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New Year, New Home Comforts

How to decorate a bedroom, Bumpkin BettySince 2015 began I’ve been on a mission to reboot. Reboot my health and fitness, reboot my wardrobe, and perhaps most importantly reboot our home. We’ve lived in our little rented one bed flat in London for nearly four years now, and although we are craving more space and a change of scenery drastically, with a wedding to plan we might not get that until next year. So, for now, we’re concentrating on clearing out and cleaning up in order to make the space we do have count.

We’ve already penciled in a car boot for Feb in order to get rid of many of the possessions that currently surround our living area, my wardrobe is undergoing a major eBay cleanse and we’re saying goodbye to anything that has gone past its best.

Case in point, my dressing table situation.

The bedroom seemed like an obvious place to begin the cleanse, it’s the smallest space, houses the least amount of ‘things’ (not including my clothes of course which come under a category of their own) and had the most pressing issues. About a year and a half after we moved into the flat, my chest of drawers (and dressing table area) began to show signs of giving up. Probably under the strain of too many bags of heavy make up and an abundance of jewellery, the drawers began to give way and eventually collapsed into themselves. At the time we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to spend our hard earned cash on something so trivial and un-exciting as a chest of drawers so I had the ingenious idea of just removing the drawers and keeping the frame. I bought some large clothing boxes from Ikea to house essentials in, while everything else was stuffed into the already burgeoning wardrobe. It was always meant to be a temporary solution, a way to save some money in the interim and still have a dressing table to put a mirror on and do my make up at in the mornings. Of course, as is often the case in life, before I’d realised it that temporary situation had become the actual situation for over a year.

There is something extremely frustrating and stressful about the act of living out of boxes so to speak, and I always think there is something to be said about that ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ phrase. Not being able to find your favourite sports bra when you’re trying to motivate yourself out for a run on a morning will quickly see you giving up, not being able to locate your favourite lounging socks on a sunday afternoon can feel like the worst thing in the world, and generally not having a ‘proper’ place for your belongings leads to a cluttered lifestyle, mind and working routine.

New Bedroom Home Comforts, Bumpkin BettyHow to style a bedroom, Bumpkin BettyHome Tour, Bumpkin BettyHome styling tips, Bumpkin BettyHome Interior Tips for the bedroom, Bumpkin Betty
Classic Collection 5 Drawer Chest in White and Classic Collection Mirror in White – c/o Furniture Choice

Enough was enough and just before the end of the year, we finally dealt with the problem and brought a new and delightful tall chest of drawers and sleek mirror from Furniture Choice into the bedroom. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it was to literally smash up the old frame and send it to the recycling bin, to throw out those clothing boxes, and freshen up and sort through all my belongings before deciding what to keep and where to keep it.

New drawers, Bumpkin bettyNars lip crayons, Bumpkin BettyNars Beauty, Bumpkin BettyBedroom Tour, Bumpkin BettyI now once again have drawers with which to put my jumpers, leggings and sports gear into. My beauty pieces and make up are no longer gathering dust and taking up space on the top of the chest and now have their very own (tidy) compartments, and that new space has allowed me to indulge my inner creative and play around with styling my new dressing table space, exactly how I want it, and without any unnecessary items cluttering it up.

 photo home-comforts_zpstbl4o9zb.gifAs you can see from the GIF, I had lots of fun doing this and have added a few new home comforts, which actually make waking up and getting ready in this space an enjoyable experience. So here are a few of my tips for dressing up your bedroom space;

Beauty Favourites, Bumpkin Betty
1. Books make the best displays

I always think having a mixture of heights on a desk/dressing table makes for a prettier display and stacking up cool and original coffee table books is the easiest way to do this. My fashion books weren’t getting any love on the bookshelf and deserved to be shown off more so I’ve stacked up a few of my favourites (mainly the Vogue series – must haves) to create a surface with which to display fun worldly belongings.

Diana F Camera Gold, Bumpkin BettyBest lomography cameras, Bumpkin Betty
2. Show off your personality

This gold Diana F lomography camera was a Christmas gift from GB and is the prettiest camera you ever did see. It’s gold, do I need to say more? I was determined to keep it somewhere other than its box or at the side of my desk while not using it, but our living room is already camera laden, with most surfaces containing various vintage polaroids or film cameras (we’ve become collectors). So instead for now it’s sitting atop those fashion books and brightening up the room.

vintage teacups, Bumpkin Bettyvintage teacups of jewellery, Bumpkin BettyJewellery in teacups, Bumpkin Betty
3. Use unusual containers

I’m a bit obsessed with vintage china but on the whole I hardly ever drink from the pieces. The first vintage teacup I bought for myself came as a single and therefore didn’t fit with any of our other mugs. I threw some rings into it on a whim one day for a photo and I’ve never found a better jewellery container since. Now I always keep a little cup and saucer set somewhere in the bedroom with rings on the saucer and necklaces in the cup.

Spring Tulips, Bumpkin BettyPretty Tulips, Bumpkin Betty
4. Always add flowers

At first whenever I bought new flowers for the house I’d always pop them straight on the dining table or the living room fireplace without thinking, but never put any in our bedroom. After one trip and a rather large spree at Columbia road where I was left with so many flowers I simply had to let them fill every room of the house, I realised how gratifying bright flowers are in a bedroom. Waking up (or winding down) with fresh blooms by your side is just lovely and as soon as we got back to the cold little flat after all the Christmas festivities I couldn’t wait to buy some bright blooms and let them bring some warmth back into the bedroom. Tulips are one of my favourites, and always scream the start of spring for me so were a natural choice.

home comforts by Bumpkin BettyGranted all of these are just small changes, and we’re still in need of some much bigger purchases to make our bedroom truly its best (namely a new bed) but already it feels like a much happier place and I’m genuinely loving having a proper storage unit once again. Who knew something as simple as the humble drawer could bring such joy?

Hopefully I’ll share other areas of the flat as we make our way through it but for now tell me what little home comforts you use to make your home feel more you?


Jennifer Polly

I love adding flowers to brighten things up a bit and always keep books on shelves and tables as I think they look lovely! I’m in a similar boat to you at the moment and today I sorted through all my clothes for a fresh start. It was so therapeutic and I was able to treat myself to a few new bits that I was missing! Next, I’m planning on cleaning out my kitchen and getting everything organised. Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂 xx


Hi Jennifer, glad to hear I’m not alone in my reboot. It’s so great to clear through the wardrobe isn’t it? Our kitchen is next on the list too -always the most difficult right? x


Great post – I agree little things mean a lot on the home front. Repositioning furniture, some new cushions, fresh flowers – it can really boost your mood!


Loving the flowers and the vase, they add a splash of colour. I have books everywhere, you can never have too many. Little things like moving furniture make a big difference


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