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One good thing about Winter… The SHOES!

So it would appear that winter is OFFICIALLY here… In September! Yes thank you great Britain, for no longer giving us anything that even remotely resembles seasons… just a few days here and there of sun and then a year round state of greyness…

Well ok if it’s not quite Winter (there isn’t snow yet at least) it is that stage before winter that involves dark mornings, dreary, grey, rainy, cold days and depressing evenings where all we want to do is go straight home and get into bed… I’m not calling it Autumn because Autumn is supposed to be falling leaves and conkers and little red riding hood style skipping through the woods – which this current period is definitely not! I’m calling it… meh! Because when I say that word it conjures up how I feel during this time… mehhhhh!

The plus side to this sudden cold snap is that my previous rant about not wanting to buy AW clothes yet as it wasn’t nearly time – no longer applies… I can now buy cosy knits and sheepskin boots and woolen leggings in abundance… as it’s all I’m going to be wearing until oh… I don’t know May next year??? So yes I can freely spend my money on layers and layers of cold weather gear… the black opaques are back to being worn daily (did they ever truly go away?) and I even cracked out my cosy vintage Penguin jumper the other day… yes perhaps this was a little premature but it was cold goddamit and the penguins just seemed right!

So now firmly in my sights are… a cape (of course, don’t shun me – it’s not going to be camel)

This red riding style is from French Connection at ASOS and is of course… sold out! Let’s hope it comes back in!

A cable knit anything (I LOVE cable knit ) and cosy jumpers (I think that cardis and wooly jumpers are like a gift from fashion gods at this time – the hairier and woolier and baggier the better – hides everything, keeps me warm yet still considered fashionable – yaas!)

A calf length skirt/ dress (Alexa Chung’s mid length full skirt and glitzy blouse was one of my favourite outfits of this year)

A tartan duffle coat (I wanted one of these last year and didn’t get it)

and… SHOES, lots and lots of shoes!
This is by far THE best thing about Winter dressing… boots, wedges, brogues, leather, suede, sheepskin… long, short, flat, high… with long wooly socks, short colored ankle socks, tights…. oooh I love winter footwear dressing… it’s sooo much better than summer, so much more choice!
Which brings me neatly on to my latest lust…. I am seriously coveting something from nearly every AW footwear trend going at the moment… but clearly can’t afford anything! Here are the pairs that are making me salivate right now… and the pairs that are almost as hot… and slightly more affordable!

The Trend – Vivid Colours, Rich Fabrics

So it’s all about luxurious fabrics come winter and this season velvet and suede are having an almighty revival… which personally I just can’t get enough of – I love the gothic look in winter and rich purples and burgundy’s in velvet or velour scream sophistication, add some colour to your outfit and are also just lovely and soft to touch! (the simple things)

Christian Louboutin
Guiseppe Zanotti

My Way
These beauts are from New look and are a mere £25… I am proud to say they are now happily part of my footwear family and got their first outing during fashion week! Comfortable, the best colour possible and apart from a few spice girl circa 1990s jibes, they went down a storm… I LOVE em!

The Trend – Wedges
Ok so technically this is a slight overlap as the last pair of shoes I mentioned are clearly also wedges… but they were bright purple, suede wedges… now I am just talking wedges in general – wedge boots mostly but generally all types of wedge footwear are up my street at the moment, the main reason being they are just so much damn comfier than heels and can be very clever at deceiving us with their height, making us all look tall and leggy without the diadvantage of being unable to walk!


Marc by Marc Jacobs

My Way
Ok ok I realise all of the above examples are suede (again) but this just means they cross over many trends which is all the better really… But in case you were thinking I was a one trick pony here are the ones on my wish list – patent lace ups from Carvela… gorgeous!

The Trend – Outdoors (i.e sheepskin, buckles, lace up… tough)
Ooh this is really hard as there are soooo many that encompasse this trend that I love love love… it’s kind of outdoorsy, kind of hiker boot, kind of biker chic, kind of sheepskin cosyness, kind of victorian lace up… it’s a little bit of it all and I want want want…

Burberry (I couldn’t not mention these – I have been pining for them since I first saw them last AW)

Bally Apres Skiwear

My Way

Well it was too hard to choose just one pair in this category because I have seen so many great styles on the high street… so I haven’t (chosen just one pair)… these are just a few of the ones I love… once again I have chosen a pair from New Look (their shoes just keep getting better and better) and you might remember me bangin on about these a while back – after thinking about them all summer I gave in and they now sit pretty in my winter shoe boot collection (I also got them for the bargain price of £35 – half price – not quite sure how I did it but that’s another story)


Kurt Geiger


New Look

And Finally…
The Trend – Embellishment
What better in AW than a bit of party sparkle, sequins, feathers or lace… perhaps a little way out but who cares… I do love a bit of drama!

Christian Louboutin


Alexander Mcqueen

I can’t quite find anything on the high street that is quite as special as this yet… so I’m leaving the designer pairs on my wishlist for now… I can dream right? you never know who might be reading…

Images courtesy of Net a Porter, Kurt Geiger and my Blackberry

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