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I am back at work today after my day of suffering and still feeling a little fragile… I don’t know what it is about getting ill but it always makes me feel a little homesick… it could be because I want to be 10 again and enjoy the day off school curled up on the sofa watching cartoons and being looked after by my mum, or it could be because it gives me a reason to dislike London and its disease laced streets and hanker for the days when I could take a deep breath without coughing up pollution and drink water that actually tastes like… well water!

So today I am championing the motherland and all things Scottish! It is like a rule that as a Scottish person you will ultimately feel very patriotic when a fellow Scot becomes famous or does well in some way… whether they are good or bad! I defy you to find a Scottish girl who doesn’t fancy David Tennant or James McAvoy…

But thankfully as I was once an art student in my youth, I have a wealth of knowledge of talented Scottish souls… so you can be assured that all the people I am getting patriotic about in this post are most definitely worth getting patriotic about!

Lauren Crawford is a one woman, weaving machine who I am in complete awe of… having tried my hand at weaving during those art school days and giving up precisely two days after beginning due to the sheer complication of it all, not to mention the time it takes and patience it requires, I am still baffled as to how such beautiful pieces as Lauren’s scarves are designed and created by one person, one loom and a tiny studio in Fife!

Now running her own small business, Lauren’s designs are sold in various boutiques and galleries around the UK and bespoke orders can be placed through her website. Already attracting a number of fans and galleries due to the intricate detailing and dreamy colours of her woven fabrics, she has now branched out into shawls, fashion accessories and the most beautiful wedding garters I have ever seen… ooh la la!

There is definitely something to be said about owning something that has been so lovingly handmade in a wee toon in Scotland, compared to that 50p number from Primark which everyone is sporting…
Bebaroque is a brand that has been on my radar for a while now, and even though they may be doing pretty well (having been picked up on by Vogue, I-D and Company to name just a few) I couldn’t not include them in my little Scottish write up as I am in love love love with everything they create.
Two Glasgow school of Art alumni’s, Bebaroque were the first of now many to combine unique screen printed designs and luxury embroidery on the canvas of hoisery! As a tight lover who also has a penchant for anything spangly or embellished this is right up my street. They are now stocked in all the big guns – Liberty, Harrods, Selfridges as well as on their website and have been seen on many a fashionable lady including Suzie Bubble and Kingdom of style’s Queen Michelle. Their pieces don’t come cheap (as tights go) but when you think about the delicacy and intricacy that goes into making them (even though they are now getting a mainstream following, every piece is still handmade in Scotland by the two ladies themselves!) you cant argue… besides the rest of your outfit can be cheap as chips, plain as Jane with a pair of stand out tights like these!

Rebecca Torres is another Glasgow based designer who creates figure hugging and edgy womenswear that aims to accentuate the female form. She uses bold and bright colours, and unique shapes… not for the faint hearted I am still undecided if anyone other than waif like models could look good in these dresses but I like the attitude and style they represent. Rebecca’s own ‘TORRES’ label was born in 2008 and since then she has been featured in Borne Magazine and Vice. Her latest collection is a limited edition of 8 key styles combining the pannelling, strong colour palette and structured shapes of her previous collections.
I truly wish I had the creativity and determination to make something so beautiful… but for now I shall be content in promoting those who can!
P.S Heelathon Day 3: Um… trainers? ok ok I am lame and have positively failed but I was ill and feeling fragile… I’ll start again next week I promise… don’t judge me!


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