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An early start: It’s DAY 1 of London Fashion Week and this is by far my busiest day… first show at 9am, last show at 9pm… it’s currently 6.30am, yes that’s right AM! For someone who usually starts work at 9.30am (sometimes even 9.45) and crawls out of bed at about 9am… this is early! really early! I don’t think I have ever applied red lipstick at this hour before, unless it was topping up while still out partying! I also still have a hazy head from last nights affair (The Adidas & Deisel party which was a complete disorganised disaster but thats another story)… Cup of Tea should sort me out… or maybe a champagne breakfast? that’s what they do at fashion week right? Hmm… note to self have a 12 hour day today… don’t burn out too fast.

Today’s outfit: Luckily I planned ahead and already had my outfits for the whole weekend, washed and ready (not how I normally roll but I’m glad I made the exception) Despite telling myself not to drink at last nights debaucle, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might find myself in this slightly hungover predicament… and the last thing I needed was a hungover outfit choice, my fashion brain doesn’t quite work when still fighting off alcohol so you can imagine how these end up! So today I have gone for a my Zara red dress, worn with vintage belt, New Look clog boots (I could have lied and said Christian Louboutins there but well what would be the point in that!) new silk scarf from River Island which I love and my Best Behavior grey leather jacket…after wavering over my bag choice I opt for one which is big enough to fit all my crap in!

8.30am: Arrive at Somerset House! Luckily the first show I am attending is in the main BFC catwalk space so I don’t need to worry about getting lost just yet… but one word… WOW! and OOHHEE! sorry that’s two… Or is oohee actually a word? Even at half 8 on the morning there such a buzz… The whole surrounding area just screams fashion today and there are a lot of very stylish looking people around… Suddenly I am feeling so very average in my high street outfit! Street stylists are in abundance… While waiting for fellow Ballad Of reviewer Sophie I get papped by someone from the Warehouse blog…feel like a celeb for a brief moment… It is short lived as she spots someone else in leopard print and clearly more interesting than me and is off! My first (and probably last) encounter with a street stylist!

9am: First show of the day and the first show of London Fashion Week. Paul Costelloe kicks off precedings for the 7th season in a row! Wowsa this guy likes early mornings… I’m not such a fan… of the early morning that is not of him as a designer or of the collection…. In fact I rather loved the show – being the first one it was soo exciting and everyone was buzzing and ready! Too early for most of the celebs clearly as the only person I spot is Janice Dickinson… doh!

It had a touch of the posh girl in the country vibe mingled with a swinging 60’s influence. Plaids and heritage fabrics in bright pinks and yellows, metallic pink tinfoil esque swing minis and supercute two piece suits!

 See the full collection here

10am: Shooting accross to the Savoy Hotel for the Maria Grachvogel show… wow… this place is nice! Why have I never been here before? It’s very glamourous… I have just spotted that Jason guy from Dancing on Ice in front of me… he better not be the best celeb I see all day! I also really need to pull my tights up as they feel like they are half way down my legs but I’m not sure this is suitable etiquette at a fashion show, especially one at The Savoy!

In the room it is absolutely exquisite. The collection was quite simply stunning from start to finish… The setting was perfect – all regal elegance and evocative backdrops and the clothes were beautiful! It was a much more serious affair than Paul Costelloe, the models wore severe high buns on the top of their heads, black lips and none of them cracked anything near to a smile… But they had that whole power women, don’t mess with me attitude down to a tee… which depicted the clothes perfectly! Loved it!

 See the full collection here

11.10am :Queuing for Jena Theo show at On/Off… Not sure what’s going on but the queue doesn’t seem to be moving…

11.20am: Get to the front of the queue only to be told that the venue is at capacity and due to ‘health and safety issue’ they can’t let anymore people in…What? I have a blue sticker on my invite, surely that means something! Let me talk to someone! Humph… Outrage! I am so tweeting about this! Bad organisation alert!… Dammit was really looking forward to that show! oh well back to base camp at Somerset house for a much needed toilet break and a cup of tea!

11.45am: Decide on a whim that I will go to the Caroline Charles show instead of Jena Theo even though I had planned to sack it off… Mistake. I’m not going to say much regarding this because there isn’t much to say… In fact all I have is one word… Dull! Personally it did nothing for me! Emilia Fox was in the audience tho!

1.30pm: Missing the Ada Zanditon presentation in favour of some lunch and a sit down… Not very fashion I know… The fact that I am in Greggs is even less fashion…

2.30pm:  Hitting the Jean Pierre Braganza show and it’s another winner… dark, dramatic, dominatrix, and models with so much attitude it hurts… I’ll have it all please!

3.20pm: Rushing back up to Mercer Studios for the Falguni and Shane Peacock show…

4pm:  Needn’t have bothered rushing… still waiting for the show to start and I am meant to be seeing Eudon Choi at 4.15! Wondering what the hold up is when a very skinny Diana Vickers gets seated in front of me and we begin! Find out later that we had to wait for her – eh… when did she get so famous? bloody celebs! The show is oversaturating my brain… feathers, sequins, studs, embellishment, leather, sheer, metallics… it’s all here… and it’s all too much for me. I like maybe two dresses and only in a ‘ooh that would look good on Dancing on Ice’ kind of way!

