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The Holiday Comedown

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been as up to date with the old blogging world of late…. well I sincerely apologise for this fact and can in fact inform you that this absence has been due to the fact that BB has been on tour!!! Before you get your hopes up – by tour I really mean holiday but that didn’t sound as effective!

Myself and my other half (I never get why people say my better half? Like I’m going to let him think he is better than me! pfft!) took our first vacation together for our year anniversary! Aaaah…. actually considering it was our first trip together we didn’t exactly go down the romantic getaway route… instead deciding to hit over 5 destinations, traveling across Eastern Europe by any means possible and sleeping everywhere from hostels to trains to the deck of a ferry!
Of course the multiple destinations meant multiple fashion opportunities… which if I am being perfectly honest was mostly what sold me when planning the trip! I had city outfits, beach outfits, traveling outfits, country outfits… basically as many different summer looks as I could get away with packing before the rucksack would be too heavy for ginger boy (yes I made him swap because let’s face it how much do boys ever take on holiday?) I also dragged him into my mini challenge of attempting to wear every single item in my suitcase over the course of the trip… I almost did it… but in the end had to miss out one sequin playsuit which I had planned to wear on the final night but because I ended up getting slightly sunburnt, the sequins were just too painful and scratchy on my shoulders (this perturbed me quite a bit as 1. I hadn’t managed to succeed in the challenge and 2. I had to wear an outfit twice!)
There were a few fashion disasters of course… and although on the whole for our first holiday we were rather boring in the fact that we didn’t really have any major arguments… there were a couple of minor tantrums on my part – mostly fashion related!
First of all, and this wasn’t really my fault because both BBC weather and the majority of my friends led me to believe that Eastern Europe in mid August would be somewhat of a heatwave… in fact I think the exact consensus was that my scottish skin would be hard pushed to cope, and I would moan a lot because I would be sweaty and uncomfortable… well I took this on board and made sure I packed an array of light summery pieces which were breathable and cool, I didn’t bring any jumpers, tights or hoodys… because well this would be silly!
Silly indeed… our first day in Budapest and we were faced with an almighty thunderstorm, I’m talking gale force winds, thunder, lightning, black clouds looming and a monsoon of rain! This also had the good grace to happen at the precise point that we reached the top of the Basilica Tower which is one of the highest points in the city… ooh just the perfect place to be in a thunderstorm! I did have a little tiny moan at this turn of events but mostly panicked that this freak weather may end up tagging along with us throughout the holiday, ruling all my outfits defunct! I had only taken two cardigans with me and managed to lose one on the 2nd day away! Not ideal… luckily my fears were not realised and the weather did get slowly better the further south we travelled… whew!
The second fashion disaster/touch of mardiness on my part took place when we got the overnight Ferry through the coast of Croatia… for some reason when planning this adventure, the idea of only paying for a deck ticket and sleeping under the stars while watching the coastal scenery pass us by seemed like utter bliss…. what we didn’t really think through was the outside, overnight, and dark parts… It might have been 32degrees during the day in Croatia but when the sun went down, the sea wind got up and we were completely out in the open, it did get a tad chilly. There was also the minor issue of how unbelievably unorganised we were… we arrived to find all the other deck sleepers armed with airbeds, sleeping bags, yoga mats, the works… we didn’t even have a hoody between us!
Now I’m not averse to sleeping in less than ideal conditions, in fact crashing at random house parties are my speciality – as long as I have a drink in me I can pretty much sleep anywhere so that wasn’t really the problem… but if there is one thing I dislike, it’s being unorganised… and also not having what everyone else has -it makes me feel ill equipped… so when Bear Grylls and crew started to bed down under their layers of blankets and portable mattresses while we huddled together on top of a lifeboat box, me shivering away in as many of ginger boys clothes as I could physically get away with wearing, I started to panic abit that we might die of hypothermia out there! In the end after a bit of investigation it seemed our deck ticket also applied to the bar on deck which was indoors so we found abit of dry land under a table and slept on our beach towels for the night… and all was ok!
Still would have been nice to have a hoody though…. I did actually pass a H&M in Ljubljana and consider nipping in to buy a cheap one but ginger boy said no… let’s wait and see what its like first… hmm I have learned it’s always a good idea to trust your instincts and ignore your boyfriends anti shopping suggestions… of course we shant lay blame on the matter…. ahem.
So we made it to Croatia safe and sound and it is quite honestly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever had the privilege to spend time in, a week of pure bliss followed…. until….. my mild scuffle with a pesky sea urchin got in the way!
This one was technically karma for too much time spent laughing at ginger boy… 1. when he did a comedy fall on some rocks and it literally took me two whole days to stop cracking up everytime I relived it in my mind and then 2. when we swam out to a small island and he was flapping about in the water scared the little sea urchins were going to get him so much, I told him to man up, got a bit cocky and tried to show him how it was done – fearlessly making my way up onto the island the hard way… and then of course I went and stood on one myself…. darnit!
I could handle the pain (it stung a lot) I could handle the fear (I didn’t know what you were supposed to do in the event of a sea urchin sting and when I couldn’t get all of the spines out I feared the worse) I could even handle the told you so looks from ginger boy (once we knew I wasn’t going to die) but what I was most annoyed about was the fact that it completely diminished my footwear options for the rest of the week. It hurt to put any pressure on my heel so anything other than soft jelly sandals were out! How annoying…. anyone who forces conformity in my fashion choices is immediately my nemesis! God damn you sea urchin!
So to top off our ‘romantic’ trip… our last night in Croatia consisted of me soaking my foot in a pan of vinegar stinking out the apartment and ginger boy watching WWF in German… oh the memories to cherish haha
But it was a great trip and I have a serious case of holiday comedown now… in fact it feels like I have never been away…. but it’s LFW so I have no excuse… parties await and seeing as I was off the blog radar for the whole of August I need to catch up while I have lots to talk about!
Outfits and heel dilemmas all week then….


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