month and a half ago – I’m dying to go back! I stumbled across this competition recently to win a trip to the capital and needless to say amid my reminiscing I entered faster than you can say Tour Eiffel!

Having dinner parties

This will come after that spring clean I mentioned of course, and after the sorting and shifting of all wedding paraphernalia. Possibly even after a flat move. BUT once we’re married I’m really looking forward to hosting dinner parties like a proper grown up couple. Is that ridiculously sad? GB can cook mains, I’ll do starters and desserts and we will entertain with cocktails and stories of the honeymoon and serve food on our new wedding china (ahem – not sure we will have any of that, maybe the new set I’ll buy from TK Maxx instead?). I am getting old.

Talking to friends and family on the phone about something other than a wedding

I can’t think what me and my Mum used to chat about on the phone before I got engaged. I remember us always having lengthy phone calls but about what I wouldn’t know. For the last year, our catch ups have consisted only of wedding chat – Mum consoles me when I’m having a melt down, listens to all my worries and helps me go through the to-do list. Then my Dad comes on the phone and talks about writing his speech and the logistics of setting up the venue. Then later I’ll phone my brother and he’ll run through our music requests. Then I speak to GB’s parents and we talk cakes and glasses collecting and what we want to do with the pieces of wood in their garden. Then I go into work and the first thing anyone asks me is ‘How’s the wedding planning going?’. I sure am looking forward to having conversations about something or someone else soon.

Blogging properly again

I know on the surface it may not seem like much has changed on this blog this year – somehow amidst everything else running through my head I’ve managed to keep the posts fairly regular, but (At risk of pointing out something you might never have noticed if I hadn’t mentioned it) it has felt different over the last few months and instead of planning and considering and brainstorming, it’s been more of a case of just keeping things afloat. Don’t get me wrong I still love writing every post but my brain has such little capacity for anything other than the giant wedding to-do list right now that when I do blog I often feel like the posts are rushed, the writing not my best and the subjects not as well thought out. I’ve let my social media slide, my newsletters haven’t been as regular and there’s a million and one posts and ideas and projects that I’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time for. I’ve also worried a lot that there’s been far too much wedding talk on this lifestyle blog this year, and even though that’s whats going on in my life and important to me right now I worry I’m alienating readers who previously came for the fashion or the baking (see next point). I’m really grateful to those of you who have continued to read anyway, and even more so to those who don’t think anything has changed (hurrah) but one thing I really really can’t wait for post wedding and honeymoon is to launch myself back into a blog schedule and routine, and get some of those ideas and projects and ambitions off the ground. This year there’s not been time, but next year I promise I’m making time.


Which leads me nicely onto my next point – I can’t wait to start baking again! Sundays used to be a day for baking but now they’re dedicated to writing calligraphy tags or spray painting frames and it’s only since watching the Great British Bake Off and remembering my Blogger Bake Off last year that I’ve realised how much I’ve missed it. It just takes time, and effort and an abundance of ingredients and like every other hobby, my brain just can’t fit it in right now. At the end of last year (pre-engagement) I mentioned to a few blogger friends on Twitter and at events that I wanted to start a baking club and the response showed that a few of you were pretty keen. I vowed to start this January and somehow have let almost an entire year go by without doing it, but the idea is there, along with plenty of other ideas about how it’s going to work and what I want to achieve with it and I’m definitely making it happen once the wedding and honeymoon is out of the way. If only to force myself into a monthly bake of my own!


Ah finally the phrase – ‘I’m saving for the wedding’ will no longer be applicable and I will be free to shop once again. I do think I’ve learned to be a little more frugal this year, and only splurge on the forever pieces that I really want rather than buying little and often so I’ll be aiming to stick to that even after the strict saving is done with (as I’m sure there will be something new to save for – there always is!). But I’m very much looking forward to allowing myself a treat once in a while again – a new lipstick here, a new dress for the weekend there!


So fear not, I won’t be struggling to fill my time or feeling the post wedding blues (I hope) as I have so many exciting projects and hobbies that I want to throw myself into. I’m beyond excited about our wedding and honeymoon but in so many ways this year has been a rollercoaster and it will be nice to get back to some sense of normality too.

Any fellow bride-to-be’s able to sympathise? Do you also have a similar list of things you are looking forward to getting back to after the wedding and once your time is your own again?

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I’d be quite keen to help co-host a baking club (only of course, if you need it!) xxx


Thanks Amanda, that’s so kind! It’s a bit of a passion project for me this one and I have lots of ideas for it so I might be selfish and take the reigns if that’s ok! But I’ll certainly let you know once I get it off the ground and hopefully we can team up on something! xx

Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

This is exactly how I felt!! And feel now. Our wedding was last weekend and now we are on our honeymoon. I’m already dreaming of all the things I will do now that wedding planning is over! It certainly is such an all-consuming task!! x


Hey Carly, glad I’m not alone in this feeling! Your wedding looked glorious, can’t wait to see more pics! Enjoy the honeymoon xx


As I’ve said before, you seem to capture all the ups and downs of wedding planning perfectly! I’m a November bride too, and as the months, weeks and days til THE day draw ever nearer, I too have exactly the same feelings towards next year and the things I want to do – and more importantly, will have time to do! Planning a wedding is ridiculously fun (and tiring, and hard work!) and although I couldnt be more excited about the day itself, I too am very much looking forward to having our normal day to day life back. Keep the Wedding Wednesday posts a-coming – not too many Wednesday’s left to go until your big day mind you! 🙂 xxx


Hey Virginia, oh you’re so kind! I guess we are going through everything at the same stage so it’s nice to know I’m not alone in these feelings!! Not long to go for either of us now – so scary how fast time is going right?? I’m looking forward to it all – the day, the honeymoon AND the married life afterwards! I’ll try and do as many Wed Wednesdays as I can before the big day – EEK! x


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