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LFW SS12… Ashley Isham

The Show: Ashley Isham
Bumped into: Charles Ampadu, Planet Notion, Fashion Insight, Blink London
Front Row: Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Before I left for the Ashley Isham show my boss mentioned the words ‘transvestite dressing’… I laughed… I shouldn’t have.

Ok maybe it wasn’t quite that bad but it definitely wasn’t my favourite collection.

After Basso & Brooke had blew me away I almost didn’t go all the way across town to the off schedule venue but in the end decided it wasn’t fair to skip a show without good reason so after a quick pint and pit stop I dashed over and ran in at the very last minute.

The show took place at Il Botaccio in Grosvenor Place which was actually a really great space but this particular night was ridiculously hot… it was VERY busy for the size of the place, which didn’t help with the heat issues but seemed to reassure me of the standard of show I was about to see… unfortunately I was left disappointed and unless everyone in there was a fan of cheap shiny satin dresses and strange headwear, I’m almost certain I couldn’t have been the only one.

As I mentioned in a previous post one of my best friends is getting married soon and this show felt like I was at a really bad wedding show watching a succession of cliché tacky bridesmaid dresses with veils made out of scraps of white mesh and cardboard crowns made by the local school kids.

That’s rather harsh I know but I do believe in being honest. Looking at the positives there were a few pieces in the collection that could pass as an acceptable bridesmaid dress – there was an Aztec blue Grecian style maxi dress that was cut into a soft draping skirt and fitted bodice that was probably the only dress in the collection that I liked.

The rest of the pieces were overly embellished with glittery fabrics and ill fitting emblems. I also had no clue what relation the hair styles and head pieces had to the collection. It was as if at the last minute the show was deemed not WOW enough and everyone had scrambled around the studio to find scraps that could add another element. Hair was braided harshly back from the skull making the models resemble an alien from Star Trek and foreheads were painted with odd designs which made them look like they had been stamped with a barcode. Perhaps I was missing something but the last time I checked long sultry evening dresses and Clingon inspired styling didn’t really go together very well.

But of course fashion like every art is subject to opinion, and mine is only one of many. I’m sure there will be people who completely disagree and I look forward to being enlightened as to what I was missing… but for me this fashion show drew only one conclusion – next season I might stay in the pub and have that second pint…

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