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The Boyfriend Shirt

Paste blue boyfriend shirt Boden, Bumpkin BettyIt’s happened.

I’ve reached the stage of pregnancy dressing I was dreading most. The stage when only comfort will suffice. I’m trying folks, really I am, but when you need help even putting your own socks on, you know it’s not looking good for a stylish ensemble.

Any sense of style, it seems, has long since disappeared along with my waist.

Right now I’m reaching for leggings or lounge pants most days (and then spending the entire day getting annoyed when they keep falling down), have packed all of my pretty shoes under the bed and left out only trainers and flat boots, haven’t touched a piece of jewellery for weeks and every day is becoming a no make up day. Some days I curse myself for ‘not trying’, especially when I see other pregnant women out there nailing it in the style stakes, but honestly it’s just all so much effort. Having the luxury of working from home too, I don’t really have a need to dress up for anyone or anything right now, and so it’s comfort all the way.

Boden boyfriend shirt and wet look leggings, Bumpkin Betty34 weeks pregnant outfit, Bumpkin BettyKate spade pink satchel bag, Bumpkin BettyHow to dress for the third trimester, Bumpkin Betty

Boyfriend Shirt and Wrap Coat – c/o Boden | Wet Look Leggings – Asos

Chelsea Ankle Boots – c/o Next | Pastel Pink Bag – Kate Spade

Sunglasses – Rayban

Take this outfit for example – this is me on a ‘dressed up’ day (i.e. I took my pyjamas off) and this is pretty much my go to now if I need to resemble a normal human being. Maternity leggings (this wet look pair from Asos have been my fave) + oversized boyfriend shirt (Channelling Annie from Father of the Bride 2 again with this blue cotton number from Boden. Ironically I’ve been saving this shirt since the first trimester when it was far too big, thinking ‘this will be perfect towards the end of the pregnancy’ and now it’s almost too tight – typical) + black ankle boots (this Next pair have been a godsend lately – stretchy, comfy and yet still classic-ly stylish) + a coat that won’t do up anymore = as fashionable as it gets right now. I added my new Kate Spade bag (Christmas present from hubbie) – one because I ADORE it and couldn’t wait to show it off, and two because without it I was in serious danger of reaching ‘frumpy preggo’ status. I have very little make up on (hence the sunglasses) and I actually hate wearing my hair straight when it’s this length as I think it makes me look so old and mumsy, but I’ve reached a point where I just can’t face curling it every day. So it’s straight, or up in a bun. Sigh.

Next leather ankle boots, Bumpkin BettyNext leather ankle boots, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear the boyfriend shirt, Bumpkin BettyPink bag and blue shirt, Bumpkin Betty
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Anyway, I’m really not sure how many more outfit posts will be coming your way in the next little while, because I won’t lie to you I feel pretty HIDEOUS in these photos. I don’t say that to garner the sympathy vote and I definitely don’t need you to jump in and tell me otherwise or say things like ‘but you’re pregnant!’ which is the response my husband gives me every time I sulk about my chunky legs or extra chins. I love my bump, really I do. It changes every day and I marvel at the fact my body is adapting and changing to accommodate a new life. It’s hugely exciting to see it get bigger and we take a weekly photo to document the progress. Despite my moaning, I’d happily let my body get as big and as frumpy as it needs to get, if it keeps the little one safe and healthy.

But, there’s also a big part of me that looks at these photos and doesn’t recognise the person in them. It’s like an alternate version of me, one which I’ve accepted as a means to a wonderful end, but still one which I don’t have to love. I’m really looking forward to becoming a Mum, I honestly can’t wait. But can I tell you a (not so secret) secret? I’m also really REALLY looking forward to wearing a pair of high waisted jeans again, with a cute little tee tucked in. It’s the stuff of dreams.

Dressing the bump at 34 weeks, Bumpkin BettyKate spade pink bag, Bumpkin BettyMaternity dressing inspiration, Bumpkin BettyBecause it creeps up on you. One day you’re saying things like ‘I cant wait to have a proper bump so I can show it off in cute maternity dresses’ and the next you’re wondering why you can’t fit your feet into your favourite shoes anymore. You look at yourself in the mirror daily and don’t notice too much of a difference, and then you look at a photo from today and one from six months ago and you’re saying ‘wait, I didn’t always have this double chin??’. In the last few weeks I’ve gone from feeling ‘a bit heavy’ to feeling ‘HUGE’, my legs have suddenly expanded to the size of tree trunks, my ankles have become swollen (a pregnancy symptom I was hoping to avoid) and there is definite triple chin going on. And the thing is, the baby is only just getting going. I’m 35 weeks (today), still have 5, possibly 7 weeks to go before they make an appearance and they’re likely to grow half a pound a week from now until then. So there’s only one way to go – and that’s even bigger! My friend sent me a meme on What’s App today that showed a very pregnant women and the words ‘just when I think I can’t get any bigger, baby’s like WATCH THIS!’ and it feels pretty apt. Each day I look at myself and can’t believe that this baby has more growing to do!

I realised the other day, as I did my daily ‘I can’t believe how big my bump has got’ mirror evaluation, that I can’t actually remember what my stomach looked like before this? I know I didn’t particularly love it – it definitely wasn’t super flat or toned and I have a vague recollection of hating the fact that one rib protruded out further than the other. But that’s all it is – a vague recollection of what my body used to be. I guess I’ll probably never see that stomach again, at least not exactly how it was anyway, and I feel like I should have appreciated it more. We’re always so hard on ourselves aren’t we? Never fully appreciating the body we’re in in that very moment. I look back at pictures of myself on honeymoon, in a bikini on the beach in Borneo this time last year and I think ‘that’s the body I want to get back to after all this’. It was probably the most toned I’ve ever been in my life, after months of gym and fitness sessions in the run up to the wedding. And yet, at the time I can remember still feeling self conscious in a bikini, and moaning about the cellulite on my legs in any pics taken.

Boden navy wrap coat, Bumpkin BettyKate spade pink bags, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin BettyAnyway I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though I do feel kind of hideous right now, I’m trying to embrace it. And remember it. And live in the moment of this body and what it’s capable of. Because superficial stuff aside, my body has been pretty wonderful over the last 8 months, and got me through this huge life changing event all on it’s own, doing everything it needs to do while my mind has been the one worrying and overthinking and getting all emotional. My body? It’s just got on with the job. So I’ll let it off for giving me  few extra chins in this last stage.

I will however, still be doing a happy dance on the day I get to wear normal jeans again.

So for now, it’s oversized shirts, giant knitwear and stretchy tops all the way. With leggings, joggers and massive maternity jeans making up the extent of my wardrobe – and considering how big my wardrobe is, that’s a very small section of it. So many pretty things not getting a look in ha!

Boden oversized shirt and leggings, Bumpkin BettyIf you too are navigating the last stage of pregnancy, I’ve linked to some comfort clothing which might suit you below, and I’d LOVE to hear how you’re handling it all!

Third Trimester Dressing…



Even though you won’t believe it – you look lovely! And you are so right about women’s bodies doing amazing things. Not long now, you’re nearly there!


Aww, see I think you still look very slender besides the (neat little) bump!
I’ve got those ASOS leggings too but I have to admit I’ve been wearing them since about 12 weeks because I couldn’t face wearing anything that dug into my general tummy area. I’m nearly 20 weeks now and my bump has ballooned over the past couple of weeks. I dread to think what’s waiting for me in the third trimester if I’m feeling this big already…

I am finding pregnancy style quite difficult too – I wasn’t skinny to begin with and I just feel rather whale-like no matter what I wear. If it’s too baggy I just look like I’ve eaten a big dinner – if it’s tight then although my bump looks nice, the rest of me turns into a series of attractive fat rolls. I can’t win! Although I’m constantly admiring what my body is doing right now, it’s not the best time for self-esteem. Winter dressing doesn’t help too, especially as we need to wear warm layers at the moment – I do think women who reach the third trimester in summer have a better time of it in terms of dressing (although I don’t envy them the heat, I have to say).
Of all the pregnant bloggers I follow, I do think you’ve kept to your usual style though, especially your Xmas dressy post! And although you might not feel lovely, I promise you that you look it 🙂 xx


I feel the same Dani – don’t worry you’re not alone! It definitely doesn’t make you feel the best a lot of the time, but like you say we are doing an amazing thing growing a tiny human inside us! Winter dressing is SO hard and you are right to stick with the leggings, I hate anything digging into my bump, it’s so uncomfortable. It was definitely easier when I could throw on a summer dress but I also would NOT have dealt with the heat well being heavily pregnant over summer, plus I think having a baby in time for the nice weather starting again is a good time! Thanks for all of your lovely comments about my style, that really means a lot. I hope you’re keeping well and don’t worry too much about the third trimester – it’s actually been my favourite time! All worth it in the end right?? xx


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