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Top Uk Lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin BettyI feel as if I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit on repeat ever since I got home from Honeymoon. I find myself reaching for the same uniform of jeans (or in this case dungarees – which on that day felt like such a monumental change you’d have thought I’d thrown on a ball gown), stripes in some form or another, those glove shoes (which are now faring well after some initial blistering issues) and this red tartan scarf (which was actually given to GB as a Christmas present but upon seeing my eyes light up before he’d even taken the wrapping paper off fully, he kindly handed it over).

denim and stripes, Bumpkin BettyStyle classics, Bumpkin BettyTopshop glove shoes, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear denim dungarees, Bumpkin Betty
Denim Dungarees – Asos | Breton tee – Boden | Fedora – Asos | Glove Shoes – Topshop | Tartan Scarf – Barbour | Leather Jacket – Gestuz

Aside from the outerwear and accessories (both of which turned out to be colossal mistakes on one of the windiest days of the year), this is pretty much my day to day garb right now, and I’m kind of ok with it. It might not be particularly inspired, or win any style awards, or even be that much different from what anyone else on the street is wearing but it’s getting me through these cold, dull, rainy months, keeping me comfortable, and appeasing the part of my brain that has to deal with attempting to be stylish every day.

I have a sneaking suspicion that we all adopt a uniform of sorts at this time of year – a selection of favourites we know we can rely on so we don’t have to think about our style first thing on a cold dark morning when all we want to think about are whether we can bring the duvet with us and how long it is until our first cup of coffee. We don’t know what to expect from the weather day to day, our brains feel full to the brim with new year to-do’s and life admin, we haven’t yet had the time, energy or money to invest in a new season wardrobe, nor had a moment to think about what we might like that wardrobe to include and our 2016 style hasn’t quite found it’s feet. Thinking about what to wear each morning feels like far too big a task, and one it’s frankly easier not to deal with.

denim dungarees and tartan scarf, Bumpkin BettyMixing tartan and stripes, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear a fedora hat in winter, Bumpkin Bettytartan scarves, Bumpkin BettyInstead we reach for the classics, the failsafes, the pieces we know we can get away with, the items we know will fit, the clothes that allow us a little more time to be nostalgic for the year gone by. For me it’s denim, stripes and a tartan scarf stolen from my husband. Sue me.

Come March I’ll be ready for new coats and tulle skirts and pretty heels but right now, just hand me a Breton tee.

Denim dungarees and breton tees, Bumpkin BettyI’d love to know what you’re wearing on repeat right now?



Having worn my winter uniform of jeans, jumper and fleece for months now, I can’t wait to shed some layers and dress it up a bit. You have managed to look great in a winter friendly outfit!


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