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Snapshots from the Sidebar | October

octoberWell what a week it’s been! Thank you all so much for your kind words and messages of congrats on my last post, me and GB are over the moon and its been utterly lovely seeing so many people happy for us!

It’s been the hardest thing in the world to actually sit down and attempt to resume a normal blogging schedule once again, as even while I write this inside I have a million and one wedding related updates that I’m dying to share and a Pinterest addiction that’s getting slightly out of control.

But resume I must, as I have lots of exciting content to share with you from the last couple of weeks, including of course the story of the proposal which will hopefully be coming up in a couple of days – eek! But for now, seeing as the month of October is drawing to a close today, I wanted to share a few new blogs with you, all of which have been added to my daily reading list and most definitely should be added to yours!

This month has been the first that I’ve opened up my sidebar and invited bloggers and creatives in to share my blog space with me, and I’m happy to report it was the best decision! I’ve had three wonderful fellow lifestyle bloggers take up a spot and not only has it been super fun having them along for the ride, I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed scouring their blogs and getting to know them a little better through their posts!

So for your Friday viewing pleasure, here’s a little snapshot from each of them and I’d urge you to go take a look at their blogs and have a good gander this weekend as I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have.

Daydreams of Summertime
Daydreams of Summertime

What they say: “Daydreams of Summertime is a lifestyle blog with a bit of travel thrown in for good measure! It is a place where I write about the adventures I take and most importantly, it documents all the happy moments that happen in my life that I might otherwise forget!”

What I say: I’ve absolutely loved getting better acquainted with Sarah and her lovely blog this month. Her blog name says it all really, it is quite literally a dream to look at. I first came across Daydreams of Summertime through one of Rosie’s posts and was thrilled when she took the top spot on my sidebar in October. There’s a few things which makes this blog a must read for me; Sarah grew up in the Scottish highlands (me too -high five!) but now lives in Yorkshire (cue some gorgeous weekend scenes posts) with her boyfriend Carl and gorgeous doggie Leo (I can’t resist dog photos on a blog) and in between all that has traveled to Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand to name a few (check out her travel section for some major envy educing pics). Plus when she’s not travelling, she’s updating her blog with pretty lifestyle posts, food and baking delights and lots of talk about tea (girl after my own heart). Have I convinced you yet?

Favourite post this month: This Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea Party is right up my street!

Rhyme and Ribbons
Rhyme and Ribbons

What they say: “Rhyme & Ribbons is where I share my recipes, thoughts, and travels. Sometimes involving costumes, always embracing the twee.”

What I say: Amanda’s blog incorporates everything I love to read about; fashion, recipes, travel, and restaurant reviews in and around London. Amanda’s an expat who grew up in New Mexico before studying in London during her degree and falling for the place (and a certain boy), causing her to pack up and move here permanently. Her blog regales tales from her everyday life in the most lovely way – choosing to document all of the little things that keep her happy, which in a way, is what most of us strive to do with our blogs. It’s nice to have a happy and positive space to pour into, and in the case of Rhyme and Ribbons, it makes for wonderful reading. As a keen baker, it’s Amanda’s cake related posts that I really love and like me, she baked along with The Great British Bake Off and unlike me, shared some pretty epic successes along the way that rivaled those on the show!

Favourite post of this month: Seeing as it’s Halloween, this Spider Cake, is spookily good!

Being Little
Being Little

What they say: “Being Little is a place where I share all the things I love and do – there’s a bit of everything, including personal style posts, recipes and adventures.”

What I say: I’ve followed Lyzi’s Bristol based blog for years and was so chuffed to have her this month! Not only is she an absolute cutie (her outfit posts are always inspiring me) but she also writes in such a natural and honest way that you can’t help but fall in love with her blog. She’s a crafty soul and her blog originally started out as a way to share her art so you can expect lots of inspiring posts on art, illustration and general craftiness, not to mention the beautiful photography that’s always present. Lyzi now shares everything from travel (including recent adventures to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna) to the best Bristol haunts along with a dollop of fashion, some tasty bakes and plenty of interesting musings on life and goals. It’s an all round must read!

Favourite post of this month: This open letter to her mum is just lovely.

And that’s it for October, I hope you’ve enjoyed these snapshots and have found some new reads from the above. If you’re a blogger, small brand or creative that would like to be featured in the sidebar and in a post like this for November, just click through to my collaborate page and scroll down to the sponsor section!

Have a wonderful Friday all!



Thanks Mat! I’m only offering it up to bloggers and small businesses at the moment so hopefully it can be a bit more organic! x


This is great! I have always enjoyed the weekly round up of blogs that you have been reading and this gives even more of an idea of what’s out there.
Great weekend relaxation!


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