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Packing for Paris

This weekend GB and I are jetting eurostarring off to Paris for the long weekend and I can’t wait…

This is a rather remarkable trip for us for a couple of reasons aside from the fact that it was an anniversary present.

Firstly because I LOVE Paris and have been dying to go back ever since my first trip a couple of years ago…

Secondly because GB unfortunately does not feel the same way about the city and has been rebuffing hints and pleads for us to visit the place ever since my first trip a couple of years ago…

You may think love is a tad strong for somewhere I have only met once. But once was enough. One wonderful weekend was all it took for me to fall head over heels for the place and never look at another city in the same way again.

Let me paint the picture for you … It was around this time two years ago that myself and one of my best friends decided that we had had enough. We had been working ourselves to the bone, we were stressed and tired and with no holiday anywhere on the horizon we agreed that we both needed a break. We booked a long weekend off work for the end of September, bought the cheapest Eurostar we could find and booked into the classiest of all hotels- the Etap- in Lumiere!

We had no expectations, no plans and no money and yet we proceeded to have what is still to date the best weekend trip EVER!

The sun shone on us the entire time, we got lost in the streets of Notre Dame, we took boat trips down the canal, we sat in jazz bars until the early hours, we ate, we drank and despite the fact there were no men with us, we fell in love… With Parii!

The minute I stepped off the train in St. Pancras I wanted to be back and ever since then I’ve dreamed of returning and falling in love all over again.

The problem was that GB wasn’t as convinced as I, he clearly hadn’t seen the same beauty and magic that I had. He had only seen work trips and rain and the same tourist spots too many times over. So it seemed as if Paris might never be an option for us as a couple, that I might just have to hold on to that magical memory I had…

And so two years later it is rather remarkable… Remarkable that GB has chosen Paris for our anniversary trip, remarkable that he managed to surprise me by making me think he would never go back, remarkable that he seems to actually be looking forward to it and remarkable because after waiting so long for the right time I finally get to return to the city I hold in such high regard.

Now I just need Paris to live up to all of my memories and recreate the magic I know it has, to convince GB that the only reason he didn’t enjoy it before was because he wasn’t with me!

So to give it a helping hand this weekend I’m mostly going to be channelling a cross between Carrie Bradshaw circa SATC Series six, all striped flippy skirts, berets and statement jewels and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, nipped in waists, capri pants and Jackie O shades…

Here’s my inspiration and what I’m packing…


Skirt and top H&M, rucksack Topshop, wedge trainers Tamaris

Ok so I’m pretty sure Audrey Hepburn never wore wedge trainers, however she was extremely good at making casual look glam and even when wearing flats made her style seem dressy. It’s been hot and muggy in London today so for travelling I’m wearing lightweight comfortable clothing with just a hint of glitz.


The Inspiration

The Outfit

Top and jacket vintage, Jeans Beg Borrow or Steal, shoes Nelly, Necklace Made

I love this look from Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and it’s the perfect style to channel for a day of sightseeing- simple hairstyle, key separates, flats and lightweight jacket for rainy spells. Tres Bien!


The inspiration

The Outfit

Top Topshop, Jeans Beg Borrow or Steal, shoes Aldo Rise, necklace H&M

Well if anyone knows how to shop it’s Carrie, right? Originally I was thinking cute dresses, bright coats and a beret but it’s probably going to be quite warm so instead I’m going for something that I can walk around in all day yet something which can still take me through to evening with the addition of a pair of heels and some statement accessories. I’ve updated Audrey’s black capri pants in favour of my turn up jeans and added some Parisian stripes with my Aldo Rise shoes.

Dinner and Dancing…

The Inspiration

The Outfits

Dress vintage, shoes Carvela, necklace H&M, Beret Topshop

Coat Vintage DKNY, dress Whistles, bag New Look, shoes Aldo Rise

I’m not sure I’ll actually be going dancing but I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear this polkadot dress and Paris feels like the perfect setting. I’m envisioning hanging onto a lamp post for photo effects and dancing down cobbled streets at dusk…

The second outfit is a tad wintery but I just couldn’t leave the red coat behind – it’s just so typically Parisian! I’m channeling Carrie with the vintage style chain bag and sequin hat.

Evening Glamour…

The Inspiration

The Outfit

Peplum top H&M, skirt River Island, shoes Zara

If it pours with rain I’m screwed with my footwear but for a dose if evening glamour a la Carrie on her final night in Paris and Audrey in her glamourous Wedding gown at the end of the film I’m wearing my Perspex strappy heels, a cute peplum and another polkadot hit… I’m hoping to achieve demure yet fun. Which sums up the amalgamation of these two icons perfectly!

Au Revoir…




Great post!
You’ve got some great styling there, particularly love all the shoes!!
I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

Cath x



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