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Twenty Seven aint so Bad…

Despite my reservations about the day itself, being old and alone and having to spend it at work, my birthday was, as it is every year, great!!

What ended up happening, to my delight, was that the birthday spanned across an entire week as I celebrated with different people at different times! And most importantly of all I was completely and utterly spoiled by everyone around me!

Here’s the rundown…

Sunday (the day before) – as GB was away my friend invited me round to her flat for birthday dinner of my choice (Haribo Supermix for starter, roast chicken and all the trimmings for main, apple and blackberry pie and ice cream for dessert and chocolate birthday cake for afters) and afterwards we watched re runs of Sex and The City back to back and had a little cry when we got to the ‘Hubble’ episode!
Monday (The day itself) – woke up feeling surprisingly upbeat, even excited, the sun was shining for me and I opened all my cards on the way to work! My morning was made when a mahusive bunch of flowers got delivered to the office (Scottish themed with thistles and lavender) from GB. At lunchtime I ventured out in the sun to Zara where I picked up the gorgeous white leather Chelsea boots I had wanted as a gift from Ma and Pa Bumpkin (Wishlist number 4). In the afternoon I was treated to tea and cake with everyone from work and got another present to open – an amazing array of baking goodies including an icing syringe… yes that is correct, sounds strange but just wait until you see what it can achieve! After work we all went across the road to our new local and got drunk on white wine!
Tuesday (the day after) – My friend gave me a ticket to go and see Jonathan Ross being filmed so I got to leave work early and we all headed to the BBC studios where we saw Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Danny Devito, and Dara O’Brien being interviewed for the show and then got to watch Labyrinth perform ‘Earthquake’ live! Despite everything being a lot smaller and carefully planned out than I thought it was a lot of fun!
Wednesday (Two days after) – GB came home!! We got a takeaway and I opened all of my presents (which included a rather nice white leather rucksack (Wishlist number 1), the best rolling pin I’ve ever seen, The Hunger games trilogy, an amazing bright yellow clutch and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Blu Ray).
Thursday (Three days after) – I went shopping! After all of my wishlisting I hit the shops with my birthday money to buy myself a new outfit for my big night out at the weekend! Seeing as none of the dresses I had picked out (Wishlist number 2) were yet available I had to search for other options and in then end came home with a Carrie inspired high waisted skirt and midriff flashing top combo (all of that back to back watching on Sunday must have rubbed off on me) The skirt is cream chiffon and floaty with a dip hem at the back. It sits high on the waist with a fitted waistband and the chiffon floats out around me. It’s beautiful and thanks to Oasis and their £5 off birthday offer, it was a bargainous £35. Teamed with a sporty pink crop top from New Look, my silver heels, some pastel coloured aztec jewellery from Topshop, thanks to a voucher from GB’s mum, and the yellow clutch GB got me – my outfit was complete!
Friday (Four days after) – My brother and his girlfriend came to visit for the weekend and along with some friends we hit the bowling alley near our flat for the first time. (I lost both games which I blame entirely on consuming too much wine and not having the correct bowling footwear, not at all on my ability.)
Saturday (Five days after) – A Heatwave in London, I got my pins out for the first time this summer and wore my new Versace esque high waisted shorts, My brother took me for a Mexican feast for lunch along with a few mojitos and then I showed him and his girlfriend around North London, mostly via various beer gardens. I wore my new outfit, friends came round for pre party drinks and dinner and then we all headed out to a bar in Islington for the joint birthday bash of myself and my friend, which involved lots of friends, lots of drinking and later on, lots of dancing! My silver shoes did me proud and my outfit, especially the yellow clutch was a firm favourite (well done GB!)
Sunday (Six days after) – I had a royal hangover and the birthday celebrations came to an end a week after they began. I can certainly vouch for the fact that hangovers are worse at the age of twenty seven than they are at twenty six, but I guess after a week of celebrations I needed to come back to reality!
So yes… I shall admit it, Twenty Seven aint so bad. I owe a massive thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate throughout the week and I’m super chuffed with all of my gifts! For your viewing delight here are some pics of my wonderful gifts, photographed alongside the beautiful imagery from one of my favourite presents – The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook!

(a very lucky Twenty Seven year old)

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