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My Most Loved Winter Wear

Topshop Hat and Coat, Bumpkin BettyThe sun has been shining today, which makes me very happy indeed. All we need now is for the temperature to come up a little and hey, we’re practically in Spring! As my thoughts start turning to a new season wardrobe, I thought I’d share some of the items that have really seen me through this Winter (and in some cases the last as well). I love it when you can really get the wear out of a item, when shoes become moulded to your foot shape, an outfit seems lost without your favourite hat or when coats never leave your back. It’s testament to a good buy and makes any splurge at the time all the more worth it. As far as cost per wear goes, these are the items I’ve definitely not regretted buying this season. And, if you want to follow suit, most of them are now on sale!

Winter Coat and Tartan Scarf, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear a boyfriend coat, Bumpkin Betty& Other Stories Boyfriend Coat, Bumpkin Betty
The Boyfriend Coat

I actually first purchased this & Other Stories coat around this time last year, during a little post Christmas sale perusing. When I spotted it for less than half its original price it seemed a no brainer and I adored the contrast of black and green. I’d not long purchased it however when the milder weather started to come in and so I didn’t really get the true wear out of it until this Winter. After worrying I’d splurged unnecessarily as it hung on the coat stand unworn for months, my fears were all but diminished once Winter came around again as it has never left my back. Testament to the fact that a well cut, classic and stylish Winter coat never ages. A smart Winter outer layer that can still keep you as warm as that fur coat or fleece lined parka is rare to come by, but this one ticks both the fashion and the function boxes and is yet to show any signs of wear, a year down the line. I’ve totally been sold on the oversized boyfriend coat shape since this purchase and will no doubt be investing in another once this one calls it a day. The exact style is no longer available at & Other Stories but they have a really similar style here, plus I’ve included some other favourites below.

Deichmann Chelsea Boots, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk Fashion Bloggers, Bumpkin BettyA Pair of Chelsea Boots, Bumpkin Betty
The Chelsea Boots

These Deichmann leather boots were the surprise hit of my Winter wardrobe. I’ve always preferred a heeled ankle boot in the past, and if I did go for a flat style, I’d always choose a funky colour or texture over the classic black. But as it happens sometimes a little classic is just what your wardrobe needs and I swear these have been the only shoes my feet have been in for most of the last three months. They’ve traveled with me to Scotland, trampled through the mud in Shropshire over Christmas, kicked through the leaves throughout Autumn and were even my shoe of choice on the day I got engaged. What I love about them, other than their extreme comfort (flat sole + soft leather = omgeee walking on air), is that they can adapt to both casual and dressy occasions. I’ve worn them with a smart trouser suit or chic dress for work, as well as with scruffy jeans and a cosy knit at the weekend. They’ve been so loved, the leather is now permanently creased to the bend of my feet. Battered and scuffed in exactly the way a well worn pair of boots should be. Find the same pair at Deichmann or shop my favourite chelsea boot styles below.

Barbour Tartan Scarf, Bumpkin BettyMost Loved Winter Wear, Bumpkin Betty
The Tartan Scarv(es)

I’ve always loved a good cosy scarf, but this Winter has definitely been the turn of the tartan style. From my lighter weight Barbour number during Autumn to my cosy wool vintage one once it got really nippy, without even realising it I’ve made the tartan scarf my go- everywhere accessory. Well, I am Scottish. Shop some of my favourites below.

Top Uk Style Bloggers, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear a Cossack Hat, Bumpkin Betty
The Cossack Hat

This is actually a pretty new purchase, only being added to my Winter wardrobe at the beginning of January, but I had to include it as I just looove it. I’ve never known a cosier hat folks, never. It’s so furry and big that it covers every part of my head and my ears (don’t you hate it when the wind gets in your ears?) and is utterly lovely and snuggly to wear. I can’t help but feel it looks a little odd on (it’s very big and very hairy) but the trend is rife right now so I’m wearing it as much as I can. It was a bargain buy anyway but considering how much I’ve worn it, it’s been even more of a worthwhile purchase. My one is Topshop which you can pick up here, or shop some other styles below.

What items have you lived in this Winter?



Oh You must – they are my fave! If you’ve still got the cold weather then go for it! That one you mentioned is lovely xx


It’s hard to be stylish in the depths of winter when all you can think about is keeping warm !you look great though which shows it can be done !


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