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Mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Cherry bakewell tarts recipe, Bumpkin bettyI’m finally starting to recover from an almighty flu bug which saw me bedridden for the last week (hence the lack of posts on here – sorry) and am well and truly at boredom stage on the pregnancy front (yup still no baby!) so this last week or so has seen me pretty miserable to be honest. As someone who is used to being super busy all the time, switching off completely just isn’t working for me – in two weeks I’m already three books down and am wondering how many more of my ‘baby break book pile’ I’ll get through before mini makes an appearance.

I’m trying to fill my days as much as possible, and with GB not taking on any more work until the baby comes now too, since we stopped wallowing in self pity over how unwell we both were, we’ve been ticking off sights and outings and walks and coffee dates like there’s no tomorrow. So far we’ve hit up Dobbies Garden Centre for cream tea and plant browsing (more my idea than his but he got on board), took a trip to Whistable for fish and chips and seaside wanders, visited multiple quaint little towns for coffee, walked castle grounds, admired many a harbour port and took more trips to Asda for ‘essentials’ than is truly necessary.

Before the flu hit, I was also stepping up my baking game – an easy way to both pass time, and fatten mini up (which is my main objective right now to get them moving on out!) and made these delightful little cherry bakewells. I can’t help but see boobs and nipples every time I look at these pictures but that might just be due to all the breastfeeding talk going on in my NCT whats app chat right now LOL.

Top Uk food and lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin BettyEither way, these were so easy to make, and so delicious to eat that I really have no excuse for Mr Kipling anymore. The theme for my baking club this February was miniature bakes (suggested by the group in honour of the mini arrival that’s imminent – how sweet – although I fear that arrival may just edge into March after all!) and I reckon these are just perfect for that topic. No afternoon tea or baby shower would be complete without a cherry bakewell and trust me, when you see how easy the recipe is you’ll be wanting to make them for every occasion.

Miniature cherry bakewell tarts, Bumpkin BettyMini Cherry bakewell tarts, Bumpkin Betty
What you’ll need (adapted from this Dame Judi Dench recipe – who knew?)

For the shortcrust pastry

225g plain flour

100g flour

50g sugar

a dash of water

For the tarts

75g butter

75g caster sugar

1 pack of ground almonds (100g)

1 large egg

zest of half a lemon

jam of your choice (cherry is best but whatever suits you)

125g icing sugar

glacier cherries to decorate

Cherry bakewell tarts recipe, Bumpkin Betty

How it’s done…

The pastry

First of all make your shortcrust pastry by cubing your cold butter and adding to the flour

Rub together with your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs then add the sugar

Bring together using a couple of tablespoons of water and knead until it forms a dough

Wrap in clingflim and refrigerate for at least 30 mins before rolling out

The tarts

Roll your pastry out on a floured surface to around 2cm thick and cut 12 pastry circles

Lightly grease a muffin tin and fill with the pastry cases. Leave aside to chill (no need to blind bake!)

Preheat your oven to 200C/ Gas Mark 6

To make the filling, beat together the flour, butter, sugar, egg, almonds and lemon zest until well combined

Dollop a spoonful of jam at the bottom of each pastry case before filling with the almond mixture and smoothing off the top

Bake for 18-20 mins until the mixture has risen and a fork is coming out clean

Remove the tarts from the baking tin and leave to cool while you mix up your icing

Add a little water to your icing sugar to form a thick yet gloopy icing (not too thin as it will run off)

Once the tarts are cooled, top them with icing, letting it run off the edges slightly and finish with a cherry (if you prefer you can use real cherries instead of glacier)!

How to make your own mini cherry bakewells, Bumpkin bettyAnd that’s it! After the pastry was made, these took less than an hour to do and I was really pleased with my little boob cakes in the end. I found the lemon taste perhaps a little much so next time I’ll add a touch less of that but otherwise they were super tasty, and just as good as Mr Kipling’s if I do say so myself.

Mini baby shower cake ideas, Bumpkin Betty

If you happen to give these a go, tag #BakewithBB on Twitter or Instagram so that I can see your creation and don’t forget if you love baking, then join the BB Baking Club and talk cake with a bunch of like minded people all month! You can find our Facebook group here.


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