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Polka Dot Tulle and Superstar Sneakers

How to wear Trainers with dresses, Bumpkin Betty Fashion BlogWhen I spotted this little dress on Boohoo (last one left at the time – obviously meant to be) my first thought was, of course, Miss Bradshaw in Paris – the tulle, the polka dots, the subtly sexy criss cross back and the barely there sheer layers – it was Carrie all over.

That in itself is enough to make me covet any item of clothing, but with our Venice trip approaching and thoughts of dancing down the sunlit streets in a mass of tulle and glittery shoes just like my fashion icon enabling me, before I knew it I was clicking purchase even though the one dress left wasn’t actually in my size.

Luckily despite the bodice being a little bit of a squeeze, the dress arrived, it fitted, and was packed in my suitcase ready for our trip almost immediately.

Black Polkadot Evening Dress, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, Bumpkin BettyPretty Dresses with Scruffy Trainers, Bumpkin BettyPolka Dots and Tulle, Bumpkin Betty
Polka Dot Tulle Dress – Boohoo | Superstar Trainers – Adidas at ASOS | Cardigan – Primark | Bag – Vintage | Necklace – Astrid and Miyu c/o Jewel Street | Watch – Larsson & Jennings

Of course the weather in Venice those first few evenings hadn’t quite got my Carrie inspired memo. Sunlit streets were instead rain soaked and puddle lined streets, that criss cross back had no chance of being revealed to anyone other than the camera lens, and sparkly heels were left at the apartment in favour of comfy trainers. Despite it not being exactly how Miss Bradshaw might have worn it however, this evening get up worn on our first night in Italy, turned out to be one of my favourite holiday outfits from the trip, and even a smattering of rain and a brisk breeze couldn’t stop me from dancing through the puddles in it.

Top Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers UK, Bumpkin BettyPolkadot Tulle Dress and Trainers, Bumpkin BettyBoohoo Polkadot Tulle Dress, Bumpkin BettyAdidas Superstar Red Trainers, Bumpkin BettyI’ve banged on about my love for style juxtapositions (pretty dresses and scruffy jackets, ripped jeans and statement heels, sequinned skirts with slogan tees) enough times on the blog before but this has to be my favourite version of the trend. There’s nothing I love more than teaming the overtly girly with the overtly tomboy and in hindsight, a pair of bright red Superstars was exactly what this particularly pretty polka dot tulle dress needed to keep it from the ‘sweet’ territory. It took me forever and a day to decide which colour of Adidas Superstars to invest in – whether to stay classic with black or navy, opt for a suede upper and white stripe, carry on hunting for the metallic version of my dreams – but in the end the bright red just spoke to me. A colour that doesn’t feature much in my shoe wardrobe, they screamed fun, brought happiness and made a statement – everything a good pair of shoes should do.

Back to the dress for a moment however, and is just me or is there something about polka dots that makes everyone fall in love a little? Wearing layers of sheer tulle spots while taking in the sights of a new location for the first time had me falling for the dress, falling for the city and falling for the boy all over again.

Bumpkin Betty in Venice, Top Uk Travel BlogsLarsson and Jennings Watch, Bumpkin Betty Style BlogPolka Dot Tulle, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear Polkadots, Bumpkin BettyBraided Hairstyles, Bumpkin Betty Fashion BlogAstrid and Miyu Wishbone Necklace at Jewel Street, Bumpkin BettyAdidas Superstar Trainers, Bumpkin BettyThe rest of the outfit was a mix of basics and favourites. I picked up the long black cardigan in Primark on a whim before travelling after realising I hadn’t really packed any jumpers (major faux pah considering the weather), the vintage bag is one which comes with me everywhere and apart from that ring, the only jewellery I chose to wear was my gorgeous new rose gold wishbone necklace from Astrid and Miyu, which was kindly sent to me by another new favourite, the jewellery website Jewel Street (check them out for an array of unique jewellery designers and covetable pieces). A slick of red on my lips and a rough milkmaid braid was as ‘evening’ as I attempted this holiday.

Boohoo Polkadot Dress, Bumpkin BettyMilkmaid Braids Tutorial, Bumpkin BettySkirts and Sneakers, Bumpkin Betty Fashion BlogIt carried on raining pretty heavily after these photos were finished, my cardigan was wrapped even tighter around me, followed a bit later by GB’s waterproof coat when the temperatures dropped even further, and I sure was glad I’d opted for a comfy sneaker as we got lost amongst the now moonlit streets.

Open back Dresses, Bumpkin BettyNot quite Carrie, not quite Paris, but magical all the same.

Are you a fan of pretty dresses with scruffy trainers?



Lovely dress in all its manifestations!
Would look great with a big jumper on top too a la Vic Beckham!


Wow. I love this outfit so much! I want it all. Just found the dress on Boohoo. It’s a pity I don’t really have any special occasions coming up…


Oh thank you so much – the dress is such a cutie, I’d say buy it! Who needs an occasion hey? (sorry I’m such an enabler!) xx


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