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Road Testing the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Lux review, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogThe countdown to Christmas is officially on! And as it should be, considering there’s only 14 days until the day itself. 14 days!?! That seems like an incredibly short period of time, all things considered. ‘All things’ being the fact that we still don’t have a Christmas tree or a single decoration up and haven’t begun wrapping a single present. In our defence every weekend since the end of November has been taken up with weddings/stag do’s and babies getting ill and time has got away from us.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthIt seemed about time we fitted in some festivities and introduced Evie to the wonder of Christmas time, so on Friday we made our way down to the Christmas Market in Rochester – an annual event that always makes a lovely day out. I’d actually planned to visit the weekend before, when the Christmas Dickins festival was also on but E got a fever and it was so unbelievably busy on the high street that I wasn’t sure I’d even manage to get a buggy down there. Luckily a Friday visit saw it a lot less manic, and despite it being so cold I thought my toes might fall off, we warmed up with mulled wine, ate at the German bratwurst stall and picked up some new tree decorations from the local sellers.

It also gave us a chance to take our new Baby Jogger stroller out for a spin – the City Select LUX, the brands latest design made to accommodate a growing family, and the last product for us to road test in my collaboration with Baby Jogger this year.

Obviously with only one little baba to accommodate for now, we weren’t really reviewing this stroller at its full capacity, and I do urge you to visit the website to see all 20 (!!) of the different configurations possible with this one buggy. The fact there are so many options, add ons and uses with this one product, makes it an amazingly good value choice for those with more than one little monster, or plans to add to their brood. For starters unlike a few of the other Baby Jogger styles which are all in one strollers, the City select LUX is a travel system and car seats, carry cots, second seats and bench seats all fit on in different ways. But unlike most other travel systems, this stroller can take up to two of everything. Two car seats – no problem, two bassinets – no problem. One car seat, one bassinet – no problem. In fact it’s so family orientated, it can even house a bassinet for a small baby, a sit up buggy for an older baby, and a glider board for when a toddler gets too tired to walk (I can’t even imagine the chaos of trying to get around with three children in tow – one is already a mission – but I can see how something like this would make life a lot easier).

http://babyjogger.co.uk/product/city-select-lux/http://babyjogger.co.uk/product/city-select-lux/http://babyjogger.co.uk/product/city-select-lux/Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthOne aspect that I’ve found to be brilliant with all of the Baby Jogger products we’ve tested, is their ability to fold up to a small and compact size, making them easy to transport, carry and travel with. Despite the City Select LUX being a bulkier travel system, this trademark feature remains and the stroller has a fold considerably smaller than most other competitors on the market, not to mention 30% smaller than their original City Select model. You simply fold the seat and lift the sides to see it fold in one easy move. The seat folds inwards so as to keep it clean while travelling and the auto lock make it easy to transport.

As we were testing it as a solo stroller, I had thought that we might not see the full value in this design and perhaps it wouldn’t suit us as much as some of the other models we’ve tried due to it being bigger and made more for families of two. However I was truly surprised by just how much we fell for this buggy, even while using it as a single. There were so many well thought out features that really appealed to us and took the stress out of any family outing. One particularly clever feature was the rotating seats, making it easy for baby to either be forward facing or parent facing with an easy rotation, rather than the seat having to be unclipped and re-attached. I honestly don’t know why all travel systems aren’t this way? When using it for more than one child, this would be invaluable and make it very easy to swing them around to face each other (or equally to face them away from each other) when they started to get bored. And of course, there’s also the multi position recline, which is ideal when your baby falls asleep so you can tilt them back safely to keep them sleeping longer.

Top Uk Lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk Lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk Lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk Lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthAnother favourite feature (which it is now proving hard to let go of when I use other strollers) is the hand operated braking system. There’s both a slow down brake and a parking brake, so when you’re walking down hill (which happens a lot in our hilly town) you can simply pull on the deceleration brake to avoid having to run down the hill to keep up with your fast moving buggy. Then when you need to come to a full stop, you click the brake into place using the button on the handlebar. The brand call it ‘flip flop friendly’ as you can wear any style of shoe and not have to worry about pushing a foot brake up and down.

With both my Husband and I being on the taller side, we were also really pleased to see an adjustable handlebar, something that isn’t present in a few of the other all in one models.

As well as all that there’s once again a fantastic hood with an SPF 50+ canopy which keeps the sun out of babies eyes on a sunny day, and in the case of December, shields them from fierce winter winds and rain. The wheels on this model are multi terrain, and although slightly large (which they need to be to accommodate two children but beware of narrow doorways) are lightweight and durable with locking front swivels for more control. It comes in two colours – a lovely slate grey which we were very much taken with, and also a dark wine red if you want something a little more colourful.

Lastly as we were only using it for our little E, we got to take full advantage of the absolutely huge basket storage underneath. It fits a huge amount of shopping when you make an impromptu visit to the supermarket, means you can take home multiple decorations when at a Christmas market, and is so big, it even fit my Mum’s small suitcase in when we picked her up from the train station during a visit!

It’s definitely difficult to pick a favourite from all of the Baby Jogger strollers we’ve tried as part of their Baby Jogger Squad this year – each one is made with different activities in mind and therefore they all have their own merits. But I can honestly say that every one we’ve tested has surpassed our expectations on quality, and design. And we’ve constantly marvelled at the clever details and features which, up until that point we might not have realised we needed, but certainly go a long way to making life with a baby that bit more manageable.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our experiences as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them, and if you are expecting a baby, or adding to your family soon then this brand is worth your time and consideration. To point you in the right direction, I thought I’d link back to my previous posts and mention the strollers that might be right for you, depending on your needs.

top uk lifestyle blogs, bumpkin betty
The City Tour

For a lightweight travel stroller (perhaps in addition to your main travel system), the City Tour is a godsend.

Read my baby travel hacks and see this stroller in its foldable backpack form

Read my tips for flying with a baby and hear about our experience taking this stroller on holiday

How I stroll with the City Mini, Bumpkin Betty
The City Mini (and attachable City Go Car seat)

For a great multi use everyday stroller, the City Mini is for you – it doubles up as a compact style for travelling, while also able to be used as a travel system with the City Go car seat

Read my review of the stroller

Read about our experience taking the travel system to Scotland with us

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth
The City Select LUX

And finally the City Select LUX is probably ideal if you already have more than one child or are perhaps planning a second soon with it being able to switch up more than 20 different ways (although we can also vouch for it being pretty impressive with just one baby too!).

Read more about the product launch event with Helen Skelton

This post marks the end of my partnership with Baby Jogger and I wanted to thank the brand for having me as part of their squad this year – it’s been an honour to road test their products and for a family who wasn’t hugely familiar with the brand previous to this, has really cemented our love of their strollers and designs. I definitely won’t be travelling anywhere without one of their buggies in the future and I’m sure we will get a lot of use out of them as E gets older too.

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthAnd now back to a few more snaps from our family visit to the Christmas Market, because I’m still thinking about that mulled wine! Now we just need to get organised and get our tree up so we can fully embrace all of the Christmas traditions this year as our first with Evie to share the fun with!

Have you been to any Christmas Markets yet? And are you in the Christmas mood? The snow this weekend has certainly made it feel so much more magical hasn’t it?

This post is part of an ongoing collaboration with Baby Jogger as part of their Baby Jogger Squad but as always all words, photos and thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsored content on this blog.



The city select lux certainly looks like a serious bit of kit for the expanding family. It’s really good that it’s sturdy and stable as well as convenient. Great photos too!


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