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Skirts Over Boots

Monochrome Style, Bumpkin betty Uk Fashion BlogFebruary has been a good month this year. I’ll admit normally I don’t have much feelings either way about the 28 days in between the January slog and my birthday, but this year I guess I’ve been more aware of the month than usual (planning a wedding will do that to you – every week is one less week to get everything organised – eek). We’ve had family and friends staying, lots of fun activities going on, our wedding plans have taken a good few steps in the right direction and feel as if they are starting to fall into place, and I finally feel as if I’ve got into my 2015 – groove.

It’s been busy, but in the best way possible. I read this post on Katy’s blog this week and it really rung true for me. This year so far has been frantically full on, and time seems to be going at a rate I’ve never experienced before, but whereas that might normally stress me out, something about it feels exciting. It’s been a good sort of busy, a productive sort of busy, a fun sort of busy, and I kind of don’t want it to stop. I bumped into the lovely Lucie on the tube home the other night, and we’ve been trying to get a date in the diary for brunch and catch ups in what feels like forever, but with us both in the midst of wedding planning (she’s in the exciting last few months before her big day) we can’t seem to find a date that works. There isn’t any let up on the calendar for the next few weeks either, with another exciting weekend planned with my bestie to end this month, and non stop birthday celebrations come March (it is a big’ un). I guess every year starts this way, and maybe just because I have so many exciting things to look forward to this year I’m more aware of the adrenaline rushing through me every day. But for now, I’m just trying to ride the roller coaster and keep the momentum up for as long as I can without burning out.

One thing February hasn’t been so hot on is the weather, we’ve had the woks this month – rain, wind and csub zero temperatures – and so when Saturday threw up some sunshine amongst that cold air I jumped at the chance to wear something other than my usual four layers of fleeciness.

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Poloneck – Vero Moda | Skirt – ASOS (similar) | Boots – Zara (similar) | Bag – Vintage (similar) | Necklace – Alex Monroe

I’ve had this wool checked midi skirt for nearly a year now and I just adore it – I think it was first purchased for Fashion Week outfitting but it’s served me so much better than I could have imagined. It’s a thick cosy fabric and has a real oomph to it along with being in the most gorgeous check and featuring the ultimate skirt detail – pockets. I’d usually style it with a pair of stems and cute crop, but with bare ankles and knees being out of the question of late I’d been kind of stumped. That was until I saw one of my favourite style bloggers Lorna Luxe rockin’ a midi skirt with knee highs underneath, and I thought – hey, that’s the kind of practical stylishness I can get on board with. That girl can do no wrong in my eyes so if she’s working it, we all should be. Cue a pair of thick grey thigh high socks, my favourite softer than soft poloneck tucked in underneath and those boots I told you you’d get bored of seeing and I was snug as a bug while out and about in Islington at the weekend. A slick of red lippy (Kate Moss for Rimmel), my Alex Monroe bee necklace, favourite NY ring and vintage bag and monochrome seems anything but dull.

Checked Skirts and Polonecks, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear Midi Skirts, Bumpkin BettyChecked Tweed Midi Skirt, Bumpkin BettyBrunette Ombre Hairstyle, Bumpkin BettyASOS Checked Midi Skirt, Chanel Bag, Bumpkin BettyBlack, white and red, Bumpkin BettySo I’ve decided skirts over boots might be my 2015 thing. It’s declared. P.S these snaps were taken not long after my latest visit to Sassoon for a colour refresh and I’m totally loving the shade they gave me this time. We topped up the dark brunette but decided to leave the ends the lighter shade they’d faded out to for an accidental ombre look, what do you think?

Zara Suede Knee High Boots, Bumpkin Betty Style BlogSo tell me, has 2015 been felt crazy for you so far too? Any tips for making time slow would be greatly appreciated!



I know what you mean in terms of it being manic, I have been on a roller coaster this year! I LOVE this outfit, you look so cute and I am off to buy that polo neck!

Maria xxx


Thanks Maria, the polo neck is so soft – you’ll love it! The start of the year is always a roller coaster isn’t it? Must try and calm down a little over Summer! x


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