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The Sold Out Pink Marshmallow Coat (& Why I’m Still Blogging About It)

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthNever before have I received so many comments, questions or (slightly erratic) pleads of ‘where can I buy this’ over a coat before (or any item of clothing for that matter… apart from perhaps THAT pink jumpsuit, maybe it’s just what happens when you were stand out pink pieces of clothing). But whether it’s messages on Instagram or people stopping me in the street, wearing this coat does seem to invite a lot of love and attention. So much so that there have been times I’ve almost felt like taking the thing off and handing it to the stranger caressing my arm while gazing adoringly at it, certain that their adoration for it must outweigh my own. I feel a bit of a fraud you see as, would you believe, I almost sent it back.

It was a bit of an impulse buy. I too was lured in by the bright colour and fluffy texture and bought one of the last remaining sizes even though it was a size bigger than I’d usually purchase and more money than I wanted to spend. It arrived, felt a little too big and I talked myself out of it. It was only when I went back on the website to find it sold out, that I changed my mind. Like a creepy fashion-based Gollum, when I realised my ‘precious’ was in fact sought after by many others and I had one of the last ones in my arms, it suddenly felt a little harder to give up. Please tell me it’s not just me who goes a little ‘mine mine mine’ crazy over limited run popular fashion items??

Anyway, reservations aside, I’m actually really glad I hung onto this pink fluffy marshmallow coat of dreams after all, as turns out it comes with its own endorphin cloud. Wearing it just makes me feel GOOOOD. Maybe the compliments from passers by help, but I reckon the fact it’s like stepping outside wearing a duvet – a pretty, pink, dancing amongst a sea of pillowy clouds duvet – is the real reason it’s so enjoyable to be in.

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn Ruth

Coat – Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Stripe Top – H&M | Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Topshop (last season) | Bag – Zara

The thing is though, I feel kinda silly blogging about it now, because, well… it’s sold out. I’m just waxing lyrical about the benefits and joys of a pink coat that YOU CAN’T BUY. Which is why, despite the insta love, it’s taken me until December to share it on the blog, despite buying it back in October. Well, that and the fact that it’s taken until December for it to be cold enough to don without overheating. Word of warning folks, these duvet coats are all fun and games when it’s snowing and all but beware getting on trains, tubes or buses while layered up in them. There’s a high chance you will either A. sit there sweating profusely while wondering why you didn’t just take the damn thing off when you first got on but refuse to do so now as you’re only ‘one stop away’, or B. Be so cosy you fall asleep slightly and miss your stop. I can neither confirm or deny whether these things actually happened to me (they did) while wearing said coat but I’d hate to think I didn’t inform you of the perils behind any given fashion item. Thankfully, after an un-seasonably warm autumn, we have now plummeted into the depths of sub zero winter temperatures and wearing the coat both indoors and outdoors poses a lot less risk (what’s with the two extremes? Did I blink and miss that delightful in between stage when its frosty and crisp yet sunny?)

Back to the blogging conundrum however and yes, I put off blogging about this coat. I almost DIDN’T BLOG ABOUT IT AT ALL for fear of coming across all smug and ‘HAHA I got the coat, you didn’t, it’s mine, you can’t buy it, nee naw’ and having readers hate me for taunting them with something pretty, pink, Instagram worthy AND warm only to to tell them they can’t buy it. Oh the shock, the horror, the absolute shame of it all. I’d be like one of those bloggers who uses LiketoKnowit on Instagram but doesn’t tag the photo and ignores comments asking where something is from! Shock face emoji!

But then I came to my senses and understood how ridiculous I was being. I’m not a fashion blogger, at least not in the way Emma Hill or Megan Ellaby or The Frugality are. People don’t check my site religiously for the latest must have items or click to buy everything I put on Instagram. I’m a personal style blogger (amongst other things) and I share my outfits on here because I like sharing (and documenting) my own personal style and how it changes and evolves. And I think, you all come to this blog for my words and my rambling thoughts on life, clothes and other such subjects which can perhaps inspire you in some way, rather than to buy the coat off my back.

Equally fabulous pink coats you CAN buy…

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthI’ve been thinking about this aspect of blogging a lot lately, and wondering when it became all about the spend. All about making sure you’re wearing items that are new in, sought after and will make people click ‘purchase’, regardless of whether it’s your day to day look or not. Didn’t we all used to just share our ‘outfits of the day’ in order to share our personalities and fashion loves and hates with like minded people? To chat with the community and bond over a love of berets and disco pants? I’m not one to hark back to ‘the old days of blogging’ by any means, but it seems to me that these days (in fashion and outfit blogging at least) that it’s a lot less about being an ‘influencer’ and sharing your style in order to inspire others, and a lot more about being an ‘advertiser’ and selling as many of that much coveted dress as you possibly can.

A much bigger subject that probably needs another day and another blog post all to itself to open up the discussion, but the thought process has given me the boost of confidence I needed to continue sharing my personal style journey with you all – not as an act to entice shopping mania, but instead just as a way to chat about fashion, offer my musings about pink duvet coats, and perhaps in a way inspire a few of you when it comes to your style and clothing choices. Some of my favourite style bloggers to follow don’t necessarily wear things I would want to buy, but instead wear things that are so suited to them and their style, that it makes me enjoy reading about their choices, looking at their photos, and leaves me thinking ‘wow, don’t they look great in that colour, maybe I should try that colour too!’.

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthSo yeah, you might not be able to buy the exact coat I’m wearing in this post (soz!) but if I have inspired you to seek out a dreamy duvet like coat of your own, maybe in a colour YOU adore, then I’ve rounded up a few other awesome teddy bear coats from the high street that might point you in the right direction. But equally, if pink coats or teddy coats aren’t your thing AT ALL and you still read right to the end of this post then I think I love you EVEN MORE. Please come again.

Shop similar teddy bear coats…

And a little heads up that I reckon this is how I’ll be coming at you with outfit posts from now on – just me, some words from inside my head and the clothes I enjoy wearing. If you happen to be inspired and want to purchase any of my shopping suggestions using an affiliated link so I make a small dime, then that’s MUCH appreciated but if you just want to read my words and laugh at my awkward posing then that’s just dandy too.

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthI’d love to hear your thoughts – on either the outfit, the blog musings or anything else!


Photos by Bang on Style



Well I feel extra loved then as I’m not into the coat but read to the end πŸ™‚ I’ve followed people in the past because everything they wore was exactly my style, but in the end I unfollowed because eventually I just kept thinking ‘ho hum, another pretty outfit’. Following people whose style is a little bit different to my own makes me think about trying items that I might not otherwise pick up. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same, and you’re right, it’s your friendly, chatty voice that keeps me reading your musings.


Aww thanks Emma, that’s a such a sweet comment! So glad you’re here, reading and supporting – it really means a lot! And absolutely with you on everyone needing to be different – there is so much carbon copy style out there these days and it gets so boring! x


Hello! First of all. Wowzers on the coat, I’m now one of those people gazing adoringly at it. Second of all, “Like a creepy fashion-based Gollum,” made me chuckle aloud at work (where I’m reading blogs on the sly). And third of all – I LOVE your writing style, I’m going to stalk you on twitter now.


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