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Losing my Anonymity

When I first started this blog one of the first posts I wrote was this one: Anon but for how long?

I wrote this post because I started this blog around the same time that Liberty London Girl had just come out and I was horrified, as one of my favourite blogs at the time I feared that everything that made it great would be lost as soon as we knew who was behind it! It was no longer a persona of someone fabulous that we all aspired to be but could never truly know, it was now a real person…

Of course looking back now I can absolutely see why she did it, her blog was hugely successful and to not take credit for it’s success would be silly… It’s probably one of the best things she ever did judging by where she is now.

But at the time that I came to London, anonymous blogging was the only blogging there was… It had started as a way to tell consumers the things that the magazines wouldn’t, to regale tales from inside the fashion industry and spill the beans on what everyone was just dying to know! Liberty London Girl was the first and most famous blogger of this anonymous generation. They fed us little tit bits of insider gossip that we all lapped up like excitable schoolgirls… And I have to say that I loved it, this is the era of fashion blogging that made me want to be a fashion writer, that gave me dreams of a future career in a Devil Wears Prada type environment… And if I’m being truly perfectly honest this is what I wish blogging was still like… It had honesty and integrity and became popular because consumers wanted a real opinion, not an opinion manufactured by advertising and influence.

So when I started as a lowly intern in a stream of terrible jobs, getting shouted at by various fashion editors and PR directors, I started my own blog, my own place to regale tales… And anonymity was so only way to go… I relished the idea of being able to hide behind a persona, to exaggerate and embellish a regular Monday and turn it into a tale of fashion proportions. None of these posts actually ended up on this blog as I wrote another one at that time which I won’t bore you with as it was really quite pitiful but the point is that my blog was my place to write when everyone else told me I couldn’t, I didn’t see myself as a ‘fashion blogger’ (there wasn’t really such a thing then or if there was I didn’t know about it) I saw myself as a story teller…
But times have changed, the fashion industry has changed, blogging has changed, I have changed…

Anonymous insider gossip is no longer needed as anyone will tell you anything you need to know about the fashion industry in a second. Magazines are no longer closed doors, they now open up the contents of their fashion cupboard daily on Instagram, fashion editors parade themselves and their wardrobes on double page spreads and the secrets we all used to covet are now widely acknowledged and accepted truths.

People no longer look to blogs for gossip, now everyone wants to see the blogger behind the persona in front of lens, see what they wear, how they wear it and what they do in it! Susie Bubble was the original and in my opinion still one of the best in this new genre of blogging, and of course Joe and Katie from What Katie wore were there for the vintage lovers… Then Poppy Dinsey came along and created What I Wore Today and that was that, blogging was a changed game!

I have to say that I miss the old way a little, I started a blog because I wanted to be a writer and it was a place to write, practice and show others what I could do… Now everyone from the age of 12 upwards is a ‘fashion blogger’, some of them do still use it as a creative outlet for what they love- writing, photography, craft… But far too many don’t write an iota, don’t take their own photos and don’t buy their own clothes… The honesty and integrity is slowly being lost to the world of advertising and influence once again, just as it is with magazines… And I know because I work in PR and I’m one of the people influencing it.

But I understand why it has become so popular, I see the appeal of looking at normal girls dressed in clothes we can all afford and making them look seriously cool. Seeing someone in their normal environment – shopping, sitting in the park, walking their dog – in an item of clothing and seeing how it stands up is so much more powerful than seeing it on a model in a magazine and that’s why brands and PRs are clambering over themselves to make sure they are suitably blogger saavy!

So what I came to realise amidst all of this thought was that there really was no more need for me to be anonymous… The only person who cared about it was me. Everyone who is close to me knows the name of my blog and those who aren’t close to me probably don’t care. What it really came down to was that having so many alter egos to keep up with was quite simply exhausting…
So Anon for how long? Well I lasted 2 years and I think that’s pretty good going but yesterday I officially came out of the blogging closet and told the world who I was… When I say the world I really mean my friends on Facebook but it still felt pretty monumental.

But don’t worry just because I’m no longer anonymous doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to be parading myself all over the blog for all to see… That’s not me! I’m still just a storyteller at heart and all I want to do is write… I might occasionally share an outfit but I’m not going to become a style blogger over night!

So I leave you with a few little facts about me… BB the person not the persona…

My name isn’t Betty or Elizabeth or any other version of that name, I am and always will be a total country bumpkin, I want a dog and I want him to be called Colin, I am strong willed, don’t take well to authority and can sometimes be viewed as argumentative (I like to think I’m opinionated), I love being Scottish to the point that I would probably disown someone if they called me English, I over analyse things a lot, I worry… a lot, I’m ambitious but I’m scared, I set myself challenges that I’ll probably never achieve but I’m a dreamer and I never give up, I love my friends and my family but I’m useless at keeping in touch (sorry about that) and sometimes I like silence so much that I could happily go a whole day without talking to anyone, some people think this is weird, I think it’s inspiring!

Please keep reading my silly little blog and maybe one day you will be reading my column in a national newspaper or better yet the novel that I haven’t written yet!

Over and out





I very much enjoy your blog…anonymous or not πŸ™‚ I keep coming back because of your writing which is a breath of fresh air in this crazy blogging world!
– Charlotte x


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