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LFW AW14 Photo Diary… Day 1

LFW AW14 Photo Diary

So in what seems like a nanosecond after it began, LFW is almost at an end for another season. I’ve got a couple of great shows to head to this afternoon/ evening including my absolute favourite Ashish so I’m looking forward to that, and then after a few events tomorrow it will be time to wave farewell to the circus for another six months.

I like to take my time with the show reports (sometimes I take my time so much that they never appear… ahem, promise that won’t be the case this time) as sometimes I find it all gets so very confusing and it’s nice to first appreciate the season that we are actually in (that’s Spring in case the current weather had you fooled otherwise). So instead I’m starting with a few photo diaries of the week to give you a little glimpse into what I got up to and what my personal highlights were.

Here’s a look at my day 1…

Top UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 Diary

I started my day off with the Felder Felder show at the Freemasons Hall, but unfortunately I got in a little late and had a pretty bad view from the back so I didn’t take many photos. The collection stuck with the brand’s  usual style of clean cut lines and feminine detailing and from what I could see the backs of garments were the focus with exposed cuts and unusual shapes.

Top UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 Diary

From there I bumped into some blogger friends and headed down to Somerset House to pick up my pass before making my way over to The Apartment (a cool blogger hang out run by Abimarvel) to check out the activities they were running that day. I stupidly made the decision to walk from Somerset House to the venue just as the heavens opened and the gale force winds began, story of my life, stopping briefly for a little impromtu Skunk Anansie gig in the rain at Trafalgar square. Sometimes I do love London.

Top Uk Fashion Blogs, LFW Aw14Top Uk Fashion Blogs, LFW Aw14The apartmentTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 Diary

This was my first season attending The Apartment and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I arrived (bedraggled and windswept) to a bunch of smiley staff and blogger babes I hadn’t seen in forever. I proceeded directly towards the girls at Blow Ltd who aided me with my rained on barnet before enjoying some nibbles and blog chat with lovely folks. Timberland were holding a rather exciting customisation service on the day where an amazing artist was hand drawing designs of our choice onto a pair of the covetable boots. I tried on a few pairs and eventually settled on the bright blue numbers but had to dash off back to Somerset House for another show before I could get them customised (sad face), I’ll need to track down the artist another time.

Top UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 Diary

Thanks to The Apartment I got to travel in style with their amazing branded cars which were ferrying people back and forward from the venue, but because of the extreme weather and the extreme traffic (plus a rather dramatic fall getting out of the car) I missed the Daks show (only show ever in history to start bang on time). Instead, to keep out of the rain I headed to the Haizhen Wang presentation and was pleasantly surprised by the collection. Black on black and featuring lots of leather and detailing it was wearable and pretty fierce at the same time. Notable highlights included the messy braided hair, the exposed backs (again) and the gorgeous footwear.

Top UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 DiaryTop UK Fashion Blogs, LFW AW14 Diary

Just a bit of time to catch up with some friends and grab a bite to eat before My final show of the day, Christopher Raeburn. I adore his designs and wore my lizard bag from last season especially for the occasion (which got a fair amount of attention on the day). The collection was as good as always and Raeburn essential, the backpack featured heavily. This season it’s all about matching those coats to bags. Every season has a different animal assigned to the collection (with last season being my lizard) and this time it was the turn of the polar bear, which I love so that jumper dress is now in my sights.

After a weary day, I retreated back to the Apartment (but not without getting caught in another storm) to relax with some blogger peeps before heading home and spending Valentines evening on the sofa with GB, glass of wine in hand, storms a brewing outside.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my day 2 diary.


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