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Raspberry Gin Fizz Cocktail (and My Ultimate Lunch Party Menu)

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthIt may be raining heavily outside, but I’m coming at you with a wonderfully summery cocktail recipe today. I actually first put this beverage together around Valentines and it was such a hit, I thought I’d bring the recipe to the blog, seeing as spring is (almost, hopefully, let’s just ignore the rain and snow shall we?) upon us.

Top Uk lifestyle blog, Jaclyn RuthIt’s forming part of a dream lunch party menu. The sort of menu I might never cook and the sort of party I might never host, but one which, while I sit here surrounded by boxes in our new – very much still a mess – house, I’m imagining myself putting on in another life. A life where my living room has not been taken over by play kitchens and cuddly toys, and is in fact the stylish epicentre of the home, where friends gather to eat fine food and catch up, and I of course look fabulous in an elegant dress and killer heels while holding up an antique tray non chalantly with one hand, offering up delicious canapes and making idle chit chat.

A girl can dream right? The source of all this daydreaming, is Juliette Interiors – a gorgeous interior brand that, well, certainly, entices one to dream. Their pieces are frankly well outside of my price range, but that hasn’t stopped me coveting all too many of their beautiful furniture items and finding myself saying ‘ooh wouldn’t that just look perfect in the new house?’ on more than one occasion.

(Side note – what is it about moving house that makes you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about your interior style? Suddenly our existing furniture feels ALL wrong in this new house, even things we love and spent ages deliberating for our past home, just don’t seem to have a place here and it’s making me want to buy all new everything!!)

The brand challenged me to come up with a lunch menu that would suit one of their luxurious Chaise Longues – a chaise lunch if you will – and seeing as this combined two of my current loves -lusting after expensive interiors and dreaming about delicious food – well I couldn’t say no.

Top Uk lifestyle blog, Jaclyn RuthI’ve chosen the Button upholstered Italian Designer velvet chaise longue, because, well, would you look at it!! It’s DIVINE. I adore the shape, the colour is amazing and its angled legs with a hint of gold make such a statement. It’s elegant and classic, but also quite contemporary and dare I say, trendy? I honestly can’t think of a piece of furniture that screams out – wear your most fabulous dress and heels and sip a delicious cocktail on me – more than this one. It’s just calling out for a stylish home which has stylish guests over regularly for oh so stylish lunch soirees and dinner parties. And so that’s what I’m giving it. Well in my imaginary other life that is. I’m giving this chaise longue THE most stylish of lunch parties, just like it deserves.

Of course coming up with a lunch menu which could be enjoyed on a piece of furniture this beautiful didn’t come without its challenges. I mean, could you imagine the horror of spilling something greasy on this? It’s not even worth thinking about. Or subjecting guests to a dish they had to eat with their fingers? No, no, no this menu needed to be refined. it needed to be clean. It needed to be delicious yet light, and refreshing. It needed as much grace and elegance as the seat on which it is to be enjoyed and as much style and sass as the people who are going to be enjoying it.

Top Uk lifestyle blog, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blog, Jaclyn RuthSo, here’s my ultimate lunch party menu, and the full recipe for that delicious cocktail too, should you wish to wow guests at your own stylish soiree this summer.

While guests arrive and mingle, I’d of course serve some delicious canapes (you already heard me mentioning that antique tray right?) and to avoid filling up too much before dinner, I’m opting for some honey glazed halloumi and sesame bites (find the recipe on the Hello Fresh blog). Light, tasty and easy to devour in one mouthful so no mess!

As it’s not going to be a sit down at the table kind of lunch and rather an eating while chatting and lounging on chaise longues kind of lunch, I decided that a build your own bruschetta bar would be a great idea for a starter. I’d keep the bruschettas miniature and have a small table full of delicious adds on, from chilli prawns to salty meats, olives, and pastes, alongside of course the classic version too. Guests would visit the table at their own leisure, load up their bruschettas and enjoy while relaxing in the living room. (recipe via BBC Good Food)

I deliberated over a main for some time, and ran through a few different options, but I wanted something that could be served in a stylish bowl, with minimal cutlery, was easy to eat standing up and fit with the cool hipster vibes of the party. So I’ve chosen a grilled Miso salmon bowl with rice noodles (recipe found on BBC Good Food) – served in small Japanese design bowls with chopsticks.

After all of that I figure there won’t be much room left for a heavy dessert, but a party without pudding, is no party in my eyes so I had to include something sweet to finish off. Everyone can always manage a little something chocolatey after a big meal so I’m making chocolate truffles (find my favourite truffle recipe) small, bitesize, dark and decadent. The perfect end to this meal.

I considered serving my raspberry gin fizz cocktails as guests arrive as a mingling drink, but in all honestly this recipe is rather boozy and so in the end I decided it would be best served towards the end of the occasion, alongside those decadent truffles (although you could of course adapt it to form a mocktail too!)

Raspberry Gin Fizz Cocktail

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth
Here’s what you’ll need for your cocktails…

Gin (I used El:gin as it’s made in my home town and is rather tasty)


Raspberries (around half a pack)

1 Lime

Sugar syrup (or 1 tablespoon brown sugar)


Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth
How it’s done…

1. Muddle the raspberries, a few sprigs of mint and half of the lime together along with the brown sugar in your cocktail shaker

2. Add two measures of gin

3. Fill with ice

4. Shake, shake, shake

5. Strain mixture into your cocktail glasses (recipe makes two servings)

6. Top with prosecco

7. Garnish with strawberries and mint

8. Enjoy!

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Now I just need to get our house in order, win the lottery so I can invest in that dream chaise longue and invite all of our friends over to make this imaginary lunch party a reality.

So tell me, what would you serve at your dream lunch party? Who would be there? And which chaise longue would you be sitting on?

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth
This post is sponsored by Juliette Interiors, but as always the opinions are all my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsored content on this blog.




Oh yum! Can I come? ! (I would probably not be able to leave that beautiful chaise longue behind at home time – what a colour!)


These look really yummy!
Will definitely try to make some myself!
Love debs @ tiger-mint.com


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