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Apologies for the yo- yo-ing nature that this blog is taking at the moment, I still have so many photos I want to share from our trip to New York but in fear of completely boring you all senseless I’m trying to split them up slightly in between more current adventures (hence the jumping back and forward in time).

I’m dividing my NYC coverage into photo diaries of everything we did (the first one is here, another to come later this week), city guides and reviews of my favourite shopping destinations, eateries and sights (read about where to stay here and my guide to shopping here, food and drink to come) and finally outfit posts (hurrah), the first of which is this one!

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit PostUK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit Post

This is what I wore on our first full day in the city, and although it may look sunny in the photos I assure you it was beyond freezing. Our apartment had a habit of fooling us temperature wise, meaning that on this first day I completely underestimated just how cold it was going to be and wore only one pair of tights and a jumper that only reached my elbows – major fail. Only about ten minutes after these snaps were taken I was in the first chemist I could find buying extra thick deniers to pull on top, and every day after this I was double and triple layering those pins to keep out the chill.

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit PostUK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit PostUK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit PostUK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit Post

I, apparently, am the annoying type of individual who likes to wear tops brandishing the city I happen to be in at the time. Its not a habit I indulge regularly, but in this case I couldn’t resist. Besides this Jacqueline De Yong tee worked so perfectly with my pink chunky ASOS cardigan, which coincedently got a few compliments from passers by. The leather mini is from H&M, and has served me well for its affordable price tag.

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit PostUK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, NYC, Outfit Post

As this day was an, up early and out till late, sort, plenty of walking and sight seeing was ahead of me so I kept things casual with my trusty Reebok high tops and that tourist favourite, the backpack. Although I like to think this chic burgundy leather one from Pretty Little Thing is far from the usual tourist garb. The rest of the outfit was made up of old favourites, my vintage Marc by Marc Jacobs coat, vintage knitted beanie, Reiss leather gloves and old H&M silver necklace.

To see what I got up to on Day 1 you can check out my photo diary here, and I’ll be back with what I wore on the rest of the trip soon.


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Looks amazing šŸ™‚
And I planning to start a blog so I hope to send you soon my bloglink šŸ™‚

Karina S. Alvaera

Hi! greetings all the way from the Philippines! i do have a blog but i’m on hiatus for about a year now (got pregnant, gave birth) and my baby has pretty much taken up all my time. i am planning on getting back to blogging soon though. šŸ˜› karriepanda.wordpress.com


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Sara Cehennemden

Hello from Portugal šŸ˜€
Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway šŸ™‚

Ann Shake

Congratulations on reaching this milestone and unfortunately i don’t have an interesting blog:( thank you for organising this giveaway and all the best for 2014!!

Jens Ken Lundstrom

Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
Happy Blganniversary!
I wish you good luck with your beautiful blog and a Happy new Year!

the style crusader

Love the super bright cardigan and kudos for having the gumption to wear a NYC t-shirt while in… NYC. A little cliche but when you’re on holiday and playing the tourist, why the heck not. Cannot even believe you dared to get your legs out. I would have been wearing trousers the whole time! Excited to see more about your adventures! xx

Jaclyn Craig

So cliche… luckily it was so cold I don’t think anyone saw my tee under all the layers! I soon learned my lesson with the legs… triple layering from then on! xx


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