4.15pm: Make it to the Fashion Scout space for Eudon Choi and after the last over the top nonsense this is exactly what I need. Classic, clean, structured… no messing around. Bit of an equestrian theme with lots of buckles and leather straps but totally wearable and getting that whole masculine for the feminine thing just right.

: Just time for coffee break before Felder Felder – I’m looking forward to this one but it’s all the way back to Northumberland place and my feet are really starting to kill now. Have now given up and am unashamedly pulling my tights up in public regularly… I think that guy just saw my ass and I’m pretty sure I look like I have a problem… but I’m beyond the stage of caring….

5.45pm: Been queuing at Felder Felder for best part of half an hour now… I’m freezing, my feet hurt, I don’t think I can do it anymore!

6pm: Finally they have started letting us in.. As I get through the door I hear one of the PRs telling the bouncer to close the doors after me! That was lucky! The place is packed and I’m shoved at the back but this doesn’t dampen my spirits, I’ve warmed up now and I’m getting butterflies… Show is one of my favourite’s of the day- dramatic yet feminine at the same time and feathers on everything. Amazing studded bodysuits and long sheer trains – I’m lost for words so I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

6.30pm: Need to get back to Somerset House in time for Bora Aksu… this is going to be a good one and probably a favourite amongst both celebs and fashionistas. I Make it by 6.45 and it turns out I have a good ticket for this one! I get ushered past the queues and straight in to be seated… Feel like a VIP! Annoying old guy in drag sits next to me and I can’t see a thing… Short lived! I spot Twiggy and Keisha Buchanan in the front row! Gutted to find out later that Nicola Roberts was there too! Goddammit I love her! The collection is a green and grey fest of voluminous dresses in tweeds and bacofoil esque fabrics… with heavy embroidery and knit thrown in..everyone seemed to love it… I need a little more convincing but he is very talented.

7.30pm: One more to go! I’m Back at Mercer Studios for Ashley Isham, my final show of the day! Unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket for PPQ which seems to be the one EVERYONE is talking about but whatever! They are all a bit smokes and mirrors anyway. Queue here is longer than I have seen it all day, debating whether I should call it a day and rest my weary body but persevere and thankfully my blue sticker does some good this time and allows me to cut the queue after a while. Make it in but have a terrible view… camera then dies on me! One more show goddammit, stupid camera, so it’s shit quality Blackberry pics on top of a rubbish view. I wouldn’t have bothered if it wasn’t for the fact that I really liked the collection. Girls Aloud Kimberley Walsh is in the front row and I reckon she would rock some of these designs. The headwear on the models is amazing, great netted floral designs. The dresses are very ‘party’, a lot of metallics, florals, embellishments but where this could have been to much (like at Falguni and Shane Peacock) with this collection it somehow worked. I’m too tired to figure out why but I liked it…

8.30pm: And that’s it! Day 1 of LFW successfully completed! Knackered with a capital K but it was all completely worth it… my brain is buzzing with everything I’ve seen… must get home and blog it all but not before a much needed cocktail is placed in my hand and a cushioned seat is placed under my derrier… thank you!

10pm: Now I work in PR and I know how hard a job it is… especially if you are brave enough to attempt to do an event over LFW so I’m not about to slag them off… but… I got home at 10PM to find 3 tickets to TONIGHT’s 7.30PM Jasper Gardiva show… now that’s just bad planning!

Lesson’s learned from Day 1 of the LFW adventure:
1. Those stories everyone tells you about how fashion week is a haven of freebies and goodies… is a myth! I came home with nothing except the random crap I myself had accumulated through out the day… I quickly realised that people on the first row get goody bags, people on the second row get water and people standing get… absolutely nothing!
2. The people who look stylish at LFW are more than likely to be the people who are doing nothing at LFW other than looking stylish and hoping to be noticed for looking stylish, anyone who is there to work needs comfort and practicality… I learned this the hard way… no matter how fabulous your shoes are if they cause you pain it just aint worth it for 12 hours of walking and standing and carrying! Tomorrow I’m taking a leaf out of Alex Loves Book and going for flats.
3. Don’t take a laptop unless you actually know you will have the time to sit and write… I carried that thing around all day and got all of half an hours break to sit and use it… it took me that long to upload and resize my photos…
5. and finally… don’t wear tights that fall down… they will quite literally be a royal pain in the arse!

Don’t forget you can see my full reviews of the shows over at Ballad Of where I’ll be writing and reviewing all week and keep up to date with all my shenanigans on Twitter @bumpkinbetty




LOVED this post! For someone who’s always wanted to go, this was the perfect post to read! I love the fact that you’ve set it out in a diary type way instead of just shoving up a load of pictures and that’s it! Really interesting šŸ™‚ xx

Bumpkin Betty

Ooh Thank you! I am writing them bleary eyed in the early hours of the morning so a bit worried they don’t make much sense at all haha! thanks for reading!


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