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LFW SS13 Photo Diary… Day 4 and 5

What I wore… Day 4 – H&M mint green silk trousers, black Uniqlo slouchy v neck, H&M flower neck collar, Best Behavior leather jacket.
Day 5 – Topshop velvet mini skirt, new Monki T-shirt, H&M navy blazer and pink necklace, M&S brogues

What I did… Went back to work, missed Christian Blanken, queued for Pam Hogg, visited the skatepark at the southbank for Thomas Tait, got ready for my holiday with a pool party at Tata Naka and made my Fashion Fringe debut.

Who I bumped into… Lois, Jaime, Danielle, Reena

Highlights… It has to be the Fashion Fringe..

What I’ve learnt… Sweet and salty popcorn makes a surprisingly enjoyable dinner, you should always go to a few random shows as you might just be surprised, Bastille are rather good and Christopher Bailey is hot!

The Outfits…

I was back at work on Monday and it had turned decidedly chilly in London so the last couple of days outfits changed to suit. On Day 5 I wore my mint green silk trousers which i bought for a wedding a couple of months ago but teamed them another of GB’s slouchy jumpers from Uniqlo, I also debuted my new lime green flower applique neck piece – another H&M bargain! On Day 5 it was St Trinians chic with a little navy velvet skirt, brogues and my new navy blazer and a much needed thick pair of tights as it was freeeezing! Brrrr…

The Days…
The problem with fashion week is that you either have to commit to stay within the bubble for the full five days… or you have to go for it for a couple of consequetive days and then call it a day. Dipping in and out is a difficult and challenging task, because as soon as you come out of the bubble, go back to work, relax, watch Downtown Abbey and adjust back into normal life, it is all the more of a struggle to get back into the mindset again.

This is exactly the problem I had. I was back at work the last couple of days and Monday especially was very busy with client meetings, proposals and other such tasks which prevented me from doing as much as would have liked within the Fashion week schedule.

First of all I had to give up my ticket to Christian Blanken on Monday afternoon due to an unscheduled meeting, which I was gutted about afterwards as it looked great, then I headed to Pam Hogg after work, queued for over an hour only to be turned away as the venue reached capacity ahead of my arrival. My first season in four seasons that I haven’t made it into the Pam Hogg show (its always ridiculously busy but yet they always seem to let as many people in as possible) this was a major disappointment.

All in all my Day 4 at LFW had been a bit of a wash out… I got home, tired and pissed off and was ready to call it a day there and not bother with anything today… but then I thought of this blog and how much I really wanted to complete my Fashion Week season with a full five day diary and so I woke up early this morning and not only dipped but fully emerged myself back in the bubble that is LFW.

And boy am I glad I did as today my Day 5 might just have been my best day so far… with the highlights being some of my favourite shows of the season if not every season I have attended fashion week!

It all started with a surprisingly amazing off schedule show… the Thomas Tait invitation directed us to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank, yet rather than being indoors in the gallery as I had imagined, I arrived to find benches set up and ready within the graffiti streaked skate park underneath. Why had no one ever thought of this before? It was the perfect setting for a fashion show – lots of space, amazing backdrops and completely unique. The collection itself was just as groundbreaking and I loved it all. Cocoon shaped coats over tailored shorts, monochrome leather jackets, and my favourite – 60’s space age style PVC boots! The only negative I have is that I couldnt feel my hands byt the end of it after sitting in the cold for nearly an hour… but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

From the cold and edgy… to the sunny and bright. After Thomas Tait I walked back over the bridge to Somerset House for the Tata Naka presentation which offered a retro pool party complete with smoothies, deck chairs, parasols and some very ‘Dirty Dancing’ esque fashion. With my Summer holiday only two days away this was the perfect bit of inspiration, complete with its very own fake sunset and rippling waves it more than had me dreaming of my own sun lounging…

Finally I finished off the day with the closing event of LFW – The Fashion Fringe. I was especially excited when this invite came in the post as I’ve never been privvy to this celebration of young new talent before. This year the Fashion Fringe was being curated by Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey who after the show took to the stage with Fringe founder Colin McDowell to announce the winner.

The Fashion Fringe really is such an important award and can help propel these young designers to the next level. Many designers apply to be in with a chance, 10 are shortlisted and finally three are chosen as finalists. So in Christopher Bailey’s words ‘All three are winners’ I thoroughly enjoyed all of showcases by the designers Haizhen Wang, Teija Eioela and Vita Gottlieb but one really stood out… luckily the panel clearly agreed and the wonderfully talented Haizhen Wand was crowned the winner! As well as getting to be pretty close to Christopher Bailey, my seat at the end of the catwalk also finally allowed me some decent photos and a good spot when Bastille came on to play a set! It was one of my favourite ever fashion week experiences!

And so that is it… LFW has come to an end for another season and it really has been wonderful! Before it starts there is always that little part of me that considers just staying at home and forgetting about it all, avoiding the stress, avoiding the sore feet and the lack of sleep and letting those younger and more excitable enjoy it instead… but every season I end it with a feeling of immense joy and am so glad that I allowed myself to get sucked back in. It feels like this is where I’m meant to be… and I LOVE it.

So until next season, so long fashion week. Thanks for the memories!


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