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It’s Marc Jacobs Daahling!

So the other day I suddenly realised that it was the middle of January and I had still not blogged properly about any of my wonderful Christmas presents and there was one present in particular which it would simply be rude not to dedicate an entire post to…

Yes this Christmas BB was given the gift of her first ever designer bag and quite simply I couldnt be more chuffed with it… It’s purple (one of my favourite colours), a handheld clutch design (my perfect size) and most importantly, it’s Marc Jacobs (one of my favourite designers) so yes in one word it is perfect!

So you might wonder why, at the tender age of 26, when I work in fashion and seem to get so much pleasure from a bag like this, it has taken me this long to obtain such an item? Well the truth is for various reasons I have never really thought of myself as a designer girl. For one as I’m sure anyone else who also works in the fashion industry understands, I’m not exactly earning a designer girl wage so I have to fight hard at the end of the month to really justify such a big spend. Secondly I’m Scottish and it’s been drilled into me from a young age to love a bargain so if I could theoretically get an entire outfit for the same price as one small purse I tend to lean towards the former and lastly I’m also a bit of a quirky dresser so love the appeal that a one off item from a vintage shop can offer…

BUT having said all of that what girl doesn’t covet designer shoes and bags? A motto I always stand by is that if you can afford to buy yourself something every other week then it is no longer special… but if like me you never treat yourself to something so devine then when it is given to you as a gift it is just… well wonderful!

In fact this particular gift was so wonderful that the shock when I opened it warranted me speechless and unable to give it the reception that it so deserved upon entering my world. You see as a girl who has never owned a designer bag before, I have a certain level of ‘don’t believe it until you know it’s true’ trepidation within me and even as I pulled off the wrapping paper and saw the first glimpse of that famous logo I didnt want to get my hopes up… and those hopes continued to stay firmly down right up to the point I opened the box, saw the dustbag and pulled the gorgeous purse out to be viewed in all of its glory. By that point my shock was so deeply engrained that all I could utter was a whimpered ‘oooooh’ instead of the screaming, jumping up and down and waving around of hands for which this gift deserved.

But almost a month later I can honestly reveal that I absolutely LOVE this bag! At first I wondered whether the clutch size might warrant it more of a special occasion purse rather than an everyday bag… but I am pleased to announce that it has proved itself as both.

I take it to work everyday as my bag within a bag (a concept you can only truly appreciate the importance of after you have been given a Marc Jacobs leather clutch). It is the perfect size to hold all of my essentials – money, phone, keys, ipod and lipstick – and means I can throw it in to my larger everyday bag which is full of notebooks, pens, spare shoes, make up, and other random crap that I neither want or need on a daily basis but yet can’t quite bring myself to remove, meaning that if I nip out of the office on an appointment/ coffee break/ random task I no longer need to haul the shoulder wrenching kitchen sink of a bag with me! Not to mention of course the added security this bag within a bag idea offers, and after losing my blackberry before Christmas, extra security is evidently something my tired and dozy brain needs on a Monday morning trip to work.

For the same reasons it works incredibly well as an evening clutch and makes even the most basic jeans and jumper outfit become that little bit chicer… and added to a killer pair of heels… well I look almost effortlessly poised, something I normally spend hours striving for!

In short it hasn’t left my grasp for one day since the day I got it and is now officially my most treasured possession! So while I’ll always be a bargain hunter at heart, the addition of this bag to my wardrobe means I can now almost pass for designer girl on the outside… So thank you Marc Jacobs for helping a country bumpkin grow up…

Here are the pics and my first attempt at a style post when teaming it with my beautiful yet unwearable silver platforms…


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