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Saying Goodbye to the Pink Superbike

It’s a sad day folks…

Today is the day I have decided to say goodbye to the legend that is the Pink Superbike. We have had some good times, some great times in fact, cycling all over London in pink harmony and he (yes even though it’s pink I see the bike as a he) has done me proud over the last year and a half we have been together.

While not the longest relationship I have ever been in, it has been one of the most solid and I’m going to miss him and his happy pink demeanour dearly but I guess we have just grown apart slightly.

When we first met I hadn’t cycled in years and wasn’t even sure I still could! The first time we ventured onto the streets of London together I screamed as a double decker bus passed me and had to get off and walk the rest of the way home. But the more we got to know eachother, the more I trusted the Superbike and soon he was taking me to places I’d never been before and helping me tackle hills I never thought I’d be able to climb.

He would escort me to the gym and force me to go on when I wasn’t sure my legs would carry me after boxercise, he’d come shopping with me on a Saturday morning and help me carry my bags home when I bought too much, generally defying all rules of what you can fit into a bicycle basket (I once cycled home from Angel with a king size feather duvet in there – that’s dedication), He was my personal trainer when the gym proved too boring, he helped me get skinnier legs and a fitter lifestyle (I probably wouldn’t be running now if it wasn’t for him), despite only having three gears (and I’m pretty sure only 2 that work) and dodgy tires he helped me defeat my nemesis that was the Crouch End hill, He would accompany me to any destination or event without complaint and happily sit and wait by a post for hours while I had fun, he kept me company on many an evening or weekend when no one else was around, he cheered me up when I felt down and offered relief when I got stressed.

But most of all… he always made me smile…

But he showed me the door to a world of adventure and now I want more… I want to cycle to work together over the Olympics, I want to take him to Brighton and back and maybe even Paris, I want to tackle more hills and find new nemeses even bigger than the last… but unfortunately the Pink Superbike is getting on a bit and he just can’t be the one to take me on the adventures I now seek.

He needs a bit of TLC and a bit of a break, he needs someone to take him to the superbike spa and get him scrubbed up and back to his best and then he needs to spend the rest of his days with someone, who like me a year and a half ago, just wants a companion through the streets of London.

He needs a new chain and a new coggy thingy at the back and then he will be right as rain but I made the decision that the money needed to get him restored might be better used in upgrading (eek sorry) to another Superbike that can better suit my new adventure seeking needs…

So today was officially our last outing together before I put him up for sale, but he understands and we both wish eachother well. It’s an amicable split and he’s happy for me. I just hope I can find someone who can give him a good home because he really deserves it!

So if you are looking for a city bike to spend your Sundays in the sun with, then drop me an email as I might just have the perfect companion for you…

Farewell Pink Superbike… you have been SUPER!

Betty Wears – vintage dress from Bang Bang, belt from Dorothy Perkins, vintage Levi Jacket from Rokit, gold trainers from Kurt Geiger and Necklace from Made


P.S Thank you to GB for entertaining my silly ideas of photos of tomatoes in a basket when the rain started and for helping me to create my first gif.

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