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LFW SS12… Paul Costelloe

The Show: Paul Costelloe
Today BB Wears: Blue Topshop Skinnies, polkadot sheer blouse, black blazer, shiny shoes, red River Island Satchel
Bumped into: Style And then Some, Prince Cassius, Diary of a Clothes Horse, Ananstasia Duck, FYI blog
Front Row: Hilary Alexander, Some blonde chick I didn’t recognise getting papped repeatedly

I always enjoy the Paul Costelloe show. While his collections might not necessarily blow me away, there is always such a buzz and excitement surrounding the show itself that you just can’t beat. Being the first, it’s one of the shows I probably get most excited about. For me, no matter how many I attend, I like the feeling that I am there to see Fashion week begin, there to see the first LFW model go down the catwalk and part of the first round of tweets, snaps and comments. And I have a feeling I am not alone in this as for the last two seasons in which I have been lucky enough to attend, it has always been packed to the brim!
So the moment the Paul Costelloe invite comes through the letterbox (always the first to arrive as well) is the moment I truly allow myself to start getting gripped by the LFW bug…

So this season got off to a good start, outfit chosen the night before, I was up early and out the door donning my electric blue topshop skinnies, new shiny silver courts (their first outing) and a wash of pink lippy! Jumping on the bus a whole hour and a half before the show started I was already imagining being the first person to hit the registration desk while still having time to grab a tea and get in the queue nice and early! Unfortunately I didn’t fully appreciate how long a bus full of annoying school kids and about 50 million traffic lights would take… by the time 8.30am hit I was taking deep breaths and trying very hard not to lose it with a 9year old. Gone was the serene calm facade of the first day and already the stressed frantic panicky mode of thinking you are going to miss a show had set in.

Luckily I arrived in the nick of time, dashed over the cobbles (my new shoes did quite well) and found some friends in the queue that I could jump in with – very naughty I know.

So in me and my shiny shoes went along with hoards of other fashionable beauties in the highest heels possible (we all try for the first show right… it doesn’t last long)

So what of the clothes? My photos are ridiculously bad, I will admit that now so if my descriptions seem to completely contradict what you see in the photos you will know why. It takes me a few shows to get my multitasking – watch the show/watch the people/ take notes/ take photos and still pay attention to what is going on – head on so apologies.

For this SS12 season Costelloe remained true to his signature style and brought us a range of flirty dresses, smart suits and tulip shapes in summery champagne, cream and light green shades. First up was the chic tailored suits, wide leg sophisticated trousers and crushed silk belted trenches. Next came the bouncy pleated dresses and 60s esque swing shape minis. Half way through the muted palette was thrown off with a trail of dusky pink – even for the boys! A stand out moment for me was the monochrome vertical striped look which came out in a series of dresses, both cocoon and fitted.

The show ended with the traditional brocade embroidery and satin in shades of pink, gold and blue on twinsets, pocket shift dresses and empire waistlines. Ankle socks don’t seem to be going anywhere just yet -worn with sky high sandals on every look. Hair was piled high in rolls on top of the head and the overall look was cute, girly and very ‘summer in London’ appropriate.

And while it might be fair to say that the Paul Costelloe shows are often rather predictable, the predictability is in no way a bad thing at all. In fact it’s almost comforting, as is his regular 9am slot. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. He kicks off the shenanigans with inoffensive, wearable clothes that ease us back into to the mad crazy world that is fashion week.

Unfortunately my shiny shoes weren’t quite ready for the responsibility of the bright lights (and cobbled streets) and had already given me a blister on my heel by the time I left this show! Major shoe fail when you have a full day ahead – Compeed blister patches are officially my new best fashion week friend.

But despite the traffic stress, footwear issues and manic organisation… LFW had well and truly begun and I couldn’t be more excited…

all the ridiculously bad photos are my own, any good ones are alos my own…

Stay tuned for more Day 1 adventures… and for all the LFW updates follow me on twitter


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