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Hats with Veils

Top UK Fashion shopping blogs, hats with veils

When I first mentioned my desire for a hat with a veil while we were in NYC, GB’s expression said it all. At first he couldn’t get his head around what a hat with a veil was, let alone why I would want one.

Once I explained away the 1950’s pillbox style to get him up to speed with the much more recent fashion fad that is the bobble beanie hat with a piece of black netting over the eyes, we were a little closer to being on the same page. However it still seemed difficult for him to hold back the laughter upon realising I was actually seriously considering buying one.

I guess that’s the curse of street style, it makes you want things no matter how ridiculous they are. Yes if don’t follow blogger street style then I suppose the notion of taking a regular, comfy winter beanie and adding an unnecessary and more than likely uncomfortable piece of material which limits your sight may seem a pointless and laughable exercise. But if, like me, you’ve seen Chiara from The Blonde Salad rocking one in enough ways to convince you otherwise you’re probably already sold regardless of the practicality right?

Yup, thought so. So today’s inspiration focuses on the entirely unnecessary yet entirely covetable trend that is hats with veils. As I’ve mentioned it was Chiara who first alerted me to my need for such an item but Andy from Style Scrapbook may be equally to blame. I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with hats (some styles are a complete no – no for me no matter how much I want them to work) so I’m yet to discover whether this particular style will actually suit me, hence why I still haven’t bought one. (It’s also been un-seasonably warm this winter so I guess wooly hats haven’t been as big a part of my wardrobe as usual but I’m sure that will change soon enough).

Top UK Fashion shopping blogs, hats with veils
1. Black cashmere – Bernstock and Spiers, 2. Black – Marc Cain, 3. Winter white from BCBG Max Azria, 4. Pink and Black – Kate Spade.

I was hoping that certain styles may end up in the January sales but it seems that most retailers are savvy to the fact that this trend hasn’t exactly hit it’s full potential yet. The original producers of the veiled beanie hat are Brick Lane based milliners Bernstock and Spiers who have perfected the style in various colours, material blends and bobble sizes. It may not be the cheapest accessory you’ll ever buy but thanks to their team up with Johnstons of Elgin who have created the cashmere blend that will end up on your noggin, you can guarantee that will be the best quality.

If you are unable to get your hands on one of the originals (which is also sold at Liberty) then there are a few others on the market to choose from, including one of my faves from Marc Cain which has a softer than soft giant bobble to make its price tag worth it, a snow white one from BCBG Max Azria and the cute pink one above from Kate Spade (now only Β£40).

I think I’m going to treat myself with some of my Christmas money so I’ll deliver the full verdict (including whether GB can stop laughing) if I get my hands on one.


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