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Achieving the Unachievable – A Good Night’s Sleep

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthThere is very little that can be considered more of a luxury to first time parents than a good night’s sleep. 18 months in and I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had a full night of zz’s and let me tell you – it takes its toll. From the 5am wake up calls to the abrupt jolts out of slumber at unsightly hours, a relaxed and enjoyable sleep is fast becoming a distant memory.

Top Uk home and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthReviewing the Leesa Uk mattress, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogSleeping on the Leesa Mattress, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogSo much so, that a bed that provides instant and true comfort has become hugely important to me. My down time is so limited, my moments to lie in bed with a good book so few and far between, and my idea of a lie in now being an extra half hour from 6.30 – 7am, that when those rare windows of quiet solitude present themselves, I need to know that that feeling of ultimate relaxation is going to be immediate.

I like to invest in quality bedding that feels luxurious, I’ve found pillows that I can’t wait to lay my head on, a duvet that provides instant snuggle appeal, blankets that I want to wrap myself up in and most recently, a quality mattress from Leesa UK that not only will last us years to come, but soothes those aches and pains that come with running after an excitable toddler all day.

Leesa Matress Review, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogTop Uk lifestyle and family blog, Jaclyn RuthA new mattress and a good night sleep with Leesa Uk, Jaclyn RuthOUR SLEEP ISSUES

Seeing as we’ve got a child who, come 3am, seems to develop an extreme aversion to her own cot and has decided that actually being in the big bed with mum and dad suits her much better, most nights the Husband and I were slowly getting kicked and pushed further and further to the edge of the bed until we were practically falling out (sometimes the Husband got kicked so far he ended up in the spare room ;-)) while our little madam would sleep sprawled out in luxury with nearly a whole double bed to herself (it’s obvious who’s the boss in this household!).

I wish I could say her desire for closeness is because she loves to cuddle, but in fact she merely loves to pull my hair, scratch my face, nip my neck and kick me in the jugular, and needs to be within touching distance to do so. After months of sleeping awkwardly and waking up with cricked necks and achy backs, we were definitely in need of a more comfortable solution.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle and home blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk interior home and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthUpon moving into our new Manchester abode and with room to do so, we decided that if this sleeping arrangement was to continue (which without the energy or desire to really do anything to change it, it most likely would), it was probably worth us investing in a king size bed in the hope that that all important extra 15cm might just house a precious little bundle and allow us all to get at least a few good hours of kip.

Of course with a new larger bed frame came the need for a new mattress too, and while I can’t say we were unhappy with our existing mattress, we were keen to choose well and opt for a good quality piece that we’d be able to sleep soundly on (as soundly as is possible with a wriggly toddler in between you that is) for a good few years.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk fashion and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthLeesa Uk mattress review, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogThe Leesa Mattress

Enter the Leesa UK mattress – the final piece of the puzzle when it came to creating a bed that was a true haven, regardless of how much time I actually got to spend in it. An award winning mattress re-designed from the inside out and engineered with three premium foam layers to deliver the ultimate sleep experience. Sure sounds good right? The folks at Leesa kindly sent us a king size mattress to test out and see if it could improve our sleep routine. A tall order perhaps for two tired parents with high expectations, but having been sleeping on it for around a month now, we can honestly say that we’ve not slept as well in over a year. If you’re also unsure whether your sleep could be improved by a new mattress, it’s good to know that everyone who purchases a Leesa mattress gets a 100 night risk free trial so you can really put it to the test before committing. And if you do decide it’s not for you, then Leesa will take the mattress back hassle free.

Somehow I have a feeling not many people need those 100 nights though, as less than a week in I was already at the stage where I couldn’t wait to get into bed each night (and not just because Evie was getting me up at 5.30am each morning). I had fully anticipated it might take our bodies a while to adjust from the familiarity of one mattress to a completely new design, and expected a week or so of awkward sleeping positions and sore joints until we got used to it, but this simply wasn’t the case. In fact after our very first night on the Leesa, my husband woke up and proclaimed ‘well THAT was a good sleep’. Perhaps it’s something to do with the blend of foam layers which offer the comfort and support you need to ensure a good night sleep. There’s the cooling foam top layer which allows airflow and prevents the mattress from overheating like many memory foam mattresses are prone to (something I admit was a worry for us as the Husband tends to radiate heat throughout the night anyway!), the pressure relieving memory foam layer which delivers the body contouring and pressure relief you might expect, and finally a dense core support base layer which adds strength, durability and structure without feeling too firm.

As someone who needs a firm mattress for support but enjoys the feeling of flopping onto something soft and squishy, what I really love is that it gives me both. The mattress is super soft and spongy to the touch and diving onto it feels like jumping into a pillowy cloud, but once on your weight feels immediately supported and the mattress around you seems to almost firm up underneath you to make every muscle in your body feel like it’s being held. If you’ve ever slept on a spring mattress and felt a ping and prod with every move in the night, this couldn’t be further from that experience. Unlike ANY other mattress I’ve slept on, with the Leesa mattress you don’t feel ANYTHING underneath you when you toss and turn in the night. No lumps, no bumps, no springs going ping – just a soft under layer which allows your body to move in any way it needs to during your slumber.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blog, Jaclyn RuthAnother worry that was instantly alleviated when the mattress was delivered, was how on earth we were going to carry a giant memory foam king size number up our awkward twisted stairs. Thankfully, and rather unbelievably, the Leesa mattress is transported compressed, rolled and in a relatively small cardboard box. Looking at the box as the delivery driver brought it in from the van, I found myself pretty dubious about whether our mattress was actually in there, but sure enough once opened, out it popped rolled up like a swiss roll. All we needed to do was roll it out across our frame, peel off the packaging and wait for it expand before our very eyes like magic. By the time we went to bed that night, it had inflated to its full height and was ready for us to dive on and marvel at its comfort.

The Results

So the most important question – how have we found it? And has our already fractious sleep routine improved any?

Honestly, we’re really delighted with our new mattress and I’m really not sure we’ll ever go back to a sprung or exclusively memory foam design again as we’re just so taken with this one. The blend of layers offers everything you could need from your bed and allows both myself and my Husband to shuffle around as much as we like without disturbing the other. It’s without doubt the best mattress we’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping on, and over the years with various house moves and rented abodes we’ve both slept on an array. While it might not be the cheapest mattress on the market, it is extremely affordable in the world of speciality foam mattresses and in my view worth the investment for the longevity, and complete comfort it affords.

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthOf course no mattress can work miracles and make a baby sleep through the night, so in terms of our disrupted sleep routine, things haven’t changed all that much. But what has changed is the type of sleep we’re achieving when we do make it into bed, and despite the wake ups we’re feeling more rested than usual.

And yes, I can confirm that that extra 15cm our king size bed gave us, is ensuring we all fit in the bed all night without one parent (not me) getting relegated to the spare room. There’s still the odd foot in the face wake up, but now we all have just about enough room to sprawl so I’d call that a win.

One last thing to mention about Leesa is the fact that they’re a brand with a social conscience and pride themselves on donating one mattress to charity for every ten sold. With over 30,000 mattresses donated already, you can be assured you’re making a real difference with your investment.

Top Uk family and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth(someone else seems to love it as much as we do ;-))

If you’re looking to switch up your mattress and think the Leesa might be for you, I’ve got an exclusive discount which allows readers for this blog to get a whopping £100 of their purchase. Just click through to the website and use the code JACLYNRUTH when you purchase.

This post was kindly sponsored by Leesa, who provided this mattress in return for a review, however as always all words, opinions and imagery is my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsored content on this blog.

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