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Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthToday marks my last Christmas post of the week, and what better to end with than a bit of gorgeous table setting inspiration for your Christmas dinner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my daily Christmas posts this year? It’s actually been really good for me to set myself this challenge of posting regularly, and I’ve surprised myself with how much I’ve achieved. The posts haven’t been as long, well thought out or well written as perhaps mine normally are but maybe that’s ok?

Anyway I’m indulging my inner creative again with this one and have styled up a simple yet elegant table, perfect for Christmas, New year or any winter dinner party for that matter. I deliberately avoided any overly festive additions so that this table setting could work for various occasions and inspire you to add your own personal mark, but I’ll admit that I did buy some lovely rose gold crackers (because everyone loves a cracker) and then completely forgot to put them on the table so if you are imagining something similar to this for Christmas Day then of course go crazy with crackers, Santa hats and any other fun pieces you’d normally have.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthLast Christmas we didn’t even have a dining table, and with it just being the two of us and an energy zapping bump, our Christmas Day was very chilled. It started with us attempting a sit down meal using a wallpaper pasting table, but quickly morphed into a living room, dinner on laps affair with me swiftly falling into a post dinner/heavily pregnant coma with a box of Celebrations next to me and Frozen on the telly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, even without a bump this year I don’t expect things to be all that different. Except perhaps this time there will also be a glass of fizz in my hand when I nod off. But one big difference this year is that we have an actual dining table and can entertain properly (which is just as well as we’re hosting my family). It seems rather fitting then, that this should also be the first year we have some proper – keep for special occasions and only bring out if the Queen visits – tableware to use too.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthThe catalyst for this table setting was most definitely when the team at Viners sent me this beautiful 16 piece rose gold ombre effect cutlery set and I pretty much built the whole look around that. Since living together and getting married, Stu and I have slowly but surely built up our collection of homeware – working towards a home full of things we love, not just things that were passed on to us, or picked up from the charity shop because we had friends coming over and only had two plates (although there’s still a fair bit of that too). I love the idea of collecting forever pieces for our home as we go through life, things picked up during our travels to remind us of a time and a place, things given to us by family or as wedding gifts and things we’ve saved up for because we’ve both fallen for them. We’ve gone from owning virtually nothing when we moved into our first flat, to having various items (such as champagne glasses, tea sets, coffee pots and carafe’s) that we’re proud to bring out whenever we entertain. One thing we’ve never owned however is a good quality, matching cutlery set, and I’m so pleased that the one we’ve finally added to our home should be from such a great and long standing UK Silversmith company as Viners. My Mum tells me that her and my Dad received a Viners cutlery set as a wedding present 40 years ago and they were just as chuffed with it then as we are with ours now, so that gives you an idea of the longevity and reputation of the brand. Viners first launched in 1908 and after the first world war became one of the leading manufactures of cutlery in the UK. The iconic Studio collection which made a name for the brand, continues to be one of the most popular collections today.

I’ve secretly always wanted a rose gold cutlery set, but I knew my Husband might need some convincing. This set is the most sophisticated way to do rose gold (the brand actually call it chocolate covered which I think is delightful) with polished tops leading down to brushed matte handles to give a subtle ombre effect. Made from stainless steel and finished with a titanium coating, the quality is amazing and I’m definitely only going to be getting this out on special occasions so that it will last as long as possible.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Tablecloth and Napkins – H&M | Plates and candles – Wilko | Cutlery – Viners

To allow the cutlery to really stand out as the key piece in my table setting, I opted for a dark burgundy tablecloth instead of my usual white (although for a spring garden party, with plenty of bright florals on the table, white would look gorgeous) and I think with candles burning, the rich, dark base makes the whole thing cosy and wintery. I kept the table centre simple with a frosted garland running down the middle, and while pillar candles atop tree slice coasters in the centre along with some frosted pine cones.

Our plates are a very affordable range from Wilko but I love both the unusual shape and the simplicity of them, which I think adds to the slight Skandinavian look of the table setting, and our champagne glasses also have a slight golden effect which warms the whole table up. I finished off this simple setting with white linen napkins and made simple place settings using twine and kraft tags (leftover from my Christmas wrapping) along with a little snippet of green stolen from the bottom of the Christmas tree.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthOnce the candles were lit, it felt really luxurious and considering how simple it was to create, will definitely be something I can throw together on Christmas Day with a glass of something in my hand and the smell of delicious food being prepped behind me.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own Christmas table setting and thank you again to Viners for the beautiful gift which inspired this post. If you’d like to shop the gorgeous range of cutlery and serveware from Viners too, then they are offering you 10% off their whole site using the code BB10OFF (you need to create an account in order to use the discount and it can only be used once) until the 22nd January, so go enjoy some shopping for either yourself or loved ones.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthWhat kind of table setting are you going for this year?

This is my last post before Christmas so I’d like to wish you all a wonderful holiday! I’m going to take a short break to be with my family but I’ll still be posting over on Instagram and will be back in the new year!

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