Valentines Part 2… Ruining his Reputation

Bumpkin Betty is without a Valentine… again

You may remember me posting a few days ago about my recent change of heart (excuse the pun) when it came to Valentines this month… for once I was actually excited due to the fact that this year I have crossed over to the dark side and become one half of a couple

Well it seems my excitement was a little pre – mature… oh no don’t worry he (for the purpose of this blog I will refer to him only as ginger boy) hasn’t dumped me, well not yet anyway… although it is becoming a daily struggle to keep my weirdo tendencies in check… No my excitement was pre – mature on the basis that I had temporarily forgot (or maybe purposely hammered into the back of my subconscious) that he was abandoning me for three weeks to galavanting half way across the country. Being an independent, super busy, fashionista… ahem, I wouldn’t normally care but he is leaving me all on my lonesome for the occasions of two major events in our relationship… our first valentines together and our anniversary!
There is really no need to mention that it was all booked before we got together… that’s just circumstantial… and there is also no need to mention that he is visiting his best friend who he hasn’t seen in a very long time and who has just announced forthcoming baby nuptials (the friend… not him, just to clarify) and there is definitely no need to mention that he did ask me to go with him about a month after we started dating but I refused… convinced that he would have parted my company by the time this date arrived and I wouldn’t be able to claim back the cost of the flight… but without mentioning any of that information…. well… how very dare he???
Of course being the kindhearted and understanding girlfriend that I am… I couldn’t stay mad at him for too long (well actually I was never really mad at him… see above ‘things we are not mentioning’) and when he turned up last night (he leaves today) with 6 red roses for each month we have been together and one ginger flower to remind me of him… I couldn’t help but smile. As well as the fact that we dined at too cool for school – Asia de Cuba AND he got us tickets to go and see Dirty Dancing in theatre… only my favourite goddamn movie of all time!!!!
Yeah ok… I can’t really be mad at him at all can I? If he is willing to risk his reputation by partaking in such a girly night out… It was amazing by the way! it would have been amazing anyway but it made it ten times better that we were only 3 seats from the front and I could practically touch the stage…
Also I think secretly the ginger boy rather enjoyed it too… there were enough extremely toned women in it to keep him occupied and being so close we got an eyeful every time they spinned…
So now begins Bumpkin Betty’s 3 week ginger detox… my hatred of Valentines is officially back – if I see even one smug looking couple holding hands on a narrow street I’ll be bringing the single girl daggers out again… you have been warned!
Besides LFW’s coming up… 3 weeks will fly by… won’t they??

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