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Post Pregnancy WishList

Adidas pink suede stan smith trainers, Bumpkin Betty

Disconnect Jumper – Wood Wood | Pink Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

I’ve really been missing creating fashion content on the blog the last little while, and it’s been ages since my last outfit post (equally as long since I put a remotely fashionable outfit on) but at this latter stage in the pregnancy, there really is nothing that looks or feels good and I’ve been resorting to leggings or joggers most days. To keep myself in the fashion game I’m enjoying a little too much virtual browsing, and am constantly daydreaming about all the outfits I’d like to put together once bump is gone and I’m feeling back to myself.

Of course, I’m under no illusions that that might take some time so please don’t take this post as any sort of need for me to ‘bounce back’ straight after the pregnancy. I’m definitely going to be kind to myself, give myself time to recover, and of course probably still live in leggings and comfy tees for those first few weeks. But I have indulged myself with a few new buys lately – mainly shoes, beauty bits and practical yet stylish nursing clothes – my thinking being that I might just need a little something to make me feel human again, and to perk me up on those days when everything is a struggle. As silly as it sounds, sometimes a bit of lippy is all you need right? I’ve already snapped up the button front gingham shirt (good for breastfeeding) and cute rose gold backpack (hands free) in the pic below (both bargain buys from Primark) and I bought these cute ballet flats for the arrival of spring (and the demise of my swollen ankles – please!).

Primark spring picks, Bumpkin Betty

Gingham shirt and rose gold backpack – both Primark

Shopping has, however, entered a strange phase. I’m still pregnant and with a massive bump protruding from me so looking at cute dresses and cropped tops doesn’t have the same appeal as I simply can’t imagine myself in them anymore. But at the same time, I’m full term now, and there aint no way I’m spending any more money on maternity pieces because frankly, I’m sick of them. Even my comfiest maternity jeans are now useless as the band doesn’t stretch over my bump anymore and falls down constantly (there’s a very small window in which maternity jeans actually fit well) and most nursing clothes just make me shudder at their dullness. I walked into Zara the other day expecting to fall for everything in there like I normally do, but instead found myself wandering aimlessly, picking pieces up and then swiftly talking myself out of them because a) I have no idea when they’ll fit or b) they’d be a nightmare for breastfeeding. So I’m in a weird limbo phase of really wanting to dress like myself again but not entirely sure how to go about it.

For now I thought it would be fun to share some of the pieces I’m coveting and hoping I can add to my wardrobe over the next few months to help get me back to a sense of my own style. Some things I’m hoping will double up as practical for nursing and baby mama-ing and others are totally frivolous buys, the likes of which pregnancy has prevented.

Post pregnancy shopping list, Bumpkin Betty1. The chic shirt dress – Zara

From what I can gather, all things button front are a godsend for nursing so I’m grateful that printed oversized shirts and shirt dresses are in style for spring (because those nursing tops are UG-LY). I’m loving this polka dot number from Zara as it’s loose and baggy enough to accommodate a post partum squishy tummy and allow for easy access to le boobs. I also have a pair of suede knee highs that I haven’t worn in an age so I’m keen to pair them together for a stylish 60s look.

2. The non maternity jeans – Topshop Boutique

Oh how I am longing for the day I can wear normal jeans again, I’m so so sick of my frumpy maternity styles. I realise it might be a while before this happens but I can’t wait to don a high waisted pair again and right now I’m obsessed with the straight/mom styles, especially those with raw hems.

3. The metallic heels – Topshop

I’ve been crushing on these boots for a while, and when I saw Lucy rocking them at LFW I was officially sold. I mean have you ever seen a pair of boots that are more ‘me’? Metallic, shiny, pointy, high heeled – they are EVERYTHING. Heels have been a no go for a good few months now so I’m actually a little giddy at the thought of having balance once again and being able to rock a stiletto without toppling over. There’s no question that these beauts are being added to my shopping bag, but if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, New Look have a great version for only £14!!

