Two Delicious Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Christmas cocktail recipes, Bumpkin Betty

Christmas cocktail recipes, Bumpkin BettyAnyone else singing ‘Holiday! Holiday!’ right now? No, just me then. Isn’t the time in between Christmas and Hogmanay the best? The very BEST? It’s basically an excuse to do absolutely nothing. The pre-Christmas panic present buying and Christmas lunch stress is out of the way, you’ve entertained your loved ones, you’ve given and received, and now you’re ready to flop on the sofa, put on back to back Home Alone films and (official term) take a load off.

I’m a big fan of taking a load off as it happens, and I think it’s important, no compulsory, to do some of it at this time of year. To let go of the previous years stresses and strains and give your body and mind time to re-coop, re-boot and refresh ahead of a new start in January. Yup, it’s practically a medical diagnosis folks.

This year I am of course taking a prolonged load off and enjoying more of it than is really necessary on my honeymoon, but believe me while our outside temperature and field of view might be different, we’re probably doing much and such the same thing right now. Except you’re on your sofa and I’m on a beach hammock (or something similar). The point is we’re both chilling, and there’s only one thing that would make our scenarios better right now (because yes, sofa + Home Alone can get even better) and that’s a delicious beverage to quench our thirst.

Champagne cocktail recipes, Bumpkin BettyHoliday cocktail recipes, Bumpkin BettyBecause cocktail drinking in the day is what the holidays are all about right? I’ve got two that I stumbled upon entirely by accident but turned out to be utterly lovely and I couldn’t resist sharing with you. These were both formed as part of a project I did with Freixenet just before Christmas, but I was so taken by them I definitely plan to repeat them once I’m home (because coming back from honeymoon to a depressing British January is not going to be fun).

simple holiday cocktails, Bumpkin Betty

Rhubarb and Ginger Fizz

I made that name up by the way, but it was basically the best I could come up with with creatively because this drink involves a Rhubarb and Ginger flavour and has fizz in it – genius right? It does sound more like a pic n mix sweet but I promise it’s light, refreshing and delicious.

Holiday cocktails with cava, Bumpkin bettydinner party drinks, Bumpkin betty

What you’ll need

Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur (mine is from Edinburgh Gin but you can substitute for any variation)

Tonic Water

Rose Cava (I used Freixenet Cordon Rosado Cava)


Fresh Cranberries to top

Rhubarb and Custard cocktail, Bumpkin Bettyrhubarb and ginger cocktails, Bumpkin bettyChristmas cocktail recipes, Bumpkin BettyCava cocktail recipes, Bumpkin Bettyeasy holiday drinks, Bumpkin Bettyhow to make a Christmas cocktail, Bumpkin BettyChristmas cocktail recipes, Bumpkin Betty

How it’s done

1. Fill your glass with ice and pour over a measure of the liqueur

2. Half fill the glass with tonic water

3. Top the glass up with Rose Cava

4. Sprinkle cranberries to finish (because it looks pretty)

5. Enjoy

cherry bellini recipe, Bumpkin Betty

Cherry Bellini

Again the name tells you everything you need to know; this is basically a Bellini but cherry flavoured. Ok I’m never going to be a cocktail aficionado but sometimes we just can’t be bothered to faff about with a cocktail shaker making Fresh Martini’s, as delicious as they are. Home Alone is calling remember? So this, is the cocktail for the lazy, and a great option to wow unexpected guests when they turn up mid way through film watching and you’re not sure you have any food or drink left to give them.

cherry liqueur recipe, Bumpkin Betty

What you’ll need

Cava/ Prosecco (I used Freixenet Cordon Negro)

Cherry Liqueur

Fresh Cherries to top

How to host a dinner party, Bumpkin Betty

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How it’s done

This may be the simplest method ever but…

1. Pour a small amount of cherry liqueur into a champagne flute

2. Fill up with your chosen fizz

3. Top with a cherry to the side (because it looks pretty)

Wah-la! Two easy peasy cocktails you can make (or get someone else to make – important load taking off going on!) during the ad break!


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