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Top Uk interior and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthI don’t know about you, but amidst all of the Black Friday/ Cyber Weekend madness this last few days, I’ve almost found myself avoiding online shopping completely – too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of codes and discounts and utterly confused about which (if any) of the items I look at I actually NEED or even want.

Perhaps it’s just the overly commercialised run up to Christmas that has me feeling slightly icky about even considering spending money on fast fashion items, cheap interior finds and unnecessary amounts of plastic toys for E. The sheer level of advertising going on has had an opposite effect on me, and made me feel rather strongly about wanting to instead invest in quality pieces that can offer longevity.

When I think about it, I’ve been heading this way for a while. We made the decision a while back to not go crazy for E’s first Christmas and instead just buy her one lovely key piece and a few smaller stocking fillers based around things she actually needs for the coming year, knowing that she’ll no doubt be inundated with gifts from family and friends and recognising that she really doesn’t need that much to be happy (the girl’s favourite things to play with are an empty box, and a wooden spoon). On the fashion front, the current size of my wardrobe is bothering me a lot at the moment, especially considering so many pieces either no longer fit or were bought on a whim because I fell the colour/cuteness without really considering whether I’d actually wear them, and I’m truly aiming to curate a much more edited wardrobe of pieces I love next year instead of constantly splurging on trend led fast fashion.

And the same goes for my interior tastes too – I don’t want to fill our home with items which are ‘on trend’ this season but might look outdated and tacky in another few months. I don’t want to fall for the latest Pinterest phenomenon, or spend money on items which fall apart after only a couple of uses. I want to save up and invest in items I LOVE, and perhaps more importantly will still love in years to come.

For me, it’s all about investment shopping right now.

My aim is to curate a home, and wardrobe of classic, timeless, enduring, quality pieces that make me happy every time I look at them, can stand the test of time, and don’t make me cringe with guilt because I’ve only worn/used them once since purchasing.


And, in doing so I’ve been keenly seeking out new brands that might not have previously been on my radar, which brings me nicely to my latest interior find – Camerich Furniture – an oh so stylish design house full of modern, sleek furniture that prides itself on the beauty of simplicity and the purity of form. Now before I go any further I have to address the fact that this is a label on the higher price point, but bearing all of the above in mind, it’s a brand I’m very much lusting after for our home.

Remembering those key desires – quality, longevity, enduring style – Camerich very much fits into my new, buy less but buy well, ethos for 2018. With a range that caters for every room of the house, while sofas might be this labels bread and butter, there’s enough of an offering to make you want to re-furbish and kit out all areas of your home.

When we first moved into our current home, we had (and still do have) grand plans for every room, but like everyone we tackled the two most important rooms off the bat and then sat back and relaxed for the next 9 months, while life got in the way, time got eaten up and funds were limited.

We’ve lived with wallpaper we HATE in our bedroom for over a year now, have been searching for the perfect bedside tables/coffee table/new sofa for so long we’ve almost forgotten what we were looking for in the first place, and still have the dreaded magnolia paint covering most of the downstairs. While I’m under no illusions we’ll complete anything this side of Christmas, with a new year comes a new start, a new lease of energy and hopefully a new look to many parts of our home.

Top Uk interior and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthThe two rooms I’m really keen to concentrate on in the new year are our bedroom and our lounge, both of which have remained largely untouched since we moved in (aside from a lick of paint to the woodwork in the living room). While the living room is perfectly liveable, it lacks character and personality. We were kindly given a great three seater sofa from family when we moved in which has served us well and is hellava comfy but it doesn’t fit with the other furniture in the room and we’re keen to replace it with more of a statement piece. Camerich’s array of sofa styles is pretty much endless and what I love most about this site is that you choose the shape that suits you first and then decorate it with the colour and fabric you desire (no more finding the perfect colour in totally the wrong shape or a size that fits perfectly in a colour you wouldn’t dream of). We personally love the Jane sofa (which comes in a two seater, three seater, corner, chaise, slim version and a matching armchair, not to mention a million stylish configurations thanks to the add on sections) and as we’re thinking of navy’s, greys and blues for our colour scheme, that peacock blue fabric is to-die-for.

Although we really don’t need any more chairs within our home (why is it that chairs are always the most enjoyable thing to buy?) I’ve already clocked a fair few that I love from Camerich, including the 60s style Honey, the boxy Ease and the oh so comfy looking Lazytime Plus.

My list was already pretty long, and I hadn’t even perused the coffee tables, side tables, storage or desks yet. With the whole brand being contemporary, stylish and unique, there’s a lot to love about these sleek yet creative pieces. Owning any of these items in your home, would just scream of interior superiority don’t you think? The subtle style which this brand has nailed is perfect for those with a refined taste in homeware.

The brand pride themselves on superior craftsmanship and high standards of finish so you can be safe in the knowledge that anything bought from this design house will be built to last. In fact their commitment to design excellence has led to world recognition for them as a leading purveyor in contemporary furniture. They state ‘affordable master craftsmanship’ at the heart of what they do, offer a 15 year guarantee on all of their furniture (not many brands can rival that) and have a huge fabric range (over 100 styles) to choose from on each of their sofas and sofa beds.

They have showrooms across London should you want to see any of the pieces up close and personal before buying, but equally their website is easy to use and navigate and houses the whole collection. I’ve rounded up just a few of the key pieces I’m lusting after with links to shop below but be sure to check out the large collection for yourself on their website.

The Jane Sofa

The Stilts Sideboard

The Honey Chair

The Ease chair

The Enzo side table

The Crescent sofabed

So, if like me you weren’t already aware of Camerich Furniture, I hope I’ve now put it firmly on your radar for all of your 2018 homespiration.

This post was kindly sponsored by Camerich Furniture but as always all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsored content on this blog.



Loving that gorgeous pink sofa bed! Not sure It would fit with my bright green walls though.
Now there’s a thought? Time for a makeover? Ooh!


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