4. The hands free backpack – New Look

Someone really needs to invent a stylish changing bag that doesn’t cost the earth. Seriously, it’s slim pickings out there. We got one along with our pram and I’m not adverse to it, but it’s definitely practical rather than stylish. As a way to combat the problem, I’m thinking trendy rucksacks could be a good shout. That way I have my hands free for baby duties but can still wear something a little cool. I’ve picked up the Primark one at the top of this post already but This New Look rose gold number is equally appealing.

5. The new sneaks – Adidas

Ok I admit it, I’ve already purchased these and they’re sitting waiting patiently in their box for their first outing (they are suede so I don’t dare chance it right now in case my waters decide to break – wouldn’t that be sods law?). New trainers were pretty much top of the shopping list for me as in the last couple of months, all I’ve worn day in and out is the same pair of Adidas Superstars and let me tell you there are now so stretched out and manky and remind me of nothing but feeling uncomfortable and irritable that I honestly CANNOT WAIT to ceremoniously bin them and never see the damn things again. This Adidas Stan Smith pair have been on my mind for a while (hello – they’re pink and gold and suede!) and when I spotted them in the sale, it was an easy purchase. Besides push presents are totally a thing right?

6. The logo tee – Joanie Clothing

This item has nothing much to do with pregnancy woes and a lot to do with the fact that I love a good brunch and I love a good logo tee. It’s by Joanie Clothing, the cult blogger fave right now and it sure will be nice to put a T-shirt on and have it reach the bottom of my torso for once!

7. The step into Spring skirt – Asos

I can’t be the only one really excited about Spring and warmer weather? I can’t wait to spot the first cherry blossom and justify bare legs and this chic little gingham skirt has me dreaming of just that. It is high waisted so might have to be one for later down the line when my figure is back to normal but I adore the frills, the assymetric cut and I’m in love with gingham this season!

8. The hello summer sunglasses – Topshop

Again, it’s pretty exciting when the shops start stocking up their sunglasses collection again isnt it? Hopefully Storm Doris is the last of this grey weather before things start looking up. I tried on this pink cat eye pair in Topshop the other day and was pretty smitten!

9. The I feel fabulous dress – Needle and Thread at Asos

Ok so this is my one indulgent and probably unnecessary want, but there’s part of me that really really wants to invest in a totally FABULOUS dress to mark the end of my pregnancy and the new step into motherhood. We’re not religious so won’t be having a christening for our little one, but have agreed it would be nice to celebrate in summer with a party of some sort and I think I’m going to wear something really pretty for the occasion. It might be a good incentive for me to get back on track after the birth and let’s face it, I need an excuse to buy a Needle and Thread dress as I’ve wanted one forever.

10. The cropped jumper – M&S

I know this jumper has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere and you’re probably sick of it by now but I’m still taken with those gorgeous flared sleeves. One thing that’s impossible with a bump is any sort of cropped jumper, which I realised along the way is definitely my preferred style. Pre-pregnancy I wore a lot of high waisted jeans and skirts with knitwear tucked in, but as the bump grows so does the need for longer length styles that are able to stretch so anything above hip level is no longer an option. I’m looking forward to being able to buy knitwear that isn’t from the tall or maternity ranges.

11. The dainty shoes – Boden

After seeing these pretty Mary Jane heels on Kim in her Valentines post, I’ve been dreaming of them and I think the fact that they’re so dainty is what’s attracting me. Dainty shoes are a thing of the past for me at the moment and I can’t even see my feet anymore so I’m very excited to start wearing pretty little things with straps and buckles and tiny heels once again. This pair also come in silver and navy – oh the decisions!

River Island silver ballet flats, Bumpkin Betty

Silver and gingham ballet flats – River Island

I’m really looking forward to sharing my style with you all again once our baby has made their (fashionably late) appearance so stay tuned for some anti – mum uniform – outfit posts once things settle down.

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For now, do tell me what’s on your wishlist right now?

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