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Three Ways with a Slogan Tee (When You’re Not a Teenager)

Top Uk fashion and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthSlogans are everywhere right now, but for many of us it can be a trend that proves tricky to tackle. While throwing on a fun T-shirt with your favourite pair of jeans shouldn’t be difficult, when that T-shirt is guilty of showcasing a blatant message out to the world on your behalf, it’s easy to feel wary.

I admit that when the slogan trend first started hotting up, I really wasn’t sure it was for me. While I’m normally an advocate for putting two fingers up to the whole – dressing for your age – nonsense, in this case as a thirty something professional, who has recently become a Mum and spends her days at baby bounce and rhyme classes, I didn’t feel confident I could pull off a ‘Cutie with a Booty’ or ‘Slay all Day‘ T-shirt in everyday life. There’s definitely a ‘young’ appeal behind many slogan tees, and if you aren’t a teenager anymore, many of them can feel understandably irrelevant to you, bringing the fear that to buy into the trend might leave you looking slightly tragic.

I guess slogan clothing is the art of – making a statement with your clothes – in it’s simplest form. There’s a certain confidence needed to walk out of the house with said statement emblazoned across your chest, ready to defend your thoughts/opinions/beliefs in real life as well as just in fashion life, should the need arise. The first time I wore the ‘Femme Forever’ tee you see above, I got in a taxi and was immediately quizzed by the driver on what my T-shirt meant. The conversation caught me completely off guard as 1. I was suddenly very aware he was staring directly at my boobs (which after a whole afternoon away from my baby had grown in size considerably #breastfeedingproblems), and 2. because getting dressed that morning I hadn’t imagined I’d be discussing feminism with a stranger as a result of my clothing choices. I fully admit that I added the tee to my wardrobe as much for the appeal of the grey and red colourway as I did for the message on the front, which probably makes me guilty of a touch of misplaced confidence on this one.

But, the trend has definitely stepped up a notch now, and as such there’s a slogan out there to suit everyone. From young kids and parents alike twinning in Mutha.Hood’s ‘Strong Girls Club’ tees, to Mum’s everywhere donning a Selfish Mother ‘Mother’ tee, and even the most sophisticated of women making an nod to feminism through their weekend wear, it’s lifestyle, rather than age that plays a part in how you tackle this look.

So even if your teenage years are long behind you, you can absolutely still jump on board with a slogan this season. My three golden rules to keeping the look relevant are as follows;

1. Choose your slogan wisely and pick one that appeals to your personality and lifestyle (i.e. if you’ve been married for ten years maybe avoid the ‘Sassy and Single’ number ;-))

2. Team it with existing items in your wardrobe that are totally ‘you’ (always in jeans and a blazer? Tucking a slogan tee into your jeans and wearing with a smart blazer and trainers won’t be a huge step away from your usual style)

3. Pick a colour and typeface that sings to you, and if in doubt stick to monochrome (typography plays a big part in whether a slogan looks #cringe or #sophis so opt for the simple typefaces and stick to black and white for the chic minimal look)

As a thirty something woman, I figured I’d show how I’ve been wearing the trend, and hopefully inspire anyone who thinks they can’t pull it off. I’ve taken three different slogan tees, and styled them up in three different ways for three different scenarios. I like to think each of these outfits are still very much in-keeping with my everyday style, as well as tackling a trend I was wary about head on, in a way that’s both age appropriate and suited to my lifestyle. I’ve been wearing these looks non stop lately and they’ve worked for both trips into London when I have my work hat on, and trips to bounce and rhyme class when I have my Mum hat on.

The Tees

I chose these three T-shirts from Topshop – one cropped, one oversized and one fitted, all with different styles of slogans. I’m definitely a fan of foreign slogans, but just be careful to know what it means first. If you’re not confident to have a large slogan across your front, perhaps try a tee with a smaller type to the side or on the pocket. But equally if you want your T-shirt to be the main element of your outfit, choose one which stands out with a bold type and colour. You can scroll to the bottom of the post to shop more of my favourite styles!


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T-shirt – Topshop | Skirt – New Look | Denim Jacket – H&M
Bag – Kate Spade | Lace up Flats – Topshop (old) | Earrings – Topshop | Sunglasses – Rayban

Along with simply a pair of high waisted jeans, this is probably my go-to look for an everyday take on the slogan trend. I can be found wearing a variation of this outfit on most days, because it’s so easy to throw on, stands the test for most parenting duties, even the less glamourous (that high waist + cropped tee = breastfeeding ease when out and about) and most importantly is comfortable. The addition of the pink denim jacket (my top buy of the summer) injects a little of my personality, while the elasticated waist skirt and flats keep it relaxed.


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T-shirt – Topshop | Trousers – Boden | Denim Jacket – Vintage Katherine Hamnett
Bag – La Redoute | Trainers – H&M | Earrings – Mango (sold out, similar here) | Sunglasses – Rayban

There’s no reason why a slogan T-shirt can’t be worn for a smart occasion too – obviously just choose your message carefully! In this case, I’ve opted for the most understated of my tees, teamed it with a smart pair of chino trousers, and kept it chic by adding a jacket on top so only a glimpse of the slogan can be seen. A fresh new pair of white sneakers and a smart yet fun black bag make it the perfect ‘work’ attire for me when spending the day in London for meetings.


H&M yellow lace skirt, Bumpkin BettyTopshop femme forever t-shirt, Bumpkin BettyAsos gold bow flats, Bumpkin Bettyslogan tees for thirty somethings, Bumpkin bettytopshop femme forever tee, Bumpkin Bettyways to wear a slogan tee, Bumpkin Bettyyellow lace full skirt, Bumpkin betty
T-shirt – Topshop (sold out, shop at Nordstrom) | Skirt – H&M | Jacket – as before
Gold flats – Asos | Bag – Mango | Earrings – H&M | Sunglasses – Primark

For a dressier approach, I think it’s all in the accessories. A touch of gold through my sophisticated bow flats and stylish bag immediately make the outfit more evening ready. And even though this T-shirt is undoubtadely the boldest statement of the three, the drama of this full lace skirt somehow overtakes it to be the star of the show. I’d happily wear this outfit out for dinner or drinks, and am fully prepared for any questions taxi drivers want to throw at me as a result!

Shop my favourite slogan tops…


So tell me, are you a fan of the slogan tee trend or do you feel it’s best left to the teenage generation?

All photos by Debs at Bang on Style


Hannah Bond

I most definitely cannot pull off a slogan tee – I don’t even wear regular t-shirts! You’re rocking it though. And I love love love the flats in the first outfit and the skirt in the third x


You look really great and I must admit you’ve made me think in a different way about slogan t’s.


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