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Join a Baking Vlub, Bumpkin Betty
Join a Baking Vlub, Bumpkin Betty

Bumpkin Betty Baking Club is a go! Read on to hear how you can join in

This is it folks! The day has finally come – I’m launching my baking club!! I’m so darn excited to get this project off the ground and I just can’t wait to start baking with all of you.

The idea to set up a baking club came around a year or so ago (I know – it took me a while to get off my bum and make it happen) after I joined in with a little weekly baking challenge called The Great Blogger Bake Off, and I realised that baking together in a group and having people to bounce ideas off of made the whole experience even more fun. Obviously actually getting in the kitchen with a group of fellow cake enthusiasts every time you bake isn’t so easy and so the idea of a virtual bake-a-long was born. The idea being that I can hopefully form a little community of people who love putting on a pinny and baking up a storm as much as I do, and in turn we can support each other, pass on tips and advice and generally have a team of people to chat to whenever we have a cake related question or a baking fail to solve.

And so finally, after much ado, the Bumpkin Betty Baking Club is a go with February 2016 being the first month of cake, chit chat and camaraderie. Hurrah!

Read on to find out more about the baking club and how to join in!

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What is a baking club?

Well, it’s essentially like a book club but instead of books it’s cake… or muffins or tarts or breads or any other delectable sweet treats you care to bake. Much more fun right? All it involves is a group of people baking and then sharing those bakes, the easy parts, the hard parts and the tips and tricks along the way. Because baking with a friend is much better than baking on your own, and so therefore baking with a whole community must be awesome!

How does it work?

Oh I’m so glad you asked! It’s very simple really – each month there will be a different theme or topic and if you’d like to get involved you just need to bake something which fits that theme and then share it with the group.

The themes could be very loose some months – such as ‘tarts and pies’ – or they could be more specific – such as ‘traybakes’. Some months they might even be focused around a specific baking book or celebrity baker so that we can review how easy those recipes are and some months they might be focused on a date such as Easter or Christmas.

I’ll announce the new theme at the end of the previous month/beginning of the new month and then it’s up to you to bake your creation at any point during that month (meaning you have four weeks to fit it in if things are busy).

I’ll be aiming to blog about my own bake in the second week of each month so I can hopefully give you some inspiration and then at the end of the month I’ll do a round up post featuring some of my favourite creations from that month.

There’s going to be a Facebook group which we can all use to share our bakes (if you’re a blogger you can share a link to a post, if not just share a picture or a recipe), discuss the themes, ask questions, chit chat and so forth and you can also use the hashtag #BBBakingClub to discuss on Twitter and Instagram. Further down the line once things get going I’m planning to also do a monthly Twitter chat to talk all things baking but I might need to wait until there’s a few of us so I’m not just talking to myself πŸ˜‰

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Who can join in?

Anyone! You don’t need to be a blogger, or even a baker. Don’t worry if you’re no pro in the kitchen, this club is designed to be fun first and foremost and I’d love it to become a little hub of creativity where we can all help each other out, share recipes and learn something along the way. There’s no criteria whatsoever to join in so if you’re at all interested in cake (baking or eating) I’d love you to sign up! Oh and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world either – I’d love this baking club to go global!

What if I can’t commit to it every month?

No problem! There’s no pressure to join in every single month. If you’re too busy or don’t like the sound of the theme then just sit that one out. It’s absolutely fine to just dip in and out whenever you can. I’ll of course be aiming to do every month to keep things going but you can always just ogle my bakes if you can’t be bothered to get into the kitchen yourself.

What’s the long term plan?

Well for now I’d love to just get a few folks on board and have some cake loving friends to share my love of baking with and learn new tricks from. But long term I’d love to turn this into a larger scale project. My aim is to work on finding brands who might be keen to work with a large group of baking fans so that we can review baking tools or work with a specific chef. I’d also love to organise a real life baking meet up further down the line. Obviously for now this might be limited to London as that’s where I live (!) but if this group eventually grows further, there could be seperate groups of us in each city and therefore seperate meet ups. Or perhaps we could host a bake-a-long live session through google hangout, wouldn’t that be fun?

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Ok you’ve peaked my interest, where do I sign up?

Yay! I’m so pleased! Ok first things first you need to sign up to the mailing list below (that means I can send you all the details of the monthly theme, how and where to get involved and give you some inspiration).

Join the BB Baking Club here!

Then you might want to join the Facebook group so you can say hello to the other bloggers and start the conversation.

From there just keep an eye on your inbox for details of this months theme and of course check in on the blog to see my bakes! Don’t forget to use the hashtag too #BBBakingClub

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February theme

Finally if you’ve already signed up and are raring to go then you’ll be keen to hear what the first theme is… so drumroll please… February’s baking theme is LOVE.

That’s right with Valentines around the corner I felt like LOVE might be in the air, but don’t worry if you hate all things pink and heart shaped – you can interpret the theme in any way you like – maybe you just want to bake the cake you love the most in the world, or share the recipe that’s the key to your heart or even come up with an anti-Valentines recipe for a night in with your friends. Anything you like!

I really hope you’ll join in and I can’t wait to bake with you all! Check back next week to see my creation.

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