Valentines Part 1… Ruining my Reputation

It’s the 1st of February today… and it’s this time of year when everything turns to pink and red and flowers and cards and cute cuddly nonsense… valentines of course!
Now don’t get me wrong under normal circumstances I am as anti valentines as they come… the idea of being given a cheesy ‘I love you’ teddy makes me cringe, I give couples the death stare when they won’t let go of each others hands for long enough to let me pass them on a narrow street and it annoys me senseless when my weekend plans are thwarted because I can’t book a table in a restaurant for love nor money and bars are surrounded by people trying to sell me a red rose and a light up whistle…. aaarg!

BUT this year is different… this year Bumpkin Betty has an other half in her life, a real, pinch him and see, flesh and blood boyfriend who may potentially alter all my core views on Valentines day and buy me a present… and shock horror… I might possibly… ever so slightly… just a tad… be excited about this! Oh dear what has happened to me???
So in preparation I have begun researching… not for his present but for mine of course! I only have 14 days to put my hints in place… otherwise who knows what kind of embarrassment I could suffer at the dinner table! And along the way I came across the most delightful little website with the perfect gifts;
Designed by a mother and daughter who are both artists themselves, it is no wonder the website design is so inviting. With so many nooks and crannies to look at, I could spend hours in their virtual world. Always a fan of discovering new up and coming designers and brands, this unique little store was a true find… I am now coveting one of these adorable cup and saucer bracelets from ceramic designer Bethan Lloyd Worthington, who has done her first jewellery range for the shopfloor. The best part is – her designs are cute, utterly unique and not even expensive… bracelets are £24! Perfect! Hint hint hint…

Bird Cup Bracelet – £24 – Bethan Lloyd Worthington

So there we have it, my reputation as independent, defiant against the masses, anti valentines single gal has well and truly gone out the window… I’ll still death stare other couples though… I’m not a complete convert!

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