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Time to cover up

Surprisingly I’m not actually talking about the weather in this post, although if I was I would probably be saying a lot of things in a similar vain to ‘what the f**k is this weather all about??’ and ‘Why oh why is it not summer yet? It was at this time last year!’ and ‘Is anyone else getting ridiculously bored of their Winter wardrobe?’ and much of the same…
But as I said I’m not actually talking about the weather in this post so enough of that!

I am in fact talking about my iPhone…

My decision to purchase an iPhone at the beginning of this year came out of rather unfortunate circumstances… (My Blackberry was stolen and I was completely sans phone for a week, then stuck with an old Sony Eriksson for a month before I finally decided that life without a smart phone these days isn’t nearly as exciting and I’m not afraid to admit it!) they say that every cloud has silver lining and in this case it would be true… If it hadn’t have gone missing I would still be operating with a Blackberry and none the wiser to how much better my life could be with an iPhone… But as it turned out when forced to purchase a new phone and faced with the choice… There really was only one choice! It was the perfect time to make the transition and join the Apple crew!

Of course as any one with an iPhone will testify my life has been infinitely better ever since (despite spending years previously championing the Blackberry while GB swore by his iPhone), I can now blog easily to and from work, I have the world of Instagram and Hipstamatic at my finger tips, I can jump easily between my many alter egos on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and I can take super cool snaps at the drop of a hat! Tickety boo!

But for the last three months I have been taking a pretty cavalier approach when it comes to protecting my iPhone and have been frivously carrying it around in bags, purses, pockets and rucksacks without so much as a care in the world about it’s well being…

It was only this week when I suddenly realised that if I were to drop my beloved iPhone and it shatter into a thousand pieces I might just be a tad distraught… not to mention the fact that I certainly can’t risk having to go back to the old Sony Eriksson yet again…

So I decided it was time to cover up and get myself an iphone cover… on the whole I think a lot of iPhone covers are fairly ugly but then I found the website Iconemesis which works with different illustrators and artists to create unique one off designs that you definitely won’t find on the high street.

They have a huge array of covers to choose from so I was pretty torn but in the end went for one of the Fifi Lapin design which is super cute! Here are some of my favourite’s from the site…

Fifi Lapin…

Joanna Basford (who was actually in the year above me at University), Gemma Correll and Matthew Dent.

Karin Oderquist, Hannah Baber and Stephen Wilson.

and this is the one I went for…

They come in at Β£24.99 each and have free delivery, I’m sure in the grand scheme of iPhone cases this is quite expensive but it was worth it for a Fifi Lapin exclusive!

It arrived today and although not the greatest quality in the world and only really protecting the back of my phone and not the screen I rather like it!

So now my iPhone is properly protected from the evils of the outside world and I will hopefully stay Tickety boo for a long time to come!




Ha, I started off with an iPhone then crazily invested in a Blackberry as all the cool kids told me I had to have one. I sold it after 3 days of hell and went back to my trusty iPhone 3g which I still have. I too am in love with instagram and twitter πŸ™‚ and don’t know what I would do without my Mophie case on my iPhone although I do love that unicorn case above.

Pete Sariya

That is so beautiful! I saying the iPhone Covers a hardly any months past and had the the same belief as you. Different you though I didn’t have the genius thought to practice make one for my own phone. You’re so freaking’ clever! Thanks for sharing out!


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