How to Create the Perfect Party Food

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I’ve always felt that party planning might just be my calling in life… I fancy myself as a bit of a Pippa Middleton minus the royal association and bum jibes.

It was GB’s birthday this week and to celebrate we threw an all mighty party last weekend. Much to the despair of our kitchen, our parties are becoming rather legendary and now always seem to be themed in some way. It all started a few years ago when GB was being a grumpy so and so complaining he didn’t want to celebrate so I took things into my own hands and organised a surprise party. In honour of the fact that he hardly goes anywhere without his favourite ginger beanie hat I decided to be creative and throw a hat party… The result was super fun and everyone made a real effort. I guess the themes stuck as the following year we threw a moustache party (GB and his workmates were doing Movember and it seemed apt, plus it allowed me to indulge my creative side and make moustache cupcakes and moustache shaped cookies). While full on fancy dress is too much effort for a lot of people, one small item is totally do-able and every time we have thrown a themed party everyone seems to get into the spirit.

This year’s idea actually came from a friend and was organised before GB even had time to say yes or no. The street we live on is pretty much dominated by a family run business of wig shops – it’s heaving with them! So the time had come for a wig party!

Despite the amount of furballs to clean up the day after, it might just have been our best theme yet. And the PiΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance?  I set up a homemade photo booth for people to pose in their wigs and click away! It was pure genius and absolutely the best party prop ever!

Whoever says that people don’t eat at parties is lying because I always put on a spread and there is never anything left by the end if the night. It was kind of difficult to incorporate the wig theme this time so I opted for classic party food.

Here are some of the easy party nibbles I prepared:

Cheese and Cranberry Puffs


For savoury I made some little cheese and cranberry puffs. I’m not usually great with puff pastry when it needs to be small and dainty, the filling usually overflows and seeps out during the cooking process and they look anything but attractive by the end, but surprisingly these worked quite well. I don’t bother making the pastry, I just bought a ready rolled sheet and cut it into even squares then placed half of them on a baking tray. I cut up some cheese into square slices, placed those on top along with a dollop of cranberry sauce before putting another puff pastry square on top and securing the edges with a fork. I then simply brushed with beaten egg and baked for about 20 mins.

Other than that I kept it simple. Crisps and dips always go down well and I served carrots and flatbreads with humous.


Mini cupcakes

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I actually made super mini cupcakes and then slightly less mini ones after GB protested. The super mini are probably the easiest and quickest to make if you are not a natural baker. You also don’t need to worry about being precise with icing or decorations as they are so small you can’t tell. I kept mine simple with white butter icing and a range of toppings from coconut to blue glitter and chocolate balls.

Marshmallow dippers

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These are my new favourite party food- so simple yet so effective. All you need to do is dip in chocolate, decorate with some fun colourful toppings and once cool stick on skewers and display. I was looking for one of those clear perspex boxes with holes in (the type you use to display lollipops) but it proved too difficult to source so instead I just served them in glasses which I think looked just as good!

I hope I have inspired you to make some easy party food of your own but if not then I’ll make reading this far worth your while by indulging you with this funky gif featuring all of the wigs from the night!

Wig Party


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