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More Than Five Things of the Week | December Catch Up

I haven’t done a five things post for a while, what with New York and then Christmas straight afterwards, those ‘things’ were a little crazy. So seeing as I still haven’t shared my New York purchases or my Crimbo presents I thought I’d do a little catch up post about some of the lovely pieces which have become mine recently.

I’ll warn you now, this post is incredibly materialistic so if you prefer not reading narcissistic posts from fashion bloggers about frivolous goods such as clothes and shoes then perhaps now is the time to click away from this particular one. (I won’t be offended, I promise)

Still here? Ok great, here goes…

New York Purchases

1. Shine Bright…

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Yup, these are officially the shiniest shoes I own. Aren’t they AMAZING? If you read my NYC wishlist then you’ll know I had set ideas about what I was shopping for in the big apple and I held off all week in the hope of finding a pair of Nike’s I loved. On the snowiest snow storm of a day, I found the trainers (or sneakers perhaps) that I’d been waiting for. I’d umm-ed and ahh-ed about various pairs of Air Max’s but when I spotted these liquid silver high tops in the flagship store I knew we were meant to be together. I’d been coveting the limited edition style from afar for a while and even considering the hefty price tag on Ebay so when the shop assistant told me my size was the only pair left, it seemed meant to be. They’re so bright they almost glow in the dark so I’m considering my first outing of them carefully.

2. Shoe Heaven…

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Yes snow day in New York quickly became shoe day when I found the shoe department of discount store Century 21 (more on that in my NYC shopping post). I settled on these Derek Lam booties as they were comfy, stylish and amazingly affordable. I wore them for the first time on Hogmanay and can confirm they are a great addition to the ever burgeoning shoe collection.

3. Rose Tinted…

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It was shoes and accessories all the way for me on the New York shopping front and these were a few of my favourite rings that I picked up. The Love one was an early Christmas present from GB which I found while scouring the jewellery stands of a vintage flea in Chelsea Market. It’s rose gold and I thought the iconic love symbol was the perfect New York souvenier. The other two were $8 bargains that I found in a vintage store in Willaimsburg and I thought they’d be perfect for stacking, which they are.

Thank you Santa

4. Lulu and Co…

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Thank you wonderful friends and family I should say! We had planned not to do big presents in our family this year, it was a bit of a different Christmas for us being in London so we decided to focus on time together instead. However certain family members were sneaky and delivered Santa’s sack anyway (Thank you Mum and Dad). Inside mine was this amazing Lulu Guinness tote bag filled with goodies such as an Osprey purse, these clever measuring dolls for baking (isn’t it annoying when recipes say a cup of something? How big a cup?) and a gorgeous silk scarf from print designer Helen Ruth.

5. Four in one…

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You know your getting old when you start asking for kitchen appliances for Christmas, but a proper cake stand has been top of my list for ages. This four in one beauty from GB’s mum is genius – it has four different uses from one stand – amazing. I can use is as a cake stand, with or without lid, a trifle bowl or for crisps and dip, it’s  bakers dream.

6. New Reading Material…

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One of my new year’s resolutions this year is definitely to read more. And I mean physical books rather than online articles like I seem to spend my time focusing on at the moment. I’m starting with these two new coffee table books. I’ve wanted to read Colin McDowell’s ‘The Anatomy of Fashion’ since it’s release and I’m so pleased to get my hands on it, expect lots of spouting of fashion history to come.The Orla Kiely book is a must for any fashion and textile lovers with all of the great pictures and pattern references but I’m also really keen to read about how this successful fashion brand came to be.

7. Food Hampers…

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Another sign of getting old but I love getting anything food related as a present these days. We got this great hamper from GB’s brother and it was full of local goodies from Brixton market. We’ve tried the pound sauce already which is a delicious sticky BBQ type sauce (will be perfect for burgers) and we are honey addicts ever since we took a bunch home from Slovenia during our Europe trip. Yum!

8. Fun Fun…

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This was a little present to myself in the sales but it was too good a bargain to miss out on. There was a further 25% off everything on the Outnet and I’ve always wanted a Zoe Karrsen sweater. For the record they are super FUN.

9. Homemade…

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And finally just in case all of that materialism was too much, here’s a pic of my homemade Pavlova from Christmas Day. Because good times with family truly is better than any present money can buy.


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