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Ripped Jeans and Nude Shoes

Bumpkin Betty, How to wear Ripped Jeans

I realise that flashing some knee isn’t exactly anything new in the denim industry. Jeans of the ripped variety have been consuming the fashion world for a couple of seasons now and exposed knee + frayed edges + statement footwear = the ultimate street style snap. But it’s taken me this long to actually get in on the act, I’m putting it down to the fact that new denim hasn’t been on my shopping list for a while as I’ve been trying to shift some of that winter weight I’d piled on, and therefore was avoiding buying new jeans until my thighs and bum returned to normal proportions. Instead I’ve spent most of this year so far living in my ever faithful and flattering black skinnies and a rotation of super comfortable and forgiving boyfriend fits.

As summer starts to rear it’s pretty head again though, I’m finally ready to put some dollar down in the denim department (too much alliteration? sorry couldn’t help myself) and get a pair of knee baring slacks.

Bumpkin Betty, How to wear Ripped JeansBumpkin Betty, How to wear Ripped JeansBumpkin Betty, How to wear Ripped Jeans
All image sources can be found on my Inspiration Pinterest board, do follow along to see more! 

As always, whenever I get a new idea for an outfit, DIY project or interior masterpiece, my first port of call is to turn to Pinterest and get some visual inspiration for whatever is currently only existing in my head. To think that a couple of years ago we didn’t have Pinterest and wouldn’t have anywhere to collate our ideas, bizarre! It always amazes me at how quickly the social media world moves, as soon as we think we have a handle on everything, something else appears to throw us all. I guess it just backs up that theory that in today’s culture we are constantly looking for more, more, more, like we aren’t satisfied until every nanosecond of our lives are consumed.

Anyway I’m not complaining as perusing Pinterest is one of my favourite past times and gives way to inspiration of many forms so let’s get back to the point shall we? Yes ok, well such inspiration as you see above was enough to secure my search for the perfect pair of ripped jeans. I’m a little fussy when it comes to jeans and like a style that sits high on the waist, while still being fitted elsewhere. I want to avoid the boyfriend style for this trend as I’ve already got a few pairs of those so am looking for a high waisted skinny leg in a lighter summer wash with a good amount of knee busting. These are the top styles I’ve found so far:

Bumpkin Betty, Ripped Jeans on the High Street

1. The Ridley High Waisted Skinny – ASOS
2. The Ripped Knee Midwash Skinny – Whistles
3. The Ripped Leigh – Topshop
4. The Lucy Ripped Skinny Jeans – Noisy May at Bank
5. The Borough Destroy skinny Jeans – Current Elliot at Donna Ida

As much as I love the Whistles ones, I think I’ll probably go for the ASOS Ridley as I love the high waist and feel the price is more do-able for what may be a short lived trend. I’ll be teaming them with Nike’s for a casual look and a pair of nude court shoes or sandals for a more dressy vibe. I’ve put together a little edit of my favourite styles and what I’d wear them with below.

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Are you a fan of ripped jeans? How would you style yours?



Yay or Nay

I don’t think I ever wore normal jeans! I am always wearing ripped ones haha!
Last time I wore ripped jeans and neony yellow pointed heels, paired up with white blazer and crop top. Looked amazing haha šŸ˜‰

I think I may start posting occasioanlly my outfits too! Not because I am fahsion blogger but just to share it hah’)or I better stick to interiors šŸ™‚ ps. my blog is currently nt working:( something with DNS) will be running tomorrow hopefully x


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