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It’s officially felt like the first day of winter today, on the 26th of August – great I know! I got up around 8am and have had to have my desk light on all day to work as it’s been SO dark. I’m wearing fleecy socks and a giant sweater because it’s SO cold, and it’s been hard to motivate myself to do anything other than stay indoors drinking copious amounts of tea while the rain falls outside my window.

Granted, this may not sound that much different from any day I spend working from home, but these last couple of days there’s been a definite chill in the air and a darkening of the skies which suggest only the changing of a season.

In some ways I feel a little cheated by this as I don’t think summer gave me nearly enough time to enjoy its virtues this year. For those of you who read my packing for a British holiday post, you’ll know that this very week was supposed to be our summer holiday and that right now we should be staycation-ing in a caravan somewhere in the North of Wales, but unfortunately due to pesky work commitments things didn’t quite work out that way. I guess looking at the dreary weather, it was perhaps for the best as the seaside break I was imagining, all pretty tea dresses and paddling in the sea, might not have had the same appeal in non stop rain. But all the same I’ve barely touched my summer wardrobe, I didn’t nearly get the wear out my new sandals and my legs definitely haven’t had enough vitamin D to warrant wrapping them back up in opaques for another six months.

Alas, I fear these are all things I may just have to live with as that subtle shift has already occurred and it seems summer may have lost it’s battle for 2014. And despite my dismay at saying goodbye to the sunshine, I can’t deny that autumn is one of my favourites seasons to be in. Aside from the wet which we’re currently getting quite enough of down south, there’s something rather magical about this turning point in the year, when there’s a crispness to the morning air and a subtle browning of the leaves. Thoughts have inevitably started turning to an autumnal wardrobe of soft rollneck knits, tartan skirts and bows in my hair, alongside dark red lipstick and auburn hair (why did I dye my hair blonde again?). That desire to stock up on hearty foods and begin the hibernation process is creeping in and suddenly Sundays seem made for cooking up warm fruit pies and drinking hot cocoa, while autumns leaves fall from the trees.

I shouldn’t get too carried away of course, perhaps an Indian Summer is (hopefully) on the horizon?



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