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Boden ankle boots, Bumpkin betty
Silver on Silver

The title of this post, and the emblem emblazoned across my chest in these pictures, is actually rather deceiving. You see, despite getting married just over two weeks ago, I’m not actually a Mrs. I’m one of those annoying types who has decided not to change her name and therefore confuse everyone no end when I continue to have the exact same name I’ve had for the last thirty years. I know! A controversial subject that probably needs a lot more explaining than simply a few lines in an un-related outfit post, but long story short… I love my husband… very much… but I also like my name… just as it is.

Ok good, now that’s out of the way I can get onto more important factors – fashion. Despite not officially being a Mrs, it was hard to resist the lure of a few ‘Mr and Mrs’ LOL’s at the wedding, and as my Mum told me that Mrs is also a harmless just married expression or husband to wife nickname (GB has taken to calling me ‘wifey’ recently), it made the purchasing of this jumper totally acceptable, whether in official title or not (*Hears all feminists crying out in pain*).

Bow and Drape Mrs Jumper, Bumpkin BettyIro silver leather jacket, Bumpkin bettysilver boots and silver jacket, Bumpkin BettyHoiw to wear metallics, Bumpkin bettyHow to dress for winter, Bumpkin Betty

Jacket – Iro via Vestiaire Collective | Jumper – Bow and Drape | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Boden (sold out but shop more here) | Jewellery – Ivy Nixon Jewellery

And frankly I absolutely love it. I ordered it through Bow and Drape, a website dedicated to customised sweaters, after spotting another bride in something similar on a US wedding website. It did have to travel all the way from the America’s and I did have to pay extra to get it through customs, which might have made it a slightly silly amount of money for what is essentially a jumper with stick on letters, but I couldn’t help but be smitten when it arrived and every time I look at it in my wardrobe it’s a reminder of what we’ve just achieved so hey, maybe it was worth it. You can choose your fit and colour – I went for dark grey and oversized – choose your slogan – anything from wedding dates to curly fries – and choose the colour of your letters – metallics were a no brainer for me and in loo of there being no silver, I chose gold.

Boden silver ankle boots, Bumpkin BettyWinter metallics, Bumpkin bettywedding jumper, Bumpkin bettyskinny jeans and ankle boots, Bumpkin bettyI didn’t really consider the limited wear-ability when I bought it. I wanted something comfortable yet fun to wear on day two of our ‘Winter Wedding Weekend’ that would allow me to be ‘the bride’ for just a bit longer and this was perfect – cosy, comfortable, great for lounging yet still pretty darn cool. Of course once we returned to London and I proceeded to wear it every day I realised that brandishing your just married status to the whole city was perhaps a little self indulgent. Maybe I’ll have to reserve it for anniversaries only.

Anyway the weekend we got back, we spent Sunday ambling around West London on one of the windiest days of the year (ok maybe not quite as windy as the days leading up to our wedding but on a par). GB had bought us tickets to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum (to recreate one of our earliest dates) and despite the wind, us amateurs were still allowed to take to the ice, which frankly terrified me. We lasted all of twenty minutes of our 45 minute slot before I’d grabbed one too many strangers arms in panic, and GB was complaining that the boots were too tight on his feet, so we retreated to the much less terrifying situation of the Christmas cafe. Mulled cider and mince pies were brought to us while we watched other hapless fools attempt the feat of ice skating in gale force winds and chuckled at what we must have looked like.

Top Uk Fashion Blogs, Bumpkin Bettyrose gold stacking rings, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear silver for day, Bumpkin bettyBoden silver heeled ankle boots, Bumpkin BettyAs well as the jumper, I’m making the most of two other wedding purchases (which can now be worn and revealed instead of kept hidden in boxes under the bed) – My Iro silver leather jacket which was a bargain find on Vestiaire Collective after I realised that perhaps I might need some form of overcoat for an outdoor wedding in Winter, and my silver ankle boots from Boden which were found after I realised that four inch glittery Rupert Sanderson heels might not fare well when trampling through the woods for photos. As it happened the boots, which I’d planned to only wear for the photos, stayed on for most of the day as they were just SO comfy and didn’t shred up the bottom of my wedding skirt in the way the glitter heels did.

Topshop dark denim jeans, Bumpkin bettyGold Mrs Jumper, Bumpkin BettyBoden ankle boots, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk Lifestyle Blogs, Bumpkin BettyAs you can probably tell, metallics are my life (and a big part of my wedding outfit – you’re lucky I didn’t also go out that Sunday in my tiara!). I did utter the words – ‘Is this too much silver?’ to GB before heading out but his simple response of ‘Nah!’ was enough to convince me that you can never have too much silver, or gold, or all things shiny. I’ve since taken to wearing this jacket everywhere I go despite the fact it is most definitely not warm enough for London’s current climate, but I just can’t help myself.

Swap the Topshop jeans for silver ones and I’d easily be mistaken for one of those living statues on the Southbank.

How to wear silver boots, Bumpkin BettySo expect to see me brandish all of my wedding purchases in outfit posts for the foreseeable future, while I count down the days until I can wear this jumper again.

* Sorry the photo quality is a bit off in this post – my laptop died on me a few days ago and as such I’m using a back up, with back up editing software. i.e. no blur tool to get rid of those bags under my eyes – sigh. Hopefully I’ll get back to normal soon!*


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