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His and Hers… Superdry by The Seaside

Superdry His and Hers, Bumpkin BettyWhen it comes to style, there are few things that me and GB agree on. But the need for a good sturdy jacket is definitely one of them. Our reasonings are of course very different – GB the ever practical dresser likes jackets which he can wear in all weathers, hence why something with waterproof layers, optional add on fleece inner and detachable hood ticks his criteria list pretty well. Me on the other hand, well I’m always looking at a jacket as another form of accessorising. A jacket can make or break an outfit and a good one will give you maximum style points from a mile off. Of course, growing up in the North of Scotland where sun was a rarity we saw but once a year, I’m also extra careful that even my most stylish jackets are useful when a downpour/snow storm could be imminent. Hence why something bright. colourful, oh so cute, but also water and wind proof ticks my criteria list pretty well.

With that information fresh in your head, let me take you back to our little weekend in Yorkshire a few weeks back, yes the weekend where we got engaged, and where wandering the windy streets of Scarborough in matching waterproof jackets seemed like the most delightful adventure in the world.

Things to do in Scarborough, Bumpkin BettySeaside Hair, Bumpkin BettyScarborough Pier, Bumpkin BettyScarborough Harbour, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Wax Jacket, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Mens Duffle, Bumpkin BettyAfter a lovely stay at Ox Pasture Hall the night before, and a sunny morning greeting us, we decided to take in our Northern surroundings with a spot of exploring and headed towards the seaside town of Scarborough for some fish and chips by the pier and ice cream along the promenade. It was October however and although sunny, that sea air had a frosty nip to it, and the wind was all but gale force, so not long after these snaps had been taken we were abandoning any thoughts of ice cream and deciding to eat our fish and chips indoors with a nice warm cup of tea instead.

I truly love the seaside, I always have. There’s something about being near to water that just pleases me and any chance I get to visit a new seaside town makes me a happy bunny. British seaside’s are of course a different kettle of fish (sorry) to those abroad. For starters we can never rely on the weather being good so you’ll usually find plentiful indoor entertainment along the pier of a British beach. There might not always be sand, and there might be more sticks of rock and slot machines than there is deck chairs and sun loungers, but that doesn’t stop us Brits coming out in force to eat ice cream and go paddling on even the coldest of days. Scarborough is as quintessentially British seaside as they come. An ultimate tacky-fest of souvenier shops, arcades and beachside chip vans, we felt like we were on a childhood holiday walking down the pier and taking in the sights. Personally it’s that charm that makes me love the British seaside even more – you just can’t beat it right?

Superdry Waterproof Duffle, Bumpkin BettySo back to the jackets… I’m one of those people who loves to dress for my surroundings. You only need to look at my last outfit post shot the day previous in the Yorkshire Dales to see what I mean, and this day was no different. While planning our weekend trip, and deciding upon a trip to Scarborough, I immediately knew I wanted to wear something nautical and seaside appropriate. Some might say the look  I ended up with was a little too literal, but to that I say  – psh (official word for nonsense!). When Superdry got in touch asking us to style up a his and hers look with one of their new Autumn Winter coats, a colourful seaside post immediately sprang to mind.


Where to visit in Yorkshire, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear stripes, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear a duffle coat, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Coat, Bumpkin Bettysuperdry coats and jackets, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Coat, Deichmann Boots, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Boat Duffle Coat, Bumpkin BettySuperdry at the Seaside, Bumpkin BettyScarborough Seaside, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Wax Coats, Bumpkin BettyStripe Dress, Red Coat, Bumpkin Betty
 Boat Duffle Coat – c/o Superdry | Stripe Dress – Vero Moda | Bonjour Bag – Zara | Chelsea Boots – c/o Deichmann | Watch – c/o Shore Projects

I’d long since been on the lookout for a brightly coloured fisherman jacket. I just love the duffle style, the bright colours and the waxy waterproof fabric, so it took me no time at all to decide that Superdry’s boat duffle was the coat for me. The only decision was the colour – coming in both a bright pillarbox red and a fisherman classic yellow – I was stumped between the two for days. In the end though I remembered that as beautiful as it is, yellow isn’t really my colour, and the striped fabric inside the hood of the red version won me over. I mean would you look at how cute that is?

The jacket is even more perfect in reality. It’s thick without being too thick, has a lovely cosy (and stripy) inner lining, cuff sleeves to keep out the cold and gorgeous toggle buttons. Along with a monochrome stripe dress I picked up in a Vero Moda sale for pennies, my favourite Deichmann chelsea boots and a fisherwomen braided hair style (windswept look optional) I was ready for my nautical day out at the seaside!


His and Hers with Superdry, Bumpkin BettyMens Wax Jackets, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Mens Coats, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Menswear, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Mens Blue Waxed Jacket, Bumpkin BettyWaterproof mens coats, Bumpkin BettySuperdry Wax Duffle Coat, Bumpkin Betty
 Cobalt Service Jacket – c/o Superdry

As you can probably tell, GB’s still not entirely convinced at appearing on this here blog. I think he’s still getting over the last ‘style post’ which I subjected him to in NY, so I had to be a little canny with my snapshots and take some sneaky shots of him while he was playing around with his fancy pants retro camera at the harbour. Originally he planned to get a navy parka style jacket but then once he saw this bright blue waxed style, did a complete u-turn and subsequently led to us spending the day together in matching colourful duffle’s. But I happen to think both the colour and the style suits him so well, so matching jackets was a happy accident we were both on board with. The couple that jackets together stays together and all that jazz.

Although thinner than my cosy number, GB’s jacket is the perfect in between seasons wear. You can add on an optional fleecy layer on the inside, the hood is detachable depending on how you want to dress it and it has oodles of style details which make it stand out, from the signature Superdry logo on the back to the double button and zip up fastening and more pockets than you could ever need.

British Seaside Scene, Bumpkin BettyAnd so a lovely day out to Scarborough in his and hers attire was followed by a fantastic night out in Leeds, all topping off an amazing weekend. If only we could adventure like this every weekend!

Are you a fan of colourful jackets?


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