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Wedding Wednesdays | The Lingerie Debate – Support or Sexy?

Bridal Lingerie, Bumpkin BettyHello folks! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on here since the weekend. As I mentioned in my Five Things post last week it was my friends Hen do at the weekend, and an amazing few days of festivaling, glitter bombing and general capers has taken a bit of time to catch up from (read – recover from). But I’m back today with a new Wedding Wednesday post for you all and this week I’m getting down to the nitty gritty of what to wear under the dress.

Now that the dress is underway, the shoes have been chosen, jewellery and accessories mulled over, and make up and hair trialed, the next step in my wedding look is to start searching for the finer details, the undergarments if you will – the all important wedding lingerie.

Now, let me tell you, not knowing exactly how your wedding dress will look in its final finished glory does pose certain problems when it comes to searching for the right pieces to wear under said dress, and I’ve been struggling a lot with what kind of underwear I should go for.

The one question it all keeps coming back to is that age old debate and the decision that plagues brides everywhere; do we go support or sexy?

There’s a huge amount of positives to support (ahem) the support argument – I mean for starters no one wants to be worrying about those pesky love handles ruining the perfect line of that perfect dress we’ve spent thousands on. A good pair of sucky in pants also allow us to move, and eat and talk without too much thought (ok eating might sometimes be an issue), we can laugh and pose for photos without using all our concentration on breathing in and they create a smooth line, suck us in and generally create a better base for the dress to fall smoothly over.

But there’s also a few negatives in the support option, the biggest one being that support underwear is ugly. I’m sorry to say it but its true. I’ve tried really hard to look for support underwear that is still even a little bit pretty but from what I can tell it just doesn’t exist. It’s all nude coloured stretch fabric that runs from mid thigh to below the boobs complete with nifty open crotch to make going to the toilet easier. Yes it might give us a smoother shape overall but it’s definitely not going to be our finest underwear hour come the end of the wedding night is it? And for me, I feel good if I know I look good from the bottom layer upwards. There’s a certain confidence that comes with an outfit if you know you’ve got really great underwear underneath it too. For my wedding day it’s all going to be about confidence, and I really want to find underwear that both gives me the perfect shape under my dress and makes me feel like a million dollars when I slip it on (and off – ooh er).

So my quest to find underwear which sucks me in but also looks darn sexy is on and as such I’ve found myself buying lingerie left, right and centre lately. And of course the search has expanded along the way and I’ve now decided I need something beautiful to wear on the morning of the wedding (for getting ready photos), underwear to wear under the dress, some more pretty sets for the few nights after the wedding and of course some gorgeous pieces to take on honeymoon with me too.

I thought I’d share some of the places my search has taken me so far so that if you’re also in the lingerie stage it might help.

Bridal Lingerie and where to buy it, Bumpkin BettyAll items c/o Marks and Spencer

The Morning of the Wedding

It was only recently that I even considered what to wear on the morning of my wedding. With all the thought going into the wedding day itself this getting ready time had slipped my mind, but looking at the beautiful shots our photographer has taken of other brides and bridesmaids getting ready together, clicked me into gear and made me realise that this was clearly another opportunity to wear something fabulous. Considering my pyjama drawer currently holds old T-shirts of GB’s and Primarks finest PJ bottoms, I figured I’d need something new. My thinking at the moment is either a quirky silk kimono or dressing gown, a beautiful vintage dress (maybe something floaty or beaded) or an amazing pair of silk wide leg pyjamas. The cute navy playsuit pyjamas in the pic above are from Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer and really adorable, but I’ve decided not quite right for the wedding day itself. Instead I’m planning to make them my Paris PJ’s for JacDo next month.

Where to look for morning before options:

Gossamer Vintage – I check this site religiously now just in case a little vintage nightgown or kimono pops up as they have some amazing pieces. It’s actually a vintage wedding dress website (and holds some serious bargains) so check it out if you’re still looking for the dress. For me though I’m hoping to find a little beaded number that doesn’t break the bank and can be worn ahead of the celebrations.

Girl on a Vine – this brand does some amazing fringed kimonos that would look brilliant for the wedding morning. A little seventies, a little Stevie Knicks, a lot fabulous.

Wedding lingerie, Bumpkin Betty
The Wedding Day

As my dress is backless it has proved quite difficult finding an underwear option that feels comfortable, looks amazing and works with the cut of the dress and so far I’m still at a bit of a loss. I’m considering going bra-less completely but there’s also part of me that knows a little support wouldn’t go amiss. Right now the idea of those sticky cups are plaguing me so I’m hoping to be able to find an alternative option soon. I had been considering an all in one bodice/corset/ basque idea but most of them come too high at the back so I’m still searching.

Where to look for bridal lingerie options:

Debenhams – they offer a free bra fit service which was hugely helpful as I haven’t been properly fitted in… well… ever and turns out I wasn’t the size I thought I was – doh. They have some gorgeous bridal lingerie and great all in one options if you don’t need to worry about being backless but for me nothing quite worked shape wise.

Marks and Spencer – we all know M&S do good pants right? So of course they were one of my first stops when looking for wedding lingerie. I’ve fallen pretty hard for the Rosie Huntington Whiteley collection, and again if you weren’t constricted by the shape of your dress this would be a great option for bridal underwear. They have some gorgeous sets in creams, soft pinks and whites – all lace and silk and prettiness. I’ve ended up picking up a few anyway to wear in the days surrounding the wedding as they’re so beautiful I couldn’t resist (the one in the pic above is from this range).

Honeymoon underwear, Bumpkin Betty
The Honeymoon

Granted by the time we go on honeymoon I’m going to be glad to let it all hang out and eat like a horse for the full month we are away – finally the year of wedding stress will be behind us. As we’re going to tropical climates too it’s going to be too hot for any uncomfortable underwear or heavy nightwear but I’d always really wanted a cute Teddy or little lace romper and when I saw this pink silk number from the Rosie collection at M&S I thought it would be perfect for summer evenings in our various hotel rooms/wooden shacks/ beach huts. I adore the colour and can’t wait to wear it.

Where to look for sexy honeymoon pieces:

Boux Avenue – I love Boux Avenue’s lingerie and nightwear and they also have a great bridal range. I’ve spotted plenty of silk chemise’s and rompers that would be perfect for taking on mini-moon/ honeymoon.

Agent Provocateur – yes it’s pricey but let’s face it there’s no underwear brand sexier really is there? I think I might just have to treat myself to a honeymoon number from AG, the only question is which to choose?

Fellow bride-to-be’s have you started looking for wedding lingerie yet? If you have any tips for where to find pieces that can suit a backless dress I’m all ears!



Jennie // scarletscorchdroppers

I love your suggestions, I hadn’t thought as far as wedding morning attire yet. You’re completely right through, there will be cameras, it defiantly warrants something beautiful!

I’m having the same dilemma as you with what to actually wear under my wedding dress though. My dress has a sheer back that runs right the way down. I can’t wear anything with a back to it, and I can’t wear any big support pants because you can see the tops of them! I’d love to have a little bit of support as its quite form fitting, but nothing will look right underneath. Oh the dilemmas!

Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


I know exactly how you feel Jennie! Mine is totally backless too – it’s a problem. I’ve been looking at low back basques and am considering one of those but worried it will make all the fat go to my belly so may also need some support pants for that. It might be a support for day, quick change into sexy for evening I think! xx


Argh!!!! I never thought of what to wear the morning of the wedding!
I’m getting married near the end of October and right now I’m dithering with my dress and flowers and politely reminding my other half that he still hasn’t finished designing our invites.
Hopefully trying to find something will be more fun. Love your picks though! xo


Hey Ally, so sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your comment and hope all of your wedding plans are going well – I am the queen of dithering so don’t worry about that haha! I hadn’t thought of the morning of my wedding either until my photographer mentioned it and I suddenly thought – what am I going to wear?? so much to think about with this wedding malarkey isn’t there! xx